We're not surprised to see an all-electric pickup truck from a Chinese EV maker, but it's not the real deal.

While this electric pickup truck will save you money, it's more like a golf cart. The Pickman truck will only cost a mere $5,700! But, once you realize the specs, this makes perfect sense. Nonetheless, it's proof that electric utility vehicles are hot.

Ford has finally confirmed that a battery-electric F-150 is in the works. Rivian showed up at the recent LA Auto Show to reveal its showstopping R1T all-electric pickup truck. Not to mention other startups like Bollinger Motors and Workhorse. We can only deduce that GM and others are in the early stages of work on PHEV and BEV utility vehicles, and recent announcements substantiate such. Tesla has also announced that an electric pickup truck is part of its future plan.

The all-electric truck in question is manufactured by China’s Kaiyun Motors. Sadly, the rear-wheel-drive vehicle only produces 5.5 horsepower and has a top speed of 28 mph. It will travel about 75 miles on a full charge and can carry 1,100 pounds. So, it's really just a neighborhood electric vehicle (NEV). Basically, this is an electric go-Kart or golf cart with some reasonable level of utility.

Interestingly, Kaiyun Motors has plans to sell some 10,000 Pickman trucks in the U.S. in 2019. This is, as long as the vehicle can achieve regulatory approval. NEVs are street legal in some states, but not most. The situation varies from state to state. If you can pony up $9,000, you can get this beast with heated seats and alloy wheels.

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Source: Fox News

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