5,000 Tesla, including 4,500 Model 3

According to the latest registration data (as of the end of March 28, 2019), new all-electric car registrations in Norway already reached 10,000 for the month (probably including a three-digit number of imported used BEVs). The official results will be announced inthe first days of April, but it's already certain that we are watching a groundbreaking record of records.

The biggest splash in March was done by Tesla, which reportedly noted 5,000 registrations, including over 4,500 Tesla Model 3. It was just 4,000 recently!

The numbers probably will further increase, at least tomorrow (the last workday before the weekend), but we are impressed. The market share for plug-in electric cars could be between two-thirds to three-quarters... or who knows, maybe even more?

With many new compelling plug-in models on the horizon, Norway could be just a year or two from almost entirely switching to electric cars.

Source: teslastats.no

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