Ford Teases 2020 Mustang-Inspired Electric CUV With 300-Mile Range


Oddly enough, a self-proclaimed gearhead is the lead for the project and he’s got quite a story to tell.

In a long and drawn out Medium post, Ford’s Team Edison director leaked out the first teaser image of the Mustang-inspired electric car, which he refers to as “our electric Mustang-inspired utility.”

Ford previously confirmed the electric Mustang-inspired car back in May with this statement in its Q1 report:

Making a full commitment to new propulsion choices, including adding hybrid-electric powertrains to high-volume, profitable vehicles like the F-150, Mustang, Explorer, Escape and Bronco. The company’s battery electric vehicle rollout starts in 2020 with a performance utility, and it will bring 16 battery-electric vehicles to market by 2022.

But this is the first time we’re seeing what could potentially be a sketch of the rear of the car. Additionally, the 300-mile range figure wasn’t made public until now.

What follows are some excerpts from Darren Palmer, Ford Team Edison Global Product Development Director:

You’d think after 28 years of working for the same company that nothing would surprise me. I’ve been fortunate enough to work for Ford across many amazing teams on many exciting assignments, most recently leading development of the next-generation Mustang. But earlier this year I received a call that would challenge everything I thought I knew about Ford and our future. I was asked to lead product development for a brand-new team, Ford Team Edison, focusing exclusively on electrified vehicles for both Ford and Lincoln. And to be successful, this new team had to be willing to challenge every truth and every process we had developed over the course of our careers.

This particular passage is especially intriguing:

Having just taken delivery of a Shelby GT350R, those in the dark about electric vehicles might think that they chose the wrong guy in that I’m a Mustang enthusiast. But as my team and I have quickly found out, the new generation of electric vehicles is just as exciting — only different. Different can be good. Very good. And it’s opened our eyes to a whole new Ford. The stakes are high. The challenge higher. We are being tasked to set the future trajectory of the company, and Team Edison is up for that challenge.

Palmer concludes with this:

Electric vehicle customers are buying into the future and our team is 100 percent focused on not only delivering vehicles they will love, but providing an entire electric vehicle ecosystem that works flawlessly. It’s exciting to know that my stint leading development of the next-generation Mustang actually comes full circle as we get ready to launch our electric Mustang-inspired utility. I, for one, can’t wait to have one — side-by-side — with my Shelby GT350R.

You’ll find Palmer’s entire article, titled “The Stakes Are High: Inside the Team Developing Ford’s New Generation of Electric Vehicles” here on Medium.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Is 2020 everyone else’s magic late to the party date?


March 2016 + 4 or 5 years for design. Yep, that is everyone’s serious entry into EV market date.

How true that is.

Stop parroting me! 😉

By 2020… Just about the entire car industry will have to reinvent itself ‼️

Nope. The western car industry will have to. The Chinese have been working towards this ever since the MS hit the market.

Longer than that, I believe?

maybe for the first real one.
So far, we have not seen any thing real except from Tesla.

What is your definition of “real”?

2020, the inflection year? why it took over 10 years to realize the end of the ICE age is within reach? how pathetic… Team Edison, the 2nd Tesla battle, and the one that Nikola would love to see he was right 100+ years later

Last year, EV market share was growing fast but dismally low.
Put yourself in the shoes of a product manager – push a known high volume high profit option or a long shot EV that may not be profitable for years?
Absolute no brainer decision right there.
Model 3 no doubt has proven this year is different and future product decisions will be affected by it, but you will have to wait months or years to see the results of that.

Or a sales manager at a car dealership….and this is why Tesla avoided the traditional car dealership model.

Meh…expensive durable goods is a slow-moving market. You can toss your current cell phone & get a new one at a moment’s notice. But when you pay many tens of thousands of dollars for something that lasts 12 to 15 years….you are (understandably) much more cautious & slow.

But I think the Model 3 has broken through the “early adopter” market into the more mainstream market.

Ford is obviously late, and hopefully they will prove to be “fashionably”.
Now where the heck is the Toyota EV CUV 2020 Tease?


Mosquitos! (Silent, Itch Makers! Ugly!)

I think Toyota is keeping a low profile on their EV efforts, since they are still trying to sell the fuel cell story…

Ha!!! Yeah, Toyota upper level management convinced themselves that their Fuel-Celled products would be much more important than the Toyota Prius Line has been.

If they’ve been expecting a BANG, its getting to be more of a whimper, and soon, the competing Honda Clarity PHEV should be eating their lunch. Of course we’re told by some here that:

“No one needs more battery range, nor a more Spacious car than the Prius Prime!”.

Apparently some do.

I love the word “tease,” as it implies that folks are eagerly waiting…

I’m excited, my current lease matures in late summer 2021 and with all the product plans currently in place I should have numerous offerings from Nissan, Ford, Volkswagen Group, Mercedes, etectera… It really is a good thing.

Yep, no one is eagerly awaiting an EV from a major manufacturer. No one…

Just because it’s not a Tesla, doesn’t mean people aren’t interested. I guess it depends on whether you’re an EV enthusiast, or a Tesla enthusiast.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

They will release their EV’s, sales will be low (most likely price will suck and lease deals will be nonexistent) and they will say “See, nobody wants to buy an EV”.

