Ford Creates “Team Edison” To Focus Solely On Pure Electric Cars



Look out Tesla, “Team Edison” has its sights set on you.

Ford’s newly created “Team Edison” will be tasked solely with battery-electric vehicles. Plug-in hybrid and conventional hybrids need not apply.

Ford Explorer Electric?

According to Ford, “Team Edison” will study and develop future new BEVs beyond the already announced 300-mile CUV coming in 2020.

Sherif Marakby, Ford’s head of electrification and autonomous vehicles, stated:

“We see an inflection point in the major markets toward battery electric vehicles.”

“We feel it’s important to have a cross-functional team all the way from defining the strategy plans and implementation to advanced marketing.”

Ford was light on details, but we do know the automaker is planning to increase the number of pure electric vehicles it will offer in the future. A timeline was not provided, nor was a specific numbers of BEVs released.

Marakby added a few additional juicy bits of info to the discussion, stating that “Team Edison’s” goal is to “move fast and think big and really grow the BEV offerings from Ford.”

Marakby also suggested that teaming up is not out of the question:

“We are open to partnerships, but this team will be responsible to define the strategy.”

Source: Automotive News

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“We are open to partnerships, but this team will be responsible to define the strategy.”

No there’s a real committment to electrification. /sarc

Initial strategy discussion at “Team Edison” before lunch: “For our 300 mile CUV EV we could take the Focus, stuff more batteries in what space is left in the hatch, jack it up a couple of inches and wrap it in a CUV skirt and done. Lunch?”

No = Now, sorry no edit button

What fools these mortals be says Segio Marchionne: (for a good laugh)

Marchionne: Electric cars not a solution for cars.
Cars: Marchionne is not a solution for an automotive exec position.

A few observations about our friend, Mr. Marchionne. First, doesn’t he have enough money to fix that missing tooth? Next, it’s very hard to believe that this guy is a reliable prognosticator of where we will be in ten years. He hasn’t even forecast the demise of Fiat, and everyone around him knows that simple fact.

Unless they do something about the charging infrastructure, relying on CCS is going to suck for consumers.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Yup, currently CCS is slow at 50KW best.
Then some still camp longer than the 30 mins or restart their sessions.

Nothing is done for those who just use the charger as a parking spot. Most AC L2 are “Dumb” chargers where there are no repercussions for camping in place like Tesla does. And Chad/CCS are pretty much the same thing, no policing for charge campers.

DCFC is not the primary infrastructure for electric cars.

Tell that to people who buy cars from a company’s logo of “go further”.

Can you say, Behind The Curve!

Heavy on the buzzwords, light on specifics.

You must have read that off one of their business cards. That sounds like a mission statement!

So are they just gonna copy off Tesla’s patents and claim them as their own?

On that note, this video came immediately to mind after reading this news.

Edison screwed Tesla out of a big bonus promised for the design and creation of a large and important project.

Naming the electric vehicle team after Edison is richly ironic, since Edison and Ford had plans for an electric car about 1914. If they could only have known that the effort would pick up again in 100 years.



I read your nickname and thought of a Ferengi pickpocket. Lepto, not Klepto.

I’ll just be quiet, since I don’t have anything nice to say about their name choice.

Come on Ford, we love you. Get rid of the whole Tesla-Edison thing, it’s LAME.

Just call it Ford Tech Division. Was that so tough?

It’s the war of the currents all over again! Edison vs. Tesla.

Tesla was the winner for the first 100 years, but power electronics now means DC is poised to take the lead.

Heck, Tesla seems to have even abandoned their namesake’s AC induction motor.

Why is it that BEV is such a holy grail? Most people do less than 20 miles a day and could go electric only for weeks and weeks in most hybrids – and still feel confident that they would have all the range they would need, should that rare occasion come. PHEVs are the perfect fit for most people – and for the current infrastructure too…

Because nowadays people love black or white approach to everything. The normal grey is considered a very special these days ….

Exactly. Those same people that drive only 20 miles a day claim that they won’t look at an EV until it can travel 600 miles on a charge, recharge in 2 minutes and tow 10,000 lbs.

The ascribe attributes that they need that they themselves never or hardly ever use. Then they refuse to accept the advantages of EVs like lower maintenance, instant torque, smoother acceleration, cheaper fuel and the convenience of at home charging.

People don’t like change.

My read, as the owner of a Volt and a Leaf, is that current PHEV’s make too much of a compromise in packaging for two separate drive trains. This is being addressed, as manufacturers begin to design chassis’ with electrification in mind; however, most of the car buying market is for used cars: cars that have these packaging issues. I’d be much happier taking the Volt on long trips if the interior wasn’t quite so cramped: it means my family can go someplace, but we cannot take anyone with us.

“We see an inflection point in the major markets toward battery electric vehicles.”
That’s the problem with Ford, they’re looking backwards and seeing an inflection point. Tesla was looking forward over a DECADE ago and saw it coming.
Turn around, Ford. Then maybe you’ll be looking in the right direction.

@PHEVfan said: “…Tesla was looking forward over a DECADE ago and saw it [inflection point] coming…”

More accurately Tesla *is* the inflection point…

Ford is tooooo late, and don’t think they’ll humble up with the competitors!
Their first all new EV in a few years!? Come on Ford, look around – allmost everyone have showed a concept car except Ford… You are late in the game! Release a EV within a year, then we’ll see!

It cant be done with their current staff and culture. Period.

Ford said: “We [Team Edison] are open to partnerships, but this team will be responsible to define the strategy.”

Team Edison is an elaborate “let’s study what to do about Tesla” committee…

Will likely take a year or two for Team Edison to come up with an EV game plan recommendation that then will be handed to an Executive Evaluation Committee (perhaps Team Ohm) …

Which then the Ford Board will vote to decide if Ford should form another committee to determine how best to execute the Ford EV plan.

Good to see that Ford is finally, albeit belatedly, talking the talk. But as they say, talk is cheap. Let’s see if Ford starts walking the walk.

I hope that this really does signal a new direction for Ford. Hey, it’s got to happen sooner or later. Well, arguably it’s already later, given that it usually takes 4-5 years to develop a completely new car… That is, it’s got to happen unless Ford buries its head in the sand like Eastman Kodak did during another recent disruptive tech revolution!

Call me a cock-eyed optimist, but I choose to be hopeful. 🙂

Ford Bye Bye (Australian service and support many of us can do without – thank you very much)

My bet is up to 1/2 of the traditional automakers may be gone in 10-15 years…..Ford is one of those bubble companies. Ones on the short list: