Bank Of America

Bank Of America

Many employers around the country are offering some kind of incentive to help employees switch to an alternative fuel form of transportation. The benefits vary greatly from free EV charging to paying a portion of the lease payment so that employees can take advantage of HOV and HOT lanes and thus get to work faster.

But when someone offers hard cash and it happens to be one of the biggest employers in the country, isn't that a great incentive!

Bank of America currently employs 230,000 employees worldwide with the majority of them located in United States and United Kingdom. By offering a $3,000 cash incentive to purchase Hybrid, CNG or Electric Vehicles, this program can really help employees who seeks alternative transportation.

This incentive has even a greater impact for employees living in parts of the country with no state credits or incentives.

According to the Bank of America website, 7,200 employees have already taken advantage of this offer.

If you are a Bank of America employee, contact your HR representative and get all the electrifying details.

*Small Print: The benefit is valid for 2015. You will receive a reimbursement through payroll on the next month after claim submission. The benefit is taxable (unlike in some cases State EV Credit). Must submit claim within a year of purchase. Vehicle must be on the approved list located on the corporate intranet. Leases are ineligible, however BMW's Owner's Choice program is technically a purchase and thus you may receive the $3,000 benefit.

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