Formula E To Add New “Extreme E” SUV Racing Series


Formula E will operate a new ‘Extreme E’ electric SUV series that is set to race through challenging locations and terrains such as the Himalayas and the Arctic. understands the project, which is still in the early stages of development but is expected to launch in 2020, has been presented to manufacturers as spec-series with limited areas for open development.

These include motors and bodywork, although the chassis will be a set specification, and the cars will resemble road SUV models.

The project will be led by 2003 Indianapolis 500 winner and recently-appointed McLaren Formula 1 sporting director Gil de Ferran and is supported by FE CEO and founder Alejandro Agag.

“Extreme E – all I can say is that it’s a new project that will be operated by Formula E,” Agag told

“Formula E will take over the operation of that new project – the new project is still in very early stages.

“But hopefully Gil de Ferran, who is leading the project, will do an announcement soon with more details. But that’s all I can say.”

When asked about the importance of electric SUV models to road car manufacturers, Agag said: “SUV is the name of the game – that’s where the big manufacturers are going and that’s where I think this will be.”

By setting strict limits on development areas, but allowing potential manufacturers that wish to enter the series to invest their technology in specific parts, Extreme E would resemble the technical competition FE has used since its second season in 2015/16.

But unlike the single-seater series, which maintained the same spec chassis for its first four seasons before introducing its aggressively-style Gen2 car for the upcoming 2018/19 championship, Extreme E would let manufacturers use silhouette racing designs of their own road-going models.

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This would probably be more interesting to watch, for me. Would also help push the technology for larger vehicles.

I always found Formula E kind of bland, but enjoyable. Now THIS is more exciting.

Why exactly does it need to occur in what are certainly some of the few remaining pristine and unspoiled areas on Earth? Couldn’t they stick with the Sahara or Baja?

They only really have to take place as rally/raid stages on existing roads/trails in said areas, rather than being totally off road in order to fill the brief. Races such as the Raid de Himalaya already exist anyway.

That’s the Bollinger B1 by the way.

Thank you, Robert. I added the direct link.

I did pit crew rebuilding transmissions after off-road truck races one summer. Desert trucks and stadium trucks and the like. Super exciting racing and would love to see that in EVs. I liked the Red Bull Rally Cross Series too. They were supposed to go electric but the series was cancelled. Should be a lot of clean EV fun coming to motorsports!

Races like this in Crandon.

Note that the announcers talk about loving the sound of the trucks as they roar from the starting line. That’s pretty common for the community, and the quiet thrum of EVs May be a hard sell.

The local Sacramento, CA. race track has monthly EV races. Announcer asks the spectators to turn off their cell phones so they can hear the race! HA!