The Renault ZOE can go further than one might think, but at the expense of speed.

The top French electric car, the Renault ZOE, is rated for about 300 km (186 miles) the in real world, or 200 km (124 miles) in the winter, using a 41 kWh battery.

Recently, Renault shared an image with a result of 564.9 km (351 miles) on a single charge done by some enthusiast in France.

The short news doesn't go into details, but what we see is:

  • total energy consumption: 44 kWh
  • average energy consumption: 7.9 kWh/100 km (62 miles)
  • average speed: 44.6 km/h (27.7 mph)
The question is how ZOE was able to use 44 kWh from 41 kWh, but the extra 3 kWh (7.3%) probably comes from regenerative braking, we believe.

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