Tesla Model 3 U.S. sales up even as Europe and China witness Model 3 boom.

The expected result of shifting to overseas is seen in our estimates, but don’t think for a second that demand for the Model 3 has fallen.

We believe the cheapest Model 3 will begin to steal would-be sales from vehicles like the Chevy BoltNissan LEAF e-PlusHyundai Kona Electric and Kia Niro EV. But that's in the longer outlook. The current and continued near-term focus is Europe and China.

If you've been following the sales reports from overseas, then you're already well aware of the fact that the Model 3 has taken the European continent by storm and has left China short of car carriers.

Globally, Tesla reported 63,000 total deliveries of S/X/3 for Q1.

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