Only if the entire market and regulatory systems decide that.

16 BEV’s by 2022 is a lot of R&D money.

Unfortunately cost is a function of battery price, and batteries are currently expensive – for ford, Audi and even Tesla – hence why there’s a choice between relatively affordable small short range vehicles or expensive larger vehicles.

Except the base Model 3 will be within spitting distance of these small short range vehicle, but will offer a whole lot more.

Thanks to Tesla, this story doesn’t fly any more. And they know it. They wouldn’t be making an investment on such a scale just to prove that “EVs don’t sell”.

Fair enough. Although I’m not sure why you force Tesla into the conversation. I never mentioned Tesla.

And I never said ‘no one,’ I said ‘folks.’

Because there’s a number of Tesla fanatics that seem to dislike everything that isn’t tesla.

There are some. There seem to be more though who aren’t actually Tesla fanatics; just disillusioned with other makers from years after years of empty promises… To the point they have a hard time accepting that this time it will indeed be different.

Ford already sells EV’s and has been for a while. I think it’s literally true that very few people are interested. I wonder how many people have even mentioned Ford’s EV’s on this site.

I’m sore on Ford because my current Ford is a lemon so I hope that this is a good faith effort.

Ford sales are minimal because they made almost no effort. Magna took it on themselves to design electric variations of Ford cars and proceeded to sell Ford on the idea. Ford dealerships on the whole couldn’t care less. Only now does Ford look like it is ready to make a serious effort at building an electric car from a clean sheet as apposed to modifying an existing ICE model.

I think people in general are less interested because there’s less hype involved. From an EV perspective a mainstream CUV from a mainstream manufacturer is something to get excited about. Then again, no one really gets excited about the new Escape, or the new Corolla either. They’re the best selling but don’t really invite excitement as they’re plain vehicles for the masses, rather than anything “special”.

There should be wagers open in Vegas for all of these 2020 launch dates and how many they will make of each during the first year of production.

“Heeere comes Johnny!” ,ooops I meant another concept/ Press release.

I have a funny feeling Mustang owners will be less than thrilled.

At a guess it’s because they have a higher priced CUV for sale and connecting it to the mustang means they can justify the higher price being an EV causes.

Because of styling alone…

It needs to be it’s own design.

If Ford is out of ideas they should just hire a design firm.

Mustangs are cheap

Maybe but they have a good look.

They can always program it to rumble and maybe put some of that model train oil that makes smoke into a vestigial tailpipe.

They can use the noise “enhancing” systems they have in the V6 Mustangs and F150’s. :p

I’ve wanted an Electric Mustang ever since Tesla came out with their first Roadster. I gave up. Just bought a Tesla Mode 3 AWD. In 2018, it has 450HP and over 300 mile range. Awesome! It launches daily!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The Feds should sunset the Rebates cutting them in half on Jan 1 2020.
I just can’t stand it when laggards get the same treatment as those who paved the way putting in the hard work.
But then again we are the society where “everyone gets a trophy”.

I agree. The companies that took risks and investment into EVs help bring the cost of batteries down and prove what was possible. Now those that didn’t take advantage of the incentives are going to have an unfair advantage. This is the opposite of what the credits were meant to do.

To be fair, by 2020 EV market share should hopefully be large enough that any new entrant at this point will have to burn through 200,000 sales pretty quickly to be relevant at all…

WTF is an “electric performance utility vehicle”? Seems like they want it to be everything for everybody. Seems like the ultimate FUD announcement. Wait for our “electric performance utility vehicle”! It does EVERYTHING you want!


That’s not FUD. That’s more like the opposite of FUD.

(Also, that weird sounding label actually seems pretty apt for something like the I-Pace…)

i stoped believing them awhile ago. thats just a back of a mustang

fake news at its finest. Heres the example of it. Wheres the followup questions and the rebuttals. Wheres the plug in escape and explorer or the CUV BEV or the 19 models that are going to electrified. Next time they call, hang up. Trying to rub some shine from Tesla 3 sales

The newsworthy part is that they realise they need to get serious and try to catch up.

They been trying to get serious since 2012.😒

Cool, better late than never! Don’t understand all the negative comments here. At least all the sleeping giants are waking up now.

Ford traditionally has been a laggard with regards to anything remotely resembling Innovation.

Last company to implement hydraulic brakes.
Last company in the US to change from 6 to 12 volt electrical systems.
Last company to convert from generators to alternators.

If Ford buys off the shelf parts from others, it might go ok….

But I neglected to call their recent all-aluminum F150 an ‘innovation’ seeing as an optional bed liner is ABSOLUTELY required if you’re going to prevent serious damage to the BED. Why, in view of that, the F150 is STILL the sales leader – along with higher repair costs ongoing – is totally beyond me. The truck must have taken on a mystique all its own.

I just hope the new Gearhead is a fast learner and doesn’t come up with any boneheaded ideas that don’t suit EVs well.

The F150 is a sales leader because most buyers don’t use them as a work truck. Anyone I know who has a work truck has a Ram or a Silverado.

They use it as a utility


Just make great cars, and people will buy them… Stupid PR stunts not required.