With the reveal of the Nikola Badger hydrogen and electric pickup truck, there's a new focus now as to whether or not it will compete with the Tesla Cybertruck. We think the two trucks are world's apart from each other, but not everyone agrees with this take. 

First and foremost, those who approve of the outward appearance of the Cybertruck likely won't be swayed by the somewhat more conventional appearance of the Nikola Badger. On the flip, if you don't like how the Cybertruck looks, then the Badger might appeal to you.

Secondly, the specs for the Badger rely on a two powertrain approach. To go the full distance of 600 miles, Badger uses both a hydrogen fuel cell and a battery-electric system, whereas the Cybertruck is just battery-powered. For the Badger then, this means the propulsion system is much more complex. Furthermore, there's the issues of hydrogen fueling station availability. These stations are very limited in number right now, though Nikola does promise it will get more up and ready to accommodate the launch of the Badger.

Regardless of our take, there will surely be comparisons made between the Tesla Cybertruck and Nikola Badger. Additionally, there are several other upcoming entrants in the electric pickup truck segment including  Rivian R1THummer electric pickup truck, Ford F-150 electric truck and more. All of these trucks will get compared to each other.

Comparisons aside, there will be a large selection of electric trucks to choose from in the near future and hopefully, at least one meets your needs.

Grab a look at the video above for a comparison between the Cybertruck and the Nikola Badger.

Video descriptions via TFLoffroad on YouTube:

There's another electric pickup truck coming to market and we have to discuss it.

BREAKING NEWS: 2022 Nikola Badger Claims 600 Miles of Range and 8,000 Lbs of Towing!

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