Tesla Cybertruck Owners Club believes Tesla's Cybertruck site deserves some more flair.

The Cybertruck Owners Club online forum believes that the landing page for the Tesla Cybertruck doesn't live up to the awesomeness of the vehicle. Instead of complaining about it, they decided to create their own landing page concept, which can be seen in the video above. 

They did some pretty cool work, and it's definitely an improvement over the static picture of the Cybertruck on Tesla's site. We got the tip from the moderator of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum, Chris, and he offered these thoughts on the work they did:

We’ve always felt that the Cybertruck page on the Tesla site could use some more interactive flair and motion like the pages for the production Tesla models. And since we’ve been stuck inside like everyone else, we used our time and imagination to put together this concept landing page.Cybertruck

Cybertruck website
The real Cybertruck website

So take a look ant let us know what you think. Like it? Hate it? Don't really care either way? Granted this probably isn't going to make any difference in whether or not Tesla sells even one more Cybertruck, but why not make the order page look at good as they can for the most outrageous vehicle that we've ever seen? If the crew at Cybertruck Owners Club can come up with this while they were bored, we're sure Tesla's developers can probably do something even better. 

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