Despite the fact that the Bollinger B1 has yet to materialize, the B2 is now revealed.

Bollinger says as it works through the final stages of the development of its all-electric B1 Sport Utility Truck, the all-new B2 makes perfect sense. The company refers to it as its new all-electric, all-wheel-drive, street-legal pickup truck. Company founder Robert Bollinger shares:

The new B2 incorporates everything that we’ve learned in making the B1, and takes it in an exciting new direction. It’s always been the plan to have both the B1 and B2 start off our line-up. Now that we have so much incredible data from testing our B1 prototype, we can put all of that engineering knowledge into our final four-door B1 and B2 vehicles. It’s the Pickup I always wanted and something crazy better than what’s available on the market today.


Very similar to the B1 truck, the B2 relies on two motors, a 120-kWh battery pack, in-wheel portal gear hubs, and a hydropneumatic suspension. It also boasts lots of storage space complete with a large frunk, and unique pass-through doors for hauling long cargo. Bollinger says the B2 was designed for storage. It features a 4-foot-one-inch by 5-foot-9-inch bed. It can fit up to 72 sheets of 4x8 plywood with the internal cab tailgate open and can haul some 5,000 pounds.

Bollinger Motors also disclosed that its new headquarters is now located in Michigan. It moved its operations out of New York and into the Motor City to better take advantage of the automotive network in the Detroit area.

The B2 will be built in 2020 alongside the company's B1 pickup truck. Reservations for both vehicles are already open and no deposit is required.

Source: Bollinger Motors

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