Watch the Tesla Cybertruck bounce up and down thanks to its impressive air suspension. It nearly jumps off the pavement before slamming back down.


Are those hydraulics hiding within the Tesla Cybertruck? It seems the Cybertruck is capable of bouncing around quite a bit. No doubt this is to draw even more attention to the Tesla truck. This slick feature, though usually found on lowriders, makes the Cybertruck a real head-turner on city streets.

Back to reality

Of course, this video is just a super slick CGI animation, but it sure is hilarious. The Cybertruck adaptive air suspension is not capable of stunts such as this. However, it is able to raise and lower to adjust for load and to achieve better aerodynamics on the highway or more ground clearance for off-road situations.

The Cybertruck's air suspension will prove very useful for truck owners. In addition to what we detailed above, an air suspension allows for the truck to lower down to ease entry and exit. Additionally, the lowered height makes loading the bed easier.

That's all fine and dandy, but those moves...We just can't stop laughing.

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