Hyundai Trolls Tesla & Musk With Kona Electric Billboard Ad


Concurrent with the debut of the Hyundai Kona Electric in Geneva, the South Korean automaker gently nudged Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk.

The long-range Kona Electric will become the first semi-affordable pure-electric crossover (compact SUV, according to Hyundai) to go on sale.

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Tesla Pickup Truck

Tesla Model Y Rendered

It’s specs are impressive:

Short-range Battery / Motor spec:

39.2 kWh battery – 300 km (186 miles) range (WLTP)
99 kW, 395 Nm electric motor (front-wheel drive)
0-62 mph (100 kmh) in 9.3 seconds
104 mph (167 km/h) top speed
7.2 kW on-board charger and 100 kW CCS Combo DC fast charging capability

Long-range Battery / Motor spec:

64 kWh battery – 470 km (292 miles) range (WLTP)
150 kW, 395 Nm electric motor (front-wheel drive)
0-62 mph (100 kmh) in 7.6 seconds
104 mph (167 km/h) top speed
7.2 kW on-board charger and 100 kW CCS Combo DC fast charging capability

Back to the nudge made by Hyundai.

The automaker is calling upon Elon to get the Tesla Model Y to market as soon as possible. The Y would indeed be a competitor to the Kona Electric. The Y, based on the Model 3 platform, is expected to boast very similar specs to that of the current 3, so 300+ miles of range and a starting price tag below $50,000.

Rumor – Tesla Model Y Launch Date To Be March 1, 2020

The Kona Electric is expected to go on sale in the U.S. in the first half of 2019, carrying a base price of just under $40,000. It will be offered with only one battery option in the U.S., the larger 64-kWh one.

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Speculation on the Y. Firsr ger the 3 ramp up and then you can release a concept of y for 2021

I’ve been waiting for a pure electric SUV. The rendering of the model Y lacks the SUV shape, it looks like a sedan. And I can’t wait to 2020 (which means 2022 car in driveway if previous Tesla timelines hold). I like the look of the Kia Niro more than the Kona. Let’s see what the Buick Bolt derivative looks like, also Ford’s got an EV SUV promised for 2020.

“Ford’s got an EV SUV promised for 2020.”

….but you can’t wait until 2020.

Everybody’s got something promised over the next 2-5 years. That’s the Cool Guy thing to do in the electric industry.

It’s called “Being relevant while being irrelevant..”

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV might tide you over meanwhile.

Revamp outlander or an old rav 4 ev with 100 miles and fast charge they got some on carmax

Has there been a rendering of the Model Y from Tesla itself? If so, could you link to it?

(Not interested in artists’ impressions)

Well, it may be alright, who knows, but it’s certainly no threat to Tesla. Maybe the Leaf or the Bolt.
It’s slow. Also WLTP range numbers are suspect, as they are around 25% higher than real world results.

The RAV is one of Toyota’s best selling vehicles up in the US. People have no problem with its mid 8 second 0-60 performance. So the Kona will do just find in regard to performance.

Tesla does not now and may not ever compete with the mass market Japanese, korean, north American, even European car makers. They are after the BMW, Mercedes, Audi, etc. market. It’s a profitable part of the market where high prices are expected/tolerated.

Actually, I have no doubt that Tesla will take on the below average cost vehicles by 2022. U are correct that at this time, Tesla is building luxury cars. But what u missed is that they are outdoing their direct competitors. Hyundai, i3, bolt, leaf, etc are not direct competitors, yet are priced similar to Tesla. Those vehicles direct competitors are $20-30k ice vehicles, even though they cost 30-45K.
No doubt once M3/MY production are going, Tesla will be able to build similar vehicles to the Hyundai, i3, bolt, leaf, etc, except, Tesla’s will be $20-25k.

Amazing how many ev fans are clueless as to what the general public actually put up WITH when acceleration is discussed. Some of the most popular gassers on the roads today have 0-60 times closer to 10 seconds than to 5 seconds. IT’S THE 0-30 TIME THAT WILL MAKE THE MOST IMPACT.

No, not EV fans. You know it, admit it, tesla fans, and only because it suits their distorted view of reality. As soon as some other EV is a 5 second car these guys will want every little old lady in the US driving ludicrously.

Memo to Hyundai: it is customary to score a touchdown first then spike the ball.

It’s like serving up a heep of Rice w/a side of Kimchi.

Um.. Hyundai, can you put your depleted vehicle back on the road in 20-25 minutes with an 80% charge? Oh, and will your rig come with something as good or better than Autopilot?

Why is that massive point always missed by the masses and car manufacturers? (Psst- Hyundai, its ALSO about charging rates..)

