UPDATE: Gun Manufacturer Kalashnikov Takes Aim At Tesla With CV-1


Is Russian gun manufacturer Kalashnikov really targeting Tesla with this retro, electric concept car?

***UPDATE – New video added directly above

Kalashnikov’s first electric concept car premiered at the international forum “Army 2018” in the Moscow region at the airfield in Kubinka. It is coined the “CV-1” and is based on a retro kit that goes by the name of “IZH-Kombi.” The kit follows design cues from the old Russian Moskvich-Izh.

The CV-1 features a 90-kWh battery pack and has a cruising range of 350 km (217 miles). It churns out 220 kW (295 horsepower) and is capable of accelerating from zero to 100 kilometers per hour in 6 seconds.

We’re not sure how this is really aiming to be a Tesla killer. However, reports say that the car’s engineers hope for it to compete with Tesla. Kalashnikov spokeswoman Sofia Ivanova shared with the RBC news website:

We’re talking about competing precisely with Tesla because it’s currently a successful electric vehicle project. We expect to at least keep up with it.

Interestingly, RBC also pointed out that Ivanova wasn’t able to provide any information about how the CV-1 is better than a Tesla vehicle. For now, the car is simply being used as a platform to test the company’s new technology.

For those who love retro sports cars like the Dodge Challenger, as well as Tesla’s all-electric lineup, this car might satisfy. However, at this point, it’s obviously just a dream in the making. We’ll be honest to say that InsideEVs doesn’t often stumble upon Tesla fans who love the Challenger, but there may be some exceptions out there.

What do you think? Share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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Source: Kalashnikov Media, The Moscow Times

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51 Comments on "UPDATE: Gun Manufacturer Kalashnikov Takes Aim At Tesla With CV-1"

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“Takes aim at Tesla” these companies that keep saying this need to take aim at just making a car that will sell.

Takes aim since it’s a gun maker. Haha

It comes with 2 assault rifles as standard.
No arguing for parking spots, and road rage is taken to another level 🙂

Is this is the Tesla “Killer”, that EVerybody has been talking about?

I can’t wait to “gun the engine” in the Kalashnikov CV-1 EV.


Putin is gunning for Tesla Model 3 Panel Gap “fit and finish”.

With a little more work, Kalashnikov might have a shot at it.

I think this attempt to build a compelling EV is a misfire… and the aim is pretty wide of the mark!


Everything in and around the electric motor and battery is 1950’s tech, but, sure “killer”.

Where did you see a 90 kWh battery or a 220 kW motor, small enough to fit in a sedan, from the 1950s?


Question is, will our serial anti-Tesla trolls now jump on promoting and fantasizing that this vehicle will slow the Tesla rEVolution?

Only if the car has a freezer where chill some vodka bottles. PROST!

Russia is a mafia state. Their economy is a joke. Mass adoption of electric vehicles will decimate Russia’s puny economy.

If they don’t buy their own Oil… No one else wants it.

This is an outcome I’m OK with. 🙂

If Russia wants to displace those lost oil jobs with Russian Jobs, Putin better be the first customer.

Now that is one ugly car.

NT Trabant did FSU car revival better (still on my top 10 list of all time favorite EV concepts):



Nice its like a cartoon face with those big headlights and smile grill haha

It looks like a Stoned Mini…

A bit clownish, but I kinda like it. Looks a lot like a Mini Cooper, which isn’t a bad design at all.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

It’s as if a drunk decided to redesign the Mini.

Exactly! A drunk FSU East German to be accurate. That’s the charm, it is in the quirkiness… *grin*

The original Mini-E is also on my top 10 list too, so clearly I’m already biased towards the format.
Besides, the Trabant is a Nurburgring record holder….


As always, hope they succeed and bring more choises. With the design, it will be for a limited number of car owners.
I think as long as they get the technology right. . There is hope. Just offer different designs. The front was kind if cool. The rest. . Not so much 🙂

I *think* it’s only meant to be a test mule…

I like Challengers. Put an electric motor and a big battery and I’ll take one! I like that at least this concept is a wagon, or combi for our european friends. It really is the ideal form factor.

Why would automakers do that when the rubes are more than content buying obsolete ICE junk at ridiculous margins.

