Honda Miimo Is Autonomous, Electric And Costs Just $2,499


Knows when it’s running out of battery and heads to the charging station on its own.

A quarter of a century ago, the Type R badge made its debut on the NSX-R and now Honda has decided to celebrate the anniversary by unveiling a special version of the Miimo. What’s a Miimo you ask? It’s a robotic lawn mower that has been around for some time and was recently introduced in the United States where it carries a starting price of $2,499 for the base model.

Honda Miimo Type R

To mark 25 years of Type R cars and Fireblade motorcycles, the autonomous and fully electric lawn mower has received not only Type R branding, but also a custom Fireblade livery. As cool as these may look, sadly you won’t be able to buy them as Honda says these are nothing more than prototypes. We are particularly fond of the Type R version, where it has also inherited a tiny rear wing with a center section wrapped in carbon fiber vinyl. No less than 40 LEDs have been installed for the functional headlights and taillights, while the Fireblade version actually has an extra five.

Other than that, it’s a standard Miimo, fitted with numerous 360-degree sensors and smart enough to do all the work without any human input. It also boasts self-charging capabilities as the lithium-ion battery is monitored at all times to detect when the level drops below 30%. It then heads to the docking station on its own to “fill up” the battery, which lasts for 30 minutes on the base model whereas on the $2,799 version it has enough juice for an hour. In both cases, one minute of charging equals one minute of mowing.

Honda Miimo Type R And Firebird

If you’re still not impressed, Honda says the Miimo can stop, turn, and then move in a different direction whenever the sensor detects a human, pet or another similar obstacle. But wait, there’s more. It even has an anti-theft protection system that will kick in (by sounding an alarm and disengaging operation) if the mower is lifted from the ground. Putting it back to work will require inserting a customizable anti-theft PIN code.

There’s no VTEC wizardry here, but it’s impressive nevertheless.

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Husqvarna has had one of these available for awhile. Reviews are generally pretty positive.

I know there have been others as well but those were typically for postage stamp sized yards meanwhile the Husqy can do an acre which is enough for most people.

Oh, and it doesn’t have exhaust pipes either which we know the BEV crowd hates!

I have had one of Husquarnas for almost two years now. I think it is the 430. I am very happy with it, and looking forward to extending the guide wires over my terrace so it can cut the grass on the back of the house also. It gets around very well even though i have several narrow passages that are about one meter wide.

I too dont understand the reason for putting tailpipes on a “R” model, it gives the impression that it is slow and underpowered. If it was a vintage model i could understand.

What is needed is a robot vacuum for artificial grass as it would save me manually vacuuming my back yard.

Why does it have exhaust pipes?

Mulch discharge shutes

Miimo hat bei Stiftung Warentest mit Mangelhaft abgeschlossen. Entspricht ganz meinen Erfahrungen mit diesem Honda Gerät ich war heil froh als ich den Honda Rasenroboter wieder los war.