It charges at 100kW

Alas it doesn’t. Hyundai stated the charging time “on a 100 kW charger” as approximately 54 minutes to 80% – for both versions. Presumably it peaks at more than 50 kW (or they would have claimed that time on any CCS DCFC charger), but the average is kinda slow: 0,9 hours for 0,8 battery packs => about 0.9 C average 0-80%. With 40 kWh, that’s 36 kW. With 64 kWh, it’s 58 kW. Surely less from 80%-100%. A bit disappointing IMO, but for me fast charging rate is not really important, especially with big packs like these. Worst case, I’d be slightly inconvenienced for fifteen minutes once a summer, and more likely I’d want to take more breaks than the car needs. Having wireless charging is much more relevant for me. It’s not a big hassle to unplug and re-plug the car each time I leave or arrive at home. But it’s far more hassle than the slightly slow DCFC of the new KONA would cause me! I reckon with this car I might drive from Norway to Malaga in the south of Spain in summer some years. Apart from that, Oslo is as far as I’m likely to drive,… Read more »

Hyundai Billboard: “Your Turn, Elon”

A classy hat-tip to Tesla from Hyundai…

“Here at Tesla, we don’t build slow vehicles”

I actually like Hyundais but this is ridiculous. Terrible power and range. Wife is looking for a SUV to go camping and totally poo-pooed it. Their ICE vehicles are really nice.

Tell your wife, good things come to those who wait.

This vehicle is pretty weak on the charging front for CUV/SUV of 2019… I don’t think Tesla will bother to reply at all…

Tesla is way ahead of Hyundai in EV segment, they would not waste their time responding to the inferior company.

If this Hyundai Kona can do sub 4 seconds 0-60 MPH for the price they are asking then Tesla would worry.

Right, because 0-60 times are really important for getting groceries, & dropping the kids off for sports.

Sure. But getting the best performance for your buck is a very human thing. Why not make driving as fun as possible?

Y wait? Because it’s S L O W, that’s Y.

It’s hard to think of anything slower than Tesla. I reserved my Model 3 on march 31st, 2016. Then my Kona more than a year later. Hyundai can deliver more than a year before Tesla, which is significantly more than twice as fast. And that’s being too kind to Tesla. The car I wanted to reserve, and that Tesla said would arrive in the second half of 2017, still doesn’t exist, and there’s not even any date for when it will. Evil tongues even speak of it never materialize at all, claiming the $35k Tesla is a mythical creature invented by Mr. Musk to raise interest-free capital from people like me and use those reservations to convince gullible investors to put even more billions into his company. Sure, the KONA is merely quick. It’d be more fun to have the acceleration and rear wheel drive the 3 offers. On the other hand it’ll be real nice having actual buttons to control things like the radio, windscreen wipers and cabin temperature. And Android Auto, giving me the ability to run roughly a million times as much different software as the Tesla can. And a much better warranty. And lower running costs.… Read more »

Good one Clive!

How about Why Advertise when others do it for you?

What is really going on here is a big acknowledgement by Hyundai that Tesla is by far the leader in the PEV sector.

I can just see St. Elons face, after viewing a picture of this Geneva Hyundai billboard.

Major weak sauce by the Trolls running the Hyundai marketing and advertising division.

Now that Hyundai is going to beat the Model Y to the punch, in the N.A. market, celebration is in order, with all its pomp and circumstance! Hyundai is certainly reaching its pinnacle, albeit short lived as it may be.

The Tesla Trounce, coming to the major ICE OEMs, should be interesting, that is if Tesla doesn’t get mired in “Production Hell”.

Kona is a joke compared to 3 or Y, but I agree with the sentiment. Tesla is way late, I mean 2500 cars in a month after being in production for 8 months while there are 400,000 on the waiting list? That’s going to take over 10 years to fill all reservations, never mind the newcomers.

Send Tesla a message, cancel your Tesla reservation NOW!

YES CANCEL so that I can be closer to my turn lol

I find it odd that an auto company would call out the CEO of another auto company. Weird.

Mark Fields the ex CEO of FORD did that.

Look where that got him.


Tesla has the brains to offer a vegan interior. Hyundai can’t(leather steering wheel). They are not smart enough. And where are Hyundai’s super chargers?? Has Hyundai been in space yet?

I think Elon will take this as a compliment.
This is exactly what he wants.

Have you guys forgotten that Tesla’s sole reason for existence is because he wanted to kick the existing manufacturers into gear?


When it comes to EVs Elon said “the more the merrier.”

They must be shorting Tesla stock…

No, they are too busy trying to start the pivot to compelling PEV based sustainable transportation and generally making things of value which is more then we can say about you.

“I just looked up who/what an Elon is. Wow, those Tesla’s look fantastic!”
For anyone with a curiosity, Hyundai just pointed then straight towards Tesla. Doesn’t matter whether you can actually afford one or get one, you now know what one is, and it ain’t no Hyundai!
Maybe Hyundai has stocks in Tesla and thinks that is a better profit maker than the Kona will be 🙂

The main advantage of Hyundai vs.Tesla is: you can get the KONA in Aug2018 in huge quantities!
Incl. all extras KONA will be much much cheaper also!