Gen 2 Formula E Race Car Gets Revealed


Formula E has revealed the first complete images of the second-generation car that will be used from the 2018/19 season.

The electric racer, which will bring an end to the mid-race car swaps in place since the series’ inception, is a significant departure from the original, standard single-seater design.

Its striking new look includes a ring of lighting around the FIA-mandated halo cockpit protection device, a huge rear diffuser and LMP1-inspired coverage of the front wheels.

Second Generation Formula E Race Car

The front and rear wings are angled more aggressively, with the remaining bodywork also much more stylised than before.

The car was revealed digitally on Tuesday ahead of a physical launched planned for the Geneva Motor Show in March.

Second Generation Formula E Race Car

Spark Racing Technologies won the tender to produce the car, which will be powered by a new McLaren Applied Technologies battery after the Formula 1 team’s sister company beat current battery supplier Williams Advanced Engineering to the deal.

Second Generation Formula E Race Car

Second Generation Formula E Race Car

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Still looks like a pretty fragile front end, and we should expect to see a lot of debris on the tracks again this season.

I’m excited and hopeful for global rallycross to add electric vehicles.

Hmm, don’t like it.

They should either be open wheel or closed cockpit, but pick one and go with it.

This design tries to look open wheel but really has got everything covered with bodywork.

Due to safety…

I would also prefer a more open car.

I suspect its more due to aero than safety. Tires are terrible shapes for aero, completely flat one direction, blunt the other direction. The easier the car cuts through the air the less energy the cars use and the harder they can race on their limited battery power.

I dig this new car. Looks like a cross between a modern formula car and a Le Mans LMP1. No bi-plane front wing, no traditional rear wing; no problem, looks great. Teams aren’t gonna be happy with the lack of those traditional surfaces for sponsorship displays but the can get creative with the new surfaces.

Add an air fighter to the mix, and I agree.

It is overall really great looking!

Formula E this fall is gonna be epic 😀

I like the way this looks.

Nice look* –
As per aerodynamics ~ those wheels …. the ugly Tesla model 3 wheel/covers test out with less drag than those spokes ….

Those need to be light and cool the brakes, so a more closed wheel wouldn’t make sense.

The same goes for the wings and diffuser, sure those add drag, but they also make the car quicker around the track.

A post in the middle , blocking the view, how safe is that?