Wait, I thought EVs had the ridiculous margins? Isn’t that what people claim for the Tesla models?

To Clarify: Tesla is the only EV maker to currently approach 30% profit on their S & X Vehicles.

So with those margins are possible according to you, why couldn’t somebody offer a BEV Muscle car like the Challenger and make more money than they are with an ICE powered Challenger?

Because automakers first have to invest large sums to increase battery manufacturing capacity. It would be like wondering why Samsung can’t make a smart-phone that cost’s less than $20,000 if they never introduced economy of scale through years of developing manufacturing capacity. Imagine how much a laptop computer would cost, if computer makers forced consumers to buy typewriters, and only offered a few thousand computers for sale.

Tesla has decent margins largely because they manufacture their own batteries in partnership with Panasonic. The other automakers can’t make any money on EV’s because they refuse to increase battery manufacturing capacity, which will exponentially lower costs.

Logarithmically, not exponentially.

Well, technically they are competing with Tesla if they make an EV. Any competition has at least one winner and one looser, and they say that they hope to be better (others hope for world peace or that global warming might turn out to be a hoax).
There are incumbent ICE manufacturers who apparently don’t even try to compete, so…
A 90 kWh battery pack is hitherto not very common, even among the announcements, and if it has a decent range and is affordable, it will sell regardless of looks (as it has lower TCO). “Made in Russia”, will bring for sure some sales to government and municipalities.
I just wonder: Will they churn out one of those cars from the factory faster than a machine gun?

While it is very hard to make a Lada seem like a good idea, this car is msking that case😄

For the sake of accuracy, this CV-1 mimics a 1960 Moskvitch design that survived into the 1970’s and beyond, with some restyling. Whereas the Lada was based on the 1966 Italian Fiat 124.


I don’t think it mimics a Moskvitch, it is a Moskvitch that has been modified. Basically a BEV hot rod project.

That’s not what the article says. “[…] based on a retro kit that goes by the name of “IZH-Kombi.” The kit follows design cues from the old Russian Moskvich-Izh.”

FWIW, the Lada 4×4 is legendary, and still produced today…

Deadlier than AK, son.

“We’re not sure how this is really aiming to be a Tesla killer.”

Oh, I’m sure. I’m sure that this wannabe EV maker thought that using the name “Tesla” in its PR would attract more media attention.

And they were right. We can be sure that many, many more people will click on this very article because it has “Tesla” in the headline, than would have otherwise.

I like the looks of it. It looks far better than the original Nissan Leaf, and better than any current Lexus, gas or hybrid.

It’s nice to see clean designs, even if it takes retro styling to provide them. It’s a real shame that so few other than Tesla give clean designs. I don’t want a car that looks like it was designed by a 13 year old anime fan.

This one’s gonna need some bumpers, though, and a little more room in the wheel wells.

If the reliability and ease of operation are anywhere nearly as good as the typical AK rifle, it could be a very good competitor in the low cost market. Priced right, I’d buy one.

Ron Swanson's Mustache

That thing looks like the result of George Barris getting ahold of a Lada.

I love this Russian sense of humor. Nothing says “we don’t take Tesla serious at all” than proposing this daft contraption as a Tesla killer.

“however, we’re not sure how” LOL 🙂

The door handles and trunk lock look to have been lifted from a 1975 car.

What’s it made of, GRP? It has the same sort of panel gaps as a Mark 1 Lotus Esprit!!!

Well yes, a 1970s car is precisely what this retro-kit is based on…

[sigh…] Finally someone unveils a compact, affordable electric station wagon… and it’s Kalashnikov. Great. Can’t anyone who isn’t a merchant of death make the car I want? Greenpeace? MSF? I be Sea Shepherd could design a cool car…

It would be the first estate/wagon format EV. Bring. It. On.
But please with a 500km range option.

I do think they can give Tesla a run for its money in the “largest panel gaps” competition. Not sure what else, though.

Pimp my 1972 Ford Escort Estate.

Hi I live in Laval , Quebec, Canada and would like to if your CV-1 would ever be sold in Canada because it’s a beautiful retro car and I want one and if it comes in different colors ? Thanks and can’t wait for your answer and hope to be positive .