New Long-Range Kia Soul EV Set To Debut At LA Auto Show


Sales of gas version scheduled to kick off in Q2 of 2019, EV shortly after.

We’ve seen spy photos of the next-generation Kia Soul a couple of times in the last few months and it’s only natural that a debut is imminent. Our friends from The Korean Cars Blog report the standard ICE-powered and fully-electric versions of the car will make their official premieres at the Los Angeles Auto Show in the second half of November this year.

Nothing is confirmed at the moment, but it is believed sales in the United States will kick off in the second quarter of 2019. Interestingly, word on the street is Europe will get only the EV variant, but we’ll have to wait six months or so to find out whether this is correct.

As far as the Soul EV is concerned, it will use the powertrain of the Niro EV, which might mean that two battery packs will be on sale – with 39 kWh or 64 kWh (though we’re leaning towards just the smaller pack being offered in the Soul). The larger of the two, if offered, should provide a range of approximately 300 miles (485 kilometers). Peak power is believed to be around 201 hp (150 kW) with a maximum torque in the region of 290 lb-ft (392 Nm). The Soul EV will be targeting annual sales of about 20,000 units by 2020.

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Source: The Korean Cars Blog

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KIA understands that a car needs to be taken round the Nürburgring before you can put it into production.

With the large battery and the practical shape of the car it should find a lot of interests from people using them for their business.

This is a a strange comment. Nurburgring? For this? I like this little ugly duckling but it’s hardly a sports car.

The photos were made at the Nürburgring. Well, directly in front of it.

Around, as in “in the vicinity of”?

It’s timing itself around the mini-Ring (roundabout in front of it).

Kia is the only real Tesla competition if the would produce more

They are really no different than Nissan, Chevy, etc. Sure, they make some nice EVs at reasonable prices, but they need to sell them. At least for US market Chevy and Nissan sell everywhere, unlike Hyun-Ki that sell mostly in metro areas and CARB compliant states. Tesla has limited sales for other reasons, but a quick drive to Chicago and I can drive one home. Not a big deal.

By 2020 the Model 3 will be selling 40,000 a month and Kia is targeting 20,000 per year on the Soul, probably the others too, so maybe 2,000 per week total for all models? Might equal Model S/X sales? When is the Model Y shipping, about then?

While production is limited to all Hyundai/Kia EVs, they do have several choices for shoppers.

Kia Soul, Stonic, Niro
Hyundai Kona, Ioniq

I just don’t see the market in 2020 for Model 3 to be selling 40k/month. Once the pre-orders are sold sales will drop off allot plus others will start eating into their share. If the Model Y is for sale by then, then I could see big sales still. Many I know want a reasonable priced small utility electric car that’s higher off the ground than a car is.

You do know that Tesla sells 100,000+ of Model S & Model X per year, right? And between them both only had 32,000 Reservations by the time they were Shipping!

With 186,000 Millionaires, excluding Real Estate Values, in Toronto, Ontario, alone, being just one city, I don’t forsee a shortage of buyers, only a growing awareness!

I think you miss the point. Demand for BEVs is about to go exponential. Every EV produced will have a buyer that would have bought an ICE vehicle two years ago. Tesla just happens to have a head start, reducing their battery costs and having the benefit of an existing and expanding charging network.

Demand for EVs has been exponential for years…

I think they was just waiting until Tesla’s tax credits expired. Now they could own the market.

I thought the two Niro/Kona packs were 39 and 64 kWh?
Hopefully the Soul and Ioniq will pick up at least the 39kWh versions.

Looks like it nearly just as roomy as the Niro, so whichever is the cheapest..

Likely close to the same price as only the body is different.

Looking at the Kia Soul manual as a tow vehicle for a motorhome. Wouldn’t it be great if while being towed the Kia batteries self charged simple by the axles turning? I’d arrive at my campground with a fully charged car.

But you’d also arrive with a Motorhome needing Fuel! (Since there is only 1 Electric Motorhime, I figure it’s not yours!)

It’s possible that he has converted his motorhome to electric power, although it is still highly unlikely(even if he used a full 100kWh Tesla battery pack, on a small class C motorhome, he would only have about 90 miles of range on a good day).

I would only want this as an emergency charging option. What would make sense is to have the Soul EV have a brake controller input so that it would regen when the brakes are used on the tow vehicle.

No free energy. The energy required to overcome the drag caused by regen of the towed vehicle has to be supplied by the drivetrain of the RV, reducing 10 mpg (downhill with a tailwind) to 8 mpg (just a guess for discussion) of $3.50 a gallon fuel. Plus, what happens when the EV batteries are fully charged? Aren’t most BEVs not recommended for 4 wheel down towing?

OBTW, I think a KIA Soul manual might make a great towed vehicle for a motorhome. Let it burn fossil fuels at 35 or 40 mpg instead of the RV at 8 to 10.

You could also put wind turbines on top of your motorhome and recharge the batteries that way. But then the extra wind resistance would cause you to burn more energy in equivalent fuel than you got from the energy created in electricity.

It would be the same for the extra resistance that the Kia’s electric motors would exert on the motorhome while continuously regenerative braking down the highway while being towed. The motorhome would just be acting as a really inefficient generator to charge the Soul’s batteries. It would probably be more efficient to just use the motorhome’s generator to charge the batteries while stationary but then you might as well just use the NEMA plug at the campground for that.

20k by 2020? Good luck getting into one.

This very Ugly I’ve got a 2015 since 2014 the New back end is Ugly to me

“Interestingly, word on the street is Europe will get only the EV variant, but we’ll have to wait six months or so to find out whether this is correct.”
“confirmed” on german KIA website since April 2018:

They changed the first paragraph, but back in May there was written:
“By mid-2018, the last Kia Soul with combustion engine for the European market will roll off the production line.”

as I copy&paste quoted to an EV forum: