IKEA Drive-in Theater & 142 EVs – Video

JUN 13 2015 BY MARK KANE 4

Mayor of Asker Lene Conradi (Image credit: Petter Haugneland)

Mayor of Asker Lene Conradi (Image credit: Petter Haugneland)

IKEA in Asker, Norway was recently visited by 142 electric cars hungry for some movies.

This could be a real-life Revenge of the Electric Car, so if you spot such a gathering in your area approach with caution unless you’re in an EV.

According to the Norsk elbilforening, those 142 EVs attending a drive-in movie is a new world record.

Among the models we see mostly Nissan LEAFs, Mitsubishi i-MiEVs and Tesla Model S, but there are basically all models represented.

Source: Norsk elbilforening

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This is what the King of Saudi Arabia along with the executives at Exxon mobile have nightmares about the Planet of the Electric Cars.

The dream would most likely go like this. A EV1 is at the lead of the electric car herd and the oil people are looking in shock at it.

The EV1 says, “You tried to kill me off along with my kind in the early 2000’s. But thanks to Tesla bringing us back we are all now back and in greater numbers then ever. From this point on you are now living in our world. Welcome to the Planet of the Electric Cars!

Tesla are a very important part of EV history but I think this is a bit over the top. They certainly are a very successful luxury car brand and they continue to push boundaries but the 2010 to 2012 it was volt vs Leaf. Perhaps without the model S Nissan would have given up on the Leaf and political will would have faded but I doubt it.

To me, driving an EV is one one of the most patriotic things you can do. Stop sending money to the Middle East.

Driving around (by yourself) in a quad-cab “dually” extended bed pick-up, with big American flags attached to the sides of the cab (for even further reduced fuel economy) is one of the most un-patriotic things one can do. And, if the exhaust has been modified to “roll coal”, then the driver is truly a moron.

@ Ocean Railroader – Whilst the Saudi’s may have some dubious business practices (not to mention an appalling human rights record) they are not stupid. If you dig a bit, it is easy to find info on all sorts of renewable energy generation infrastructure they are installing as well as buying up related intellectual property for the day when their oil income slows. Lets face it, 2 things they are not short of is sunshine and silicon!

On top of that they own vast swathes of the worlds most valuable cities.