Jaguar Dealer Shocked By Volume Of Model 3s Dropped Off At Tesla Store


Bonus Tesla MP3 time attack included

This past weekend was an extraordinary one at Tesla stores. As the upstart automaker hustles to deliver as many cars as possible before the end of the month (and the quarter), parking lots of many its shops have been whirlwinds of activity. If you were working at a dealership next to a Tesla location, the inflows (and outflows) of vehicles might have made your own business seem underwhelming. At least, that appears to have been the case for one particular Jaguar dealership.

A Twitter user going by the name of “TheTeslaGuy,” who spent at least part of his weekend volunteering to help explain the car to new owners at his local store in Littleton, Colorado, claims to have overheard the reactions of staff at the British brand’s dealership next door in response to all the hubbub. Apparently, they had just moved into what had previously been a Honda dealership. We’ve embedded his tweets below, but basically, the employees were dumbfounded at the number of trucks arriving to drop off fresh batches comprised mostly of the Model 3.

Asking where the all the cars were going to be stored, they were told, presumably by Tesla staff, that, “They aren’t staying.” (Burn!) The response, reportedly, created some sad faces among the Jag staff.

Hopefully, these same guys will be cheered up once that brand’s I-Pace starts showing up. While not expected to move the numbers that the Model 3 is doing at the moment, at least they’ll be involved in the electric revolution in a meaningful way.

As we mentioned, we’ve included the tweet with the anecdote below, but as a bonus, we’re throwing in another tweet from TheTeslaGuy showing his latest time attack of a course set up at the Pikes Peak road course track. Enjoy.

— TheTeslaGuy (@GuyTesla) September 23, 2018

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At least they asked the question!

Hopefully the Littleton Jag staff can keep a stiff upper lip,

that is until the I-Pace finally starts to trickle in.

Build it, and they will come despite the shills, shorters, and haters!

Hopefully the staff at the Littleton Jag dealer were only “shaken, not stirred”! 😎

They Were Green With Envy ……

Well, yes — but my primary hope is that the Jaguar folks get some test drives in TM3s, and start hounding the parent company with questions like “Why can’t WE get vehicles like this?”. More pressure to move the widespread adoption of BEVs forward — especially from dealerships to OEMs — would be good.

Let’s hope the answer will be, “well, our Jaguar I-Pace is pretty amazing too…” 🙂

At ~20k/year expected volume the I-Pace could be pretty amazing car, but won’t ever come close to the mass sales hit that the Model 3 is shaping up to be.

Jaguar is a luxury brand and has no intention to be a mass market product. 20k is 12% of jaguars total yearly car production.

You don’t think they would like to sell more cars than they do? They are barely surviving.

Everybody forgets that it is an Indian-owned company these days.

How is that relevant here?…

Jaguar is owned by deep pocket Tata Motors.

Nonetheless, Jaguar is still currently in financial trouble.

They’ve tripled sales in the past 9 years, and JLR sells about 650k vehicles a year. Since 2010, they’ve made about $25 billion in profits.

They’ve tripled sales to 180k over the last nine years, and they’ve been solidly profitable for the past 5 or so, making £1.1billion last year. (About $1.5billion).
Recently Jaguar Land Rover have built three new factories (Brazil, China, Slovakia). Last year Jaguar launched 2 new name plates (models). (JLR launched 6 models in total, if I have my dates right). And Jaguar hired further factory capacity from Magna Steyr.

Even after building new factories and launching new models, JLR made about $2.5k per vehicle in 2017.
(Compared to say, Tesla, who lost about $13k per vehicle in 2017, set up no new factories, and launched one model).

Correction. I had my dates wrong for the model launches.
In 2017, JLR launched Discovery Sport, Velar, and the new XF.
In 2018, JLR launched E-Pace and I-Pace.

Yes, I was on the lot at Littleton today, and we were looking at the Jaguar lot, and saying, gee, where is that electric version? They don’t seem to have any over there. What’s up with that???

Production hell 😛

Busy getting 20% of production to the Netherlands in time for year end.

The Netherlands are getting the lions share of production until the end of the year. Jaguar sell in many markets.

Jaguar is caught…money invested in getting an electric Jaguar out that can compete with Tesla doesn’t exist. They will segue into that market with a much higher priced electric car and suffer losses with every one…until they catch up with full electric production. It will be a long long time and they may not survive it.

Jaguar and Land Rover are owned by Tata, a much larger company. They didn’t start building the IType without knowing what they got in to.

The I-Pace competes with (is cheaper than) the Model X, and has better reviews than the Model X – so of course it is competitive. The annual production volume will be a little less, but similar to the Model X.

Waymo has ordered 20,000 of them.

And, don’t forget, it’s a small SUV.

And don’t forget, it’s a 5-seat hatchback which Jaguar calls a “compact SUV” only for marketing purposes.

It really doesn’t compete with the Model X except in price. The Model Y will be a closer competitor, 5 seater CUV.

The i-Pace is not in the same class with the X at all.

