Is This The Real Deal Tesla Model Y? Probably Not


Could this be the Tesla Model Y?

It sure looks like it could, but we can’t be certain.

We know that the Model Y will ride on the same platform as the Model 3. Furthermore, we suspect it will largely resemble the 3. However. it’ll be lifted a bit, as it’s a crossover.

Therefore, this image would be fitting of the Model Y, but there’s just no info to go on and we suspect it’s a clever photoshop.

All that’s officially known of the Model Y is limited to the teaser above and some hints from Musk here and there.

According to Tesla, the Model Y will be largely based upon the Model 3. This means its cost to develop should be on the lower side, though that doesn’t imply a low price tag necessarily.

The newest rumors, combined with info from Musk, indicate a base price $40,000, provided it’s offered with the smallest Model 3 battery pack. However, we don’t think that will be available on the Y and for certain, not anytime soon.

Previous rumors indicated Model Y would be a 3-row crossover, though that seems a bit questionable too.

The Model Y will be officially unveiled on March 14, which is just a week away.

Check out the image of what appears to be Tesla’s upcoming electric crossover. Word is it may be a photoshop. Is it? You be the judge.

Here’s the lone official Model Y teaser from Tesla:

Tesla’s Official Model Y Teaser

Lead image via Mike McGinnis on Twitter – Shared from Reddit

Hat tip to @28delayslater!

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Correct they will make the Model Y in RHD first and then in six months start making the LHD.

I really don’t know what you people think… The model Y will look like other models and will have an an cheap iPad cockpit solution in the middle of the car…what else?!

“Cheap iPad cockpit solution,” don’t worry, you’ll be able to afford a nice car someday.

not as cheap as ur brain apparently.

Yes, it’s a photoshop as the fit and finish is too perfect. [I kid, I kid].

It’s perfect in EVey way.
Want one yesterday.
I can almost wait another week, holding my breath of course.

Yes, I don’t think you will be disappointed. Funny perfect in evey way, as in One Car, one special car, one car to smoke in, to joke in, drink coke in.
That’s the way it should be.
Also Tesla got their loan guarantee in China.

Correlation is NOT Causation.

Would the first Model Y be a right hand drive vehicle? No, it would not. So photoshop for the win.

Ah, you noticed that too. And it doesn’t match the profile of the teaser. And the text ‘ferDfanpage 😉 with the wink is covering the read drivers side.

Seems to be good indicators of a hoax, and the angle — seen almost dead center from the front — is what I’d want to use if I was going to Photoshop elements of the Model X onto the Model 3, which it looks like is what was done here.

None of this is proof it’s a fake — a flipped image could explain why it appears to be a right-hand-drive vehicle — but I think it is.

The little squares of the chain link in the background look inconsistent in the middle of the photo. Me thinks Photoshop

And the mirrors are white,,, Also highly unlikely.

Also the blending of the additional red color does not blend well with the actual red car. From what i can see of the actual teaser, the Y will be a bit more aggressive/sporty in it’s design than the 3 with it’s protruding wheel arches and steeply raked roofline. It’s gonna be sexy, and not utilitarian.

Why wouldn’t anyone with a scoop like this take shots from different angles? Photoshop.

Original source of it is Ferd fanpage, then it’s screen from my article on

looks fake because it is a mix of X and 3 which does not make sense. It will be a Tesla design but not a mix of other cars

Ugly front? check!
so, it must be it!

It is just the camera angle, foreshortening due to some telephoto crop, the rear wheels a few inches higher than front wheels…. A combination of these things..

2 rows will do, cost is very important and it needs to compete with similar sized gassers and not those high priced electric vehicles which will sell only at a low volume.

Third row would surely be optional, just like in Model X.

Also note that due to the platform designed around an electric power train, interior room is bigger than for similarly sized combustion cars…

That’s not it, it’s quite obvious. Based on the teaser image it’s gonna look better and meaner than this.

S/X headlights instead of Model 3 seems strange to me.

Wow, that’s awkward.

Let’s apply Betteridge’s law of headlines.

Steering wheel is on the wrong side for North America.


This is the original image that I found on a Google image search. That’s a model 3 next to a model X. You can see how they have photoshopped the Model X frunk onto the model 3 and the image now has both the reflection of the gray lightpole from the model 3 as well the reflection of the wavy cables from the model X.

Google image search lead me to the original picture here:

Obviously It is Model X picture photoshopped with Model 3 features.

I think the real winner here is Adobe Systems which gets its prized product Photoshop mentioned more than 50 times already… =)

adobe made the submission – clever advertising

I am hoping the 40,000$ starting price indicates AWD on all versions. It is supposed to be SUV-ish and that kind of seems necessary in order to be true to the moniker. This could also make sense if they were to start production with the steel and glass roofs as options. Base model is AWD, steel roof and economy+ battery to keep 220-230 range.

You have to admit that the glass roof on the Camry-level Model 3 is a surprising luxury for a 35,000$ car. I just figure that the only reason they did that is because it would take to much effort to modify the production line to de-content the car.

Hope not. AWD adds cost and reduces range, and is not needed in the southern half of the country.

If the base variant actually had SR+ battery and AWD at $40,000, it would be effectively cheaper than Model 3… Not gonna happen.

It’s real if you think Tesla would use really ugly non-aerodynamic headlights. It is beyond ugly

Steering wheel shows a dash like S and X, no center screen?

My wish list for $40K Model Y.
250 mile range
heated manual seats
No glass roof
Heads up display speedometer.

With an instrument cluster in front of the steering wheel?
No 15“ screen in the center?

No way.

The steering wheel is on the right side.


That’s because model Y is not intended for the North American market 🙂

RHDLHD: Might be flipped horizontally (by accident? Surely not… if so, I think it’s just to trigger speculations). There’s no readable text in the photo to check. The resolution is too low for the sticker in the front window to read.

But in times of Blender and Photoshop there’s no image in the world you can trust. We will know next week.

Tesla weak points are reliability and design.
It wouldn’t surprise me if it was that ugly.
Nevertheless I am thinking getting the model 3 because looks is not
that important after all.

Photoshop obviously. Whoever did that shouldn’t quit their day job, that’s for sure.

No panel gaps? Shopped.

Why produce a fake image only a week before the reveal?

for the clicks

It’s a photoshop. The shape of the headlight is different from the teaser.
To me it looks like the person took a Model 3 base and fused a Model X as the top.

If they squeeze in a small third row, I’m interested. It can then be our primary family vehicle. Third row just needs to be big enough for some kids or teens to pile into for a short trip to a ballgame or home from school. For our kids’ friends.

X is too big and pricey for us.

If they make the Y a 5 seater, then I’m probably not interested in it for a personal commuter car. Musk has said it will be 10% bigger than the 3, and that’s just a little big for my preference. Would rather get the 3 then, or (if prices drop due to pressure) the Bolt, Kona, etc. The second car in the family has to be easy to drive and easy to afford.

How would you squeeze in a third row without making it bigger?…

Note that “10% bigger” likely refers to height or volume, not length.

Not a modelY, itls a model3 with modelX lights photoshopped in badly.

I honestly don;t think this is the model y. The model y will be more model 3-ish. But I do think that this could be the facelifted model x. Even though people say it is just an interior refresh. And it looks lifted. But let’s wait 6 more days to see if this is the model y. I can’t wait!

Doubt they would use model x headlights, I hope if anything they stick with M3 headlights.. I’m not disappointed with any of the looks in the Tesla fleet. This just doesn’t look legit…. stretched M3 front end over Mx

In my opinion, the photo does not resemble the shadowy teasers. However, it does look closely resemble the Model 3 .
But, if you look at the fender width relationship to the windshield it doesn’t match the teasers.

If you Google, Tesla Model Y, click on Images and look for the red image identified as tesla_model_y_render-_final_1.jpg now that looks more like the teasers except for the front bumper(which may be photoshopped).
Just a thought for what it is worth.

My God, it’s F.u.g.l.y