The Tesla Cybertruck has been re-imagined as the Tesla Cybertank in these latest renderings. Now, it can surely do a tank turn like the Rivian R1T can.

The tank turn rage was brought to life recently in the EV world by Rivian with its quad-motor R1T electric pickup truck. This feature, though likely hard on tires and various other components on the truck, is flashy and is sure to impress anyone who sees it in real life. However, the R1T can do a true tank turn with tires, not tread as found on tanks.

A Tesla Cybertruck, with only up to three electric motors, should not be able to pull off a true tank turn, but in this newly rendered tank form, it surely can.

There was a lot of talk before the reveal of the Cybertruck about it looking like an armored personnel carrier from the future. Following the debut, we can say that it doesn't really resemble such a vehicle. It's radical and its design was not what we expected, but an armored personnel carrier doesn't come to mind when we look at it. However, in this newly re-imagined tank form, it's getting closer.

Slap a turret up top and add some armor and this Tesla Cybertank wouldn't look out of place in the military or perhaps put to use by a police SWAT team.

Maybe we'll see some other applications of the Tesla Cybertruck in the future. We won't rule out a tank, but we aren't holding our breaths for one either.

Video description via YouSeeCars on YouTube:

Tesla CyberTruck -Tank | photoshop

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