Over 4,000 in a single month!

Tesla flooded Norway with the Model 3 - we knew the new all-time record is coming, but it seems that deliveries go beyond even our wildest expectations.

As of today, the counter of new registrations of Model 3 in Norway exceeded 4,100 and there are still a few days to go, making it possible to maybe reach 4,500. Including 792 Model 3 registered in February, the total number approaches 5,000 now in Norway.

After March, Tesla will, without a doubt, become the top brand in Norway, while the Model 3 will be the best-selling model YTD.

Separately, Tesla managed to deliver in March around 400 Model S/Model X in Norway.

Finally, March will be the new all-time record of all-electric and plug-in car sales in Norway. We expect now some 8,500-9,000 new passenger car registrations, which could be 60-70% of total car sales in the country.

Source: teslastats.no

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