Geely Teases New GE11 EV: Will Be Sold Globally

JAN 14 2019 BY GASGOO 14

Looks sleek in first teasers.

Geely recently revealed a set of photos of its all-new all-electric sedan model code-named GE11. As the automaker’s first BEV model targeting global market, the new model is expected to go on sale in the first quarter this year.

According to the published photos, the GE11 adopts a trendy closed-off grille, which is typically used for all-electric models. Both high beam and dipped headlights are integrated into headlamps. The sleek LED daytime running lights coupled with three paralleled light bars look quite futuristic. Besides, on the hood is a protruding U-shaped line that is able to lower the air resistance by directing air to both sides of the vehicle body, therefore elevate the battery range.

As to the side profile, the GE11 features a fastback design. The smooth waistline stretches from the headlight, door handle to the rear end, visually lengthening the entire body. The new model adopts the “hidden” door handles, which is in tune with the “futuristic” essence of the vehicle.

Moving to the rear end, the GE11 retains the fastback design of coupe with a cleaner look. The ducktail spoiler at the trunk improves the sports sense. In addition, a chrome trim with the “GEELY” lettering in the middle connects taillights on both sides.

The vehicle reportedly measures 4,736mm long, 1,804mm width and 1,503mm tall with a wheelbase length of 2,700mm. Powering the GE11 will be a 130kW electric motor provided by CATL.

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What about range? 300km or more?

Pretty sure it will be more than 300km. A 130kW motor can be fully powered only by a 50kWh+ battery, this should put it in the 200+ miles territory.

There’s no such rule. Formula E has a 54 kWh battery and 250 kW power output.

Yes and no. In Formula E they don’t care a lot about the C rate linked to the battery degradation. I am not even sure they use only one battery for the whole season (my guess is they don’t).

But on a BEV you can’t have that much C rate today without sacrificing durability.

Of course you can….the C-rate for discharge is very different from the C-rate for charging for the durability of the battery….

@Ariston, I’m basing this on that the claimed power density of Li-Ion batteries is in the vicinity of 2-2.5 times their energy density. I realize there a lot of other factors at play here, such as acceptable C-rates, battery cooling, the usage of supercapators to store power for peak use etc. but I’ve noticed as battery sizes grow larger ev’s are pretty much following this ratio. I assume this is in order to provide C-rates optimal for battery health. For example the 110kW output Leaf has a 40kWh battery and a 151miles EPA range. I would be really surprised if Geely’s 130kW motor is paired with a smaller battery.

The Chinese are coming faster than I thought.

For the US market, instead of tarrifs, we should just impose similar restrictions as China places on foreign automakers.

If they want to sell here, they need to partner with a local company, and build a certain amount in the US.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

No, they have to pay a tariff. It might be removed at some point in the future though.
And they’ll have to get 7.5% of sales in ZEV credits by 2020, and 8% in 2021, but they won’t be entitled to the same subsidy as domestic manufacturers.

If it’s Geely, they might slap a Volvo badge on it.

The consumers get the the tax breaks on EVs, not the mfg. And currently doesn’t matter where the car is made.

EVs should be exempted from the Tarrifs, but Russia hates EVs, and their puppet in the White House is being a good little stooge for them.

Get ready for the flood!

I would be interested to hear a review from someone who has driven the Chinese EVs regarding the overall car. Someone needs to send Bjorn Nyland a plane ticket.

Send me a ticket, and I’ll go.

Here come the Chinese BEVs ,Detroit its time to wake up!