Gen 2 Formula E Reveal Videos


First looks at the fully-electric Gen 2 car to be used from season five shows striking futuristic new look for Formula E.

Video (above) description:

The Gen2 Formula E car is here and will be revealed in person in Geneva on March 6. What do you think?

Video (below) description:

#FormulaE – The #Gen2 FIA Formula E car is coming – here’s a taste of how the fully-electric championship will look in season five.

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First thing coming to my mind is “Transformers”, not formula 1 class of racing …. I am just being honest. On the other hand, it doesn’t look bad, just leaves me sort of cold.

Perhaps, they are not targeting me, but rather much younger generation(s) … which is fine and understandable.

I am not a die hard formula 1 fan, I just watch from time to time.

I had the same “Transformers” feeling when I first saw the Nissan LEAF 2017… Maybe they will look old-fashioned in 2027.

Looks a hundred times better than the current weird thing…