The owner of this Ram 3500 diesel pickup truck is making the switch to a Tesla Cybertruck. Here's why the Cybertruck beats the Ram 3500.

Prior to the debut of the Cybertruck, we posted on whether or not Tesla would be able to draw in owners of full-size domestic trucks like the Ram, Ford F-150 and Chevy Silverado.

Well, now we have an answer from at least one owner of a heavy-duty Ram truck.

This Ram owner uses his truck to tow a large Airstream trailer, yet he's convinced the Cybertruck is the better option of the two trucks.

The video explains many of the Cybertruck's features in detail and it also outlines the Ram truck owner's expectations from the Cybertruck. The Ram owner seems geeked by the amazing performance of Tesla's truck and he also seems to approve of the interior, but in the end, his decision to buy the Tesla Cybertruck comes down to his. It's simply cheaper to operate the Tesla Cybertruck, even more so when you consider that a big trailer is often in tow.

Additionally, the big battery in the Cybertruck will be able to power the Airstream, which is a huge plus when you're out in the backcountry.

The end of the video discusses some cons to the Tesla Cybertruck too, so be sure to watch it all.

Video description via GizmoSlip on YouTube:

I have officially pre-ordered a Tesla Cybertruck, but why? I've laid on all of the pros and cons of the Tesla Cybertruck as far as we know it currently. I hope you enjoy it! What do you think of the Cybertruck?

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