Check Out New Tesla Semi Images With Trailer


From High Atop The Gigafactory Roof

From Gigfactory to Tesla’s Fremont factory, the Semis set out for the first time.

Just the other day, Tesla CEO Elon Musk posted images of Semis with trailers attached ready for their maiden journey.

Turns out, a lot of Tesla employees (we presume) attended this event and now there are more images of those Semis ready for the trip from the Gigafactory to Fremont.

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In tow are batteries, probably for one of Tesla’s 3 vehicles.

We should soon see images of the Semis arriving in Fremont after what we hope is a successful first trip.

Anything u can do we will Embarrass you?… worlds smartest and safest semi

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My first thought as well.

Mirrors, ok. But those mirror arms are insanely long, hope the mirrors don’t shake too much. They are probably for compliance reasons only, the driver will use the rearview cameras.

The panel gaps around the frunks of both Tesla Semi’s are HUGE! ?

I know right?! And that panel gap between the cab and the trailer? Abysmal! Step up your game, Tesla! /s

It’s worse than a semi that is not a prototype ? no

😆 😆 😆

Thanks guys, I needed that.


Considering other semis have no opening at all .but I think your picking faults and ignoring the obvious far reaching advancement.

So, yeah, did anybody see these things on the road or in Fremont?

Look Back – here – or on – you will see stories with Video, of the silver one heading towards the GF1 – just a couple days pack!

Also – Black one seen running around Fremont, stores on here or same other website!

I wonder if they’ll come up with an adjustable “forehead,” so they can take tall or short loads. Or an aero solution for when they have to deadhead (IE ride with no trailer).

More of a crest like on a cockatoo, that can be raised or lowered.

There appears to be a removable “cap” on top of the Semi Truck (see photo linked below), but not one that can be stowed or raised and lowered.

So I wonder why they didn’t put one on the matte black one. Maybe they want to compare performance with/without the deflector?

I was wondering the same thing. At the Reveal, the black one was pulling a low(er) trailer, but if the silver one has a removable cap, why not the black one too?

Once again, Elon failed to call me up and ask my advice on the subject. Shocking, I know. I woulda told him to make a removable cap for both trucks! 😉

Any actual confirmation they drove from Sparks to Fremont? How much load did they carry (are there 2 battery packs in there, or a truckload?)

Ya, I don’t see anything anywhere on the internet that they actually completed the 5 hour drive, which started yesterday.

Am guessing these are the two only units, as they are the ones brought on stage at the debut, and the black one is the wrong type to pull that size trailer.
This is great testing, but also wonder if its more publicity as the project has not produced another unit?

I reached the same conclusion.

Seems odd to have the semi tractor without a streamlining extension on top pulling a full-height trailer. That black tractor appears to be designed for hauling flatbed trailers, or at least ones that are not full height.

I asserted months back that what Tesla would show would be more properly described as concept trucks, rather than production prototypes. Perhaps that wasn’t entirely accurate, but I expect to see more changes between these prototype units and production units than there were for the vehicles Tesla showed at its previous Reveal events.

Maybe it would be better to call them prototypes, but not “production prototypes”?

I’m sure they are logging data on these runs.

They can compare the two truck configurations that way.

So where are the trucks NOW?


they are stuck in the secret tunnel which the boring company already completed… unfortunately aero drag was a problem with that trailer on the grey trailer. so that the supercapacitors ran empty before reaching the plant… luckily they could reduce air pressure in the tunnel fast enough when that data was reported to the AI, so the semis continued their journey. unfortunately the bioweapon defense mode was not turned on, so both drivers fell asleep. Luckily Autopilot took care of them. now the semis are on their way back. AI decided it would be wise to use a falcon heavy… so we have to wait for their successfull landing each semi on top of one booster. They will land in 3600s if my calculation is correct. Synchronously. And they can do so by defeating the german laws of physics.

The CG-video is in the works…

What a load of cabbage. This test run was done in the USA, so German Laws of Physics don’t apply. Just California ones, which as everyone knows are far more liberal!


Thankx for your appreciation.

…but I thought it was a load of battery packs…

but most importantly… I really like that thought of more “liberal laws of physics…”

That would make things way easier…

Hang loose earthling!

I noticed that the wheel fairings shown in the reveal are missing on these.

IEV status report on TESLA semi?

I would want to know the unbiased driver feedback, since I read something when the semi’s first came out from a real truck driver who thought they would be difficult to drive, and especially to back up (Yeah I know they have backup cameras, but I still want to hear an expert opinion).

Hey why would a TESLA semi be more dificult to drive than a dirty diesel? My nissan leaf isn’t more dificult to drive than any gas guzzler. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

Real truck drivers like to stick their head out the window and let their Mark I eyeballs do the seeing when backing up. They don’t like to have the restricted view of rear-view mirrors, and probably not or video screens showing backup camera views, either.

I’m not saying this is a problem which can’t be solved, but at the least, it’s something truck drivers would have to get used to that.

Or, you know, Tesla could simply put the driver’s seat where every other over-the-road truck maker in the entire world puts theirs, which is either on the left or the right side of the truck, next to a window.

Tesla has violated the Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke rule.

Do you real truck drivers stick their heads out the window when it’s raining or snowing LOL a skilled truck driver should be able to use his mirrors all the time. If not they should be mechanics. CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP

PP, you’re not correct about “real” truckies poking their heads out of windows to reverse their rigs – certainly not in Australia anyway! Any driver attempting that would be laughed out of the industry. They’d also be helpless if they needed to look out of the passenger side window.

If a truckie can’t back at least three trailers (think assembling a road train, alone, at night) using only his mirrors, he doesn’t deserve his licence. ?

No sign of any regenerative braking energy capture mechanism on the trailer axles, of the sort HVACman predicted in his recent InsideEVs article analyzing the economics of the Tesla Semi Truck:

Looks like Tesla is using a standard semi trailer, just as -I- predicted!

On the other hand, I predicted that Tesla Semi Trucks would be hauling trailers with “skirts” to improve aerodynamics. Looks like one of the trailers has skirts — possibly the same trailer pulled by the silver Semi Truck seen at the Reveal event — but the other trailer lacks any skirts.

Maybe Tesla is doing a comparison to analyze the energy efficiency?

These are prototypes doing test runs. They are using standard trailers because the imagined future ones are just that.

They will happen or not in due time based on the economics and if there is demand. Tractor makers don’t typically make the trailers though doubtless they coordinate with them.

Tesla has just started on this; give them some time.