We are not ashamed to confess: we did not know Garage 54 has an English-dubbed channel as well. These Russians became famous for crazy projects with cars, but they have never done anything electric as far as we know – apart from the battery with 1,000 lemons. We heard about their channel for English-speaking audiences due to their latest project: a Tesla Cybertruck. We can say that they still have not done anything electric.

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That is because their Tesla Cybertruck is not powered by electrons but rather by an old-fashioned gasoline four-cylinder engine. It came as a legacy from the UAZ-469 that underpins the Russian Cybertruck wannabe.

That is not the first Cybertruck made in that country. We have also told you the story of the Cybertruck built over a Lada Samara by Pushka/Cannon Garage. Significantly smaller than this one, the other Russian tribute to Tesla’s pickup truck is also not electric. The first copy to have this sort of powertrain will probably drive a lot of attention. Will it come from Russia as well?

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Anyway, Garage 54's Cybertruck has an interesting story. It was a UAZ-469 that was first used as a concrete car. Not concrete in the sense of being real, but concrete for the construction material, as you can see below.

That was what this Cybertruck looked like before becoming a Cybertruck. Then, the guys at Garage 54 decided to use the vehicle's chassis as the platform for the electric pickup truck copy with a combustion engine. That required all the concrete to be removed, which was captured in another video, as you may imagine. You can see it below.

It is interesting to notice that, despite being criticized by its looks, the Tesla Cybertruck is becoming popular precisely for it. We have seen all sorts of tributes to it in numerous ways: cardboard working toyDIY papercraft work of artgo-kartfold-up toyRC model, 1:2 model, and even as a cartoon.

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The Russian Cybertruck from Garage 54 is still not complete. It will have some improvements shown in their next video. EV fans in Russia and elsewhere can try to ask them to make it really electric. Would they accept the challenge? We would surely like to cover a video about that.

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