Honda Reveals First Glimpse Of Interior Of Urban EV Prototype

FEB 13 2019 BY MARK KANE 29

It looks modern and stylish

Honda revealed a teaser of the interior of its latest Urban EV prototype, ahead of its Geneva Motor Show unveiling in March.

The Japanese manufacturer said that the interior is designed to create a warm and engaging atmosphere inspired by the Urban EV Concept from 2017, and we must admit it’s very welcoming inside.

It seems that the dashboard consists of three screens – one behind the wheel with basic information and two touch screens in the middle – which altogether take up almost the full width.

Honda describes the concept as a clean and simple design with intuitive user-focused technology.

Click to enlarge – Honda Urban EV interior

 Honda has revealed an interior image of its new compact electric vehicle prototype
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Below we’ve included some recent spy shots of the Honda Urban EV concept, as well as some images from Honda of the prototype EV. Check them all out in the gallery right below.

Honda Urban EV spy photos and exterior shots

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Honda Urban EV Concept Honda Urban EV Concept Honda Urban EV Concept Honda Urban EV Concept

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Looks like a two door at the auto show and a four door in camo. Anyone know if it’s supposed to be a four door? This would be a perfect car for driving and parking in and out of the city where I live.

4 door

No reason it couldn’t be both. A lot of small cars come in a 3 or 5 door version.

It appears to have 5 displays, those black areas on left and right appear to be the virtual mirrors. You can see the video mirrors in the spy shots.

My first thought was speakers. I think your guess is more likely. This would be a good location for either. Personally, I’d prefer speakers aimed like this- it would make for a very realistic sound stage. (I’ll just have to modify it)

A few things are visible when you brighten/zoom:
1. There are 5 screens in total, the side two replace the side mirrors
2. Theres a graphic of the car that shows its still very true to the concept only its 5 door and has a black roof/white body
3. Theres an outlet for 230v/1500w
4. Theres an hdmi input

I’ve owned 4 civis, really great cars – won’t consider Honda however because of their lack of decent BEVs, they managed to alienate a former happy client. However, I view this interior as odd and impractical.
First off, the steering wheel looks out of place , too traditional with same-same-old mechanical buttons, while everything else is LCD-wishfully modern.
Then it seems all impractical to have those on-screen buttons so close to one another, and so far off from the driver, you’d probably need to lean forward, while driving to reach them and make sure there’s no pot hole or something otherwise you’ll touch something else. Impractical and too crowded in my view.
instead they should release, as of yesterday, a 250 miles civic and a cr-v to fight off the Leaf and Niro, , that’s what they should’ve done.

Would you really buy a $40,000 Honda Civic?

This Urban EV concept is the most interesting thing I have seen from Honda, unfortunately it isn’t coming to the US.

The styling of this car is really based off the old CVCC, which had a similar steering wheel and dash to this concept car. It looks like a very nice modern interpretation of that design. I am impressed they held to that with the official interior photo. I hope it is the final interior. The original had a two level dash with HVAC below and a wrapping wood trim behind the instruments. Google CVCC interior.

Looks like a button in the upper corner at both screens, seems to be a swap screen button. So the passenger can be running the audio / nav during road trips,etc…

This design is a continuation of the 2018 Accord and 2019 Insight, which to me have great layout, steering wheel design, and ergonomic button placement. The climate control looks like the one from the Insight.

All the right side steering buttons are for cruise control, so they are all needed, while the left are audio and general menu control. Provides direct access from steering wheel with a minimal number of buttons. I believe that hands should have minimal movement from the steering position, that is the sign of good ergonomic design.

The buttons are necessary and practical…

Got an invite from my local Honda dealer (Mobile, Norway) about a sales start in april. I think it looks way cool and I can’t wait to try it. But I’m a little concerned the first version will just be a very short range “city car”. The name “Urban EV” doesn’t bode well.

It is going to be ~180 mile NEDC range, maybe ~100 miles in Norwegian Winter.

Is it coming to the US like the Clarity PHEV and be in dealership throughout the nation

No, this is Europe/Asia only car like the VW ID Neo, unfortunately. There is a stigma that small compact expensive hatchbacks don’t sell well in the US and cars like the BMW 318ti, i3, Chevy Bolt EV, and many others have been examples that make manufacturers hesitant to releasing premium compact cars here.

European vs US size comparison, but the 3 Series is not in remotely the same category as this vehicle!

In Europe the 3 series is a large family car. This Urban EV is a compact hatchback.

Oh no! All those people who hate model 3 because of the screen and were planning to buy this instead…. what are they going to do now?

I think this addresses many peoples concern with the Model 3 screen. there are HVAC controls on the dash as well as volume knob, etc. I don’t see this as anything similar to Model 3 screen.

And it looks way better than the Model 3 screen. This is integrated and finished like a car. The model 3 is a monitor on a table. Finished like a cubicle.

Yes, this is integrated into the dash, out of hand’s reach. Style over function.

This interior and the Model 3 one are nothing alike. Here there is a screen in front of the driver. Also I bet you didn’t even see there is a lot of buttons here (which I don’t dislike).

Completely different and ergonomic compared to Model 3 touchscreen. There are two equal sized displays, which appear to allow screen swap so driver and passenger have control access. Driver has their own instrument display. Also, they remembered the volume knob and other physical controls.

Well, this isn’t a “big iPad” screen. It’s more like a couple of iPad minis! 🙂

This looks nice and all, just like proto exterior but I’m afraid this will be a compliance car. I will not forgive them, if they make just a few thousand of them, and then lay back. Used to be a Hondafan and owned several, including bikes.

It is and it isn’t a compliance car. First, IT IS NOT FOR NORTH AMERICA! It will not be sold in America. The rest of the world does not have “CARB” states and don’t need to comply to California’s rules.

Second, it does comply with EV mandates in Europe and China and those mandates will allow Honda to sell boat loads (literally) of these cars. In Europe and China the manufacturers aren’t required to comply with EV mandates, the consumer is. Honda is choosing to comply so they can keep, or grow market share.

China has a ZEV mandate which is patterned on the California one, it even allows for FCEV. Europe has the equivalent of CAFE standards but it is grams of CO2/kilometer average Automakers must meet, and the only realist way to meet the standard is with lots of PHEV or some BEV.

Not sure how I feel about the dash yet, it’s like they’re not sure if they wanna make it simple or cluttered. Feels like it’s stuck between the transition from Flip phones to iPhones, basically a Blackberry.

I like the direction in general if this is just a placeholder and they plan to refine it, but going by past experience I don’t know if intuitive interfaces are the forte of many such legacy autos. I hope they prove me wrong and fully integrate the interface to turn the vehicle into a computer on wheels, rather than the usual limited secondary “attachment” approach we get on old legacy ICE designs.

Really happy Honda are bringing an EV to market, however….
Having owned several Hondas and currently have a 2 year old CRV, you can tell that its still old style Honda with a new drivetrain.
Lots of steering wheel buttons that drive the separate standard subsystems.
For example, our CRV has two clocks, set independently, displayed on different screens with different options.
Bluetooth is tacked on to the radio, but doesn’t work until you start the radio. Even the voice command system is a tacked on the side of something else.
No doubt this will have a pretty charging system and fancy displays, but it will be disconnected from all the other systems because they’ve tacked it onto the side of the standard existing Honda sub systems.
It all looks great in the showroom, until you have to use it.

Hondas have a history with wrap around dashboards. Must have dug up an late 80s catalogue as inspiration.