Yeah, but Jaguar is desperately trying to convince people that it is!

The I-Pace is a well-reviewed second-tier EV. Too bad that Jaguar has chosen to advertise it as a head-to-head comparison out of its class, with the larger first-tier Tesla Model X.

Size wise, the i-Pace is a class below. Looks wise, it’s a class above. Overall quality – yet to be determined. I’m still dumbfounded that a company capable of creating the lusty S could make something so dowdy looking as the X.

Honestly, I’m angry at Tesla for the X. It should be selling in far higher numbers than it is. The ugly looks and the stupid doors are the only things holding it back. The platform itself is brilliant.

I like the looks. Not quite as beautiful as the S, but much better than any SUV IMHO.

Well, my opinion is quite different from yours. I LOVE the falcon wing doors. Apparently so do Model X owners. Tesla is selling all it can make. The X’s is a beautiful SUV. You probably won’t understand the love, since you probably don’t own one

Better reviews? Get out of your bubble. It’s getting a lot of goodwill for being the first non-Tesla EV to even play in the same league; but — even ignoring the absurdity of comparing two such vastly different vehicles — I’m yet to see a review that attests the I-Pace any real advantages beyond a somewhat more premium interior and subjective coolness factor…

i-pace is based on f-pace. f-pace costs around $65k to $75k. i-pace costs around $75k to $85k. That’s $10k for the EV drive train. Minus the ICE drive train, why wouldn’t it be making money?
I just don’t get these comments from anyone saying the EV is losing money. Generally, compared to essentially the same ICE vehicle they are mostly based on, there is $10k to $20k higher price. As batteries get cheaper it just gets better for them if these high price difference remains.

Well, Waymo ordered 20,000 I-Paces alone (which is like the first year and a half of Model X production). And the I-Pace has already gotten better reviews than the Model X.

People buying the X are likely doing so for the 6 or 7 seat configurations. It is a minivan/3 row SUV replacement.

I always have to laugh when I hear that X is a 6 or 7 seat SUV. Have you seen the 75D model’s cargo space in a 6 or 7 seat configuration? I have and it is barely existent… a person needing 6 or 7 seat car presumably has a big family and would rule such a car outright. The X 75D costs 82K (5 seat config) which is cool 10K more than the I-Pace. So yes, I-Pace IS going to compete with Model X .

The 100D model is bigger though IMHO looks much worse. Haven’t seen one, but I assume it will be more practical with 7 seats. But it’s price is another 23K on top of the X75D and 33K(!) on top of the I-Pace. If I needed a big car for my family but I wanted to go electric, for that money I could buy a Jaguar I-Pace AND a 7-seat Toyota Highlander Hybrid with the change.

Bottom line is, yes you COULD say I-Pace does not compete with X, but only for people for who money is not an issue, in which case we are talking of a very tiny segment of the market.

Wut? The Model X100 is “bigger” than the Model X75?!? 🙄

Next time try learning something about a subject before expressing your opinion about it.

My mistake they are all the same size… which means they will all have the same trunk space issue with 6/7 seats.

I probably observed models from different years which subjectively looked different sizes on the outside. However my point about the practicality of this SUV re cargo space is even more valid now.

Too bad they have not actually figured out how to make them yet.

“…the I-Pace has already gotten better reviews than the Model X.”

Hmmm, “better”? The consensus seems to be that Jaguar is actually challenging Tesla for quality, but I don’t see reviews claiming it’s actually better.

It’s certainly better than the MX in terms of off-roading ability, and in some aspects of interior materials. But the energy efficiency certainly doesn’t challenge Tesla, and:

“As you will see… the I-Pace comes with a somewhat busy interior, not that much interior space and overall, it feels like it’s the company’s first electric vehicle. There are, clearly, some items the automaker will need to address.

Even cuter: Jag salesperson tries the Model 3, likes it, buys it, takes delivery… At Work!
Uses it, at work, to tell his clients: Yup, the iPace us Coming, in the mean time, lets go for a ride in this! Just put a $5,000 order deposit on the Jag EV, and I’ll take you for a ride in this, so you understand what an EV is About!

Lol us Tesla owenrs should so do that. Rally up with about 20 Model 3’s and show up to a local dealer and give the employees test drives in Model 3’s LOLOLOLOLOL

Or see the high consumption on the I-Pace, bigger than the Model X. Thristy:

First charging stop after 231 km/143 mi. The I-Pace is indeed thirsty. Estimated range at 125 km/h, 78 mph on motorway is 250 km/155 mi. I even had some tailwind. (TeslaBjorn)

Just Saying.

With trickle in the operative word. Getting two i-Pace’s a month to sell while the Tesla store next to you have multiple car carriers a day dropping off cars isn’t going to be a great consolation prize.

Then again, how many Model 3s are being delivered in the Netherlands, UK and Norway atm – where the main I-Pace deliveries are happening?

I’m guessing third quarter Model 3 U.S. sales will be greater than 3 times that of second quarter Model 3 U.S. sales.
2nd quarter Model 3 U.S. sales = 15,652
3rd quarter Model 3 U.S. sales > (15,652 * 3) = 46,956

Volt#671 + BoltEV + Model 3

I’m thinking it might be 50k, if not more for 3rd QTR!!

At this point I’d say it’s virtually certain to be more 🙂

The first two months of Q3 already have seen ~32,000 US deliveries; and everything seems to pointing towards September being a lot stronger still… Q3 total should be at least 3 1/2 times Q2 — might even be closer to four times…

Give the Jag guys a test ride. 🙂

Yeah! So far as I know, jealousy is never actually fatal… 😉

You only need to store it if it isn’t selling like hot cakes.

Seriously? they didn’t this or couldn’t see this coming when there are hundreds of thousands of people waiting in lines just to reserve one?

They are really out of “touch” here if they didn’t expect this.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Damn, you beat me to it.

The media is really good about reporting how people are just dropping off the reservation list in droves, and even the Tesla CEO says they are going bankwupt.

Well it’s true; people really are dropping off the reservation list in droves… as they convert their reservations to actual orders!
🙂 🙂 🙂

Add to that the fact people can no longer add their name to the reservation list, and it will decrease rapidly.

But, i don’t think the Model 3 Resevation list will make it to Zero, before Reservations start next march, for Model Y! Will there be an option to convert a Model 3 Deposit to a Model Y Deposit?

Reservation list includes oversea markets which hasn’t started for delivery yet.

Reservation lists are growing overseas; Tesla just isn’t taking domestic (U.S.) reservations any more.

Business Insider and CNBS totally ignoring any good news about Tesla.
Wired and Yahoo Finance and Reuters reporting Tesla Safety results and the massive delivery event.

CNBC, CNN Money, Los Angeles Times are several news sources that focus on negative aspects.

It’s shocking how biased CNBC is against Tesla. Some of their articles go beyond mere bias to what I’d call outright FÜD.

That really puzzles me. I expect that sort of fake news from Fox News, but not a division of NBC!

Do you mean Business Outsider and CNBullSht?

Business Insider is German propaganda, not too much better than RT.

The Jags are still in their own “production hell” it seems

Jaguar has always been hell….quality hell on wheels and an intimate relationship with the Prince of Darkness…Lucas and their local service center (usually 100+ miles away.

“Lucas, Feel The Force of your Dealers Service Department!”

If you read the I-Pace forum, you would see they have started deliveries already last week. This is supposed to be an EV forum – yet no-one bothers to keep up to date.

Well, all the Jag dealerships across Europe have now had three rounds of deliveries of I-Paces, so people can sit in them and test drive them and what not.

Customers started taking delivery of cars over the past week, in Norway, UK and the Netherlands. And maybe other markets too.

Go Tesla!

An article made after a tweet from a fanboy. Crazy, crazy world.

Actually the I-Pace started deliveries last week. Read the I-Pace forums.

And here is how smooth deliveries are going:
“We were told we could get our IPACE on the 1st September, paid in full in August for the car. Then when it did not arrive we were told it would be the 2nd week of September, then when it did not come by the 23rd September. Now that has past we have been told the 12th October.

Jaguar and our dealer do not seem to have any idea what the hell they are doing. I hope the car, if we ever get it performs better than their organisation.”

Ohh man that’s dealer hell…..
Give me your money, your car will be made in 3 months… hahaha

Xavi – you’re remembering that there are people who handed over money for a Model 3 three years ago, and who won’t be getting a Model 3 for another 2 years?

If three months is hell (two months of which is the car on a ship crossing an ocean), then what is 5 years?

I though they started production months ago…

It’s really shocking (at least to me) that Jaguar started such a big promotion of a car in the U.S. so far in advance of availability! Jaguar’s marketing dept. apparently needs to stay in closer touch with its production dept.!

The June coverage was global promotion, not US-specific promotion. The principle promotion activity was in Portugal. The US-specific promotion has only started in the past few weeks (late August was the earliest I saw)

They did, But the US is not the first market it’s going to. More like the fourth.


Maybe the dealership will remember this event, and realize how important the I-Pace is.

When I picked up my Tesla in Atlanta– next door was a lonely BMW dealership…….about 1/4 or less of the activity versus the Tesla store. Jag is NOT alone.

I’m not sure why anyone would buy a BMW sedan with the S and 3 available for a comparable price. Tesla needs some competitive SUVs, and then BMW is totally hosed. Not bloated “fastbacks”, but real SUV shaped things for people who want to do SUV type things.

I’ll be picking mine up from that same Atlanta location in a day or two!

From this trusted source, I’m really not sure Jaguar’s initial EV offering will compete quite the way people are expecting. WATCH. . . .

Average dealer in the US sells about 3 cars a day. So seeing many car carriers a day dropping off Tesla’s that are all going to be delivered to owners shortly has to be a bit disconcerting. Maybe a pick like being on the beach and seeing the sea suddenly recede way back, a puzzled look unlike the realization that a tsunami is on the way to wipe you out.