Fisker EMotion Gets Full Unveil At CES – 0-60 MPH In Under 3 Seconds, Range Over 400 Miles



Not only are its butterfly doors opened up — all four — but so is the reservation list.

Today at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, the big moment for the re-born Fisker Inc finally arrived, with the officially official launch of its new EMotion sedan.

The Fisker EMotion dash.

To refresh your memory, the EMotion is a luxury all-electric four-seater lovingly sculpted from carbon fiber and aluminum that promises a 400-mile range from its 145-kWh LG-supplied battery, and starts out at $129,000. It is also said to offer level 4 autonomy when it arrives, hopefully by the end of 2019, and has five LIDAR sensors (one behind glass on its nose, the others near each of its wheels) to help make that (mostly) self-driving dream a reality. High-speed charging help comes courtesy of Ricardo and will see the car gain 127 miles of range in about nine minutes, provided you will be able to find a station prepared to deliver that sort of output.

Just as nothing design-wise was left to our imaginations pre-launch, with images of the car being steadily released over the past year or so, so too have its specifications been mostly previously made known. In fact, the only new info we can add is that its electric motors will put out around 575 kW (771 horsepower), zipping up to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in less than three seconds, and boast a top speed of 161 MPH. Oh yes, and it rolls, quite seductively, on 24-inch wheels shod in the finest Italian Pirelli rubber.

According to USA Today, Fisker plans to build the car in the U.S. and will be announcing assorted production partners over the course of this year. Certainly, the designer and entrepreneur faces a challenge he’s only too well acquainted with: convincing investors to underwrite his ambitious dream. Besides this Fisker flagship, the company plans to build a $34,000 “affordable” EV, hopefully in numbers as large as 300,000 per year. Volume for the EMotion is much more modest, with fewer than 5,000 per year needed to turn a profit. It is also working with Hakim Unique Group of China to produce the Fisker Orbit autonomous shuttle.

The Fisker EMotion back seat may have an optional curved screen.

Though far less attractive, but every bit as appealing, Fisker also brought a sample of its flexible solid state battery along. It, according to Green Car Congress, is about half the size of a cell phone battery, but only two millimeters thick. It supposedly offers higher energy density to today’s lithium batteries, though we have yet to see substantive proof of that.

When (and if, we should add) it does launch, the Fisker EMotion will be up against product from Porsche, Maserati, Aston Martin and, of course, Tesla, among others. Whether it succeeds may well depend on how well the lessons taught by Fisker’s first foray into automobile manufacturing were heeded. Certainly, the roadways of the world will be visually improved by its presence, even without those butterfly doors that strike us as a head wound waiting to happen. To secure your place in line, head over to the outfit’s website and be prepared to fork over $2,000 for the privilege.


Source: Fisker, Green Car Congress, USA Today

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I’ll be surprised if that thing rolls on it’s own power…. lmao…..I can’t wait for the $34,000 Imaginary car for the masses , to relieve investors out of their monies… What a Load Of BS !….

I’m not sure I have fully deciphered your comment into usable information/opinion.

Maybe Have another drink. It’s not complicated. I’m a simple man. … lol..


We already have the $34,000 imaginary car for the masses! It’s the Tesla Model 3.

*$36k imaginary car. 😀

That $34K price tag for a completely imaginary car (I’m willing to bet there’s not a single drawing of it yet) is clearly intended to thumb Fisker’s nose at the Model 3’s $35K base price. Not very subtle or adult behavior.

I’ll just chuck it out there- Those doors are dumb. Super dumb.

Does it hop up and down and drive around on three wheels like low riders do also? How about neon lights in the fender wells? Now all it needs is a big chrome car club plaque in the back window and same crazy intricate airbrushing and pin striping in seven different metallic colors!

What a pretentious ride. Once you sell all you can to Basketball stars, record producers, Saudi oil princes and drug dealers, who else do you sell to??

Arms dealers and Human traffickers might also potentially be interested.

Color me skeptical. Fisker has a history of making big promises that amount to nothing. I’d be surprised if this was actually produced in numbers anywhere near there estimates, if at all. I believe they can build a handful. I have doubts they can build thousands.

You’re Not skeptical,You’re A realist..This guy got his Masters In “BS”..Long before he passed his Designer exams…lmao

He has designed for major car companies, have you? If not then STFU.

And he should stick to that and not pretend he’s some kind of Elon Musk 2.0

Designing a car and creating a car production company are very different things.
So no need for us th STFU.

Different owners.

The longest running side-show in automotive history. This way to the Egress.

Sideshow, or slideshow? Both!

If I had that blonde in the back seat of my Fisker, it wouldn’t be for watching TV…..

Go back to your cave, you troglodyte.

Awesome car for the background of one of those backlit perfume ads you seen in airports. Doors wide open, parked next to a Learjet at dusk, with a young, elegant, yet blingy couple posing between them.
I’m not sure it has any other sensible use.

@ Henrik Fisker said: “This isn’t your typical electric car…this is how you make a statement without saying a word.”

Lol… So after reading those words that no words are needed I fully expected the video to be visual only (no words needed)… nope.

Do the doors work in normal parking spaces or do you have to double park and use up 2 spaces so no one parks close to you and then you can’t get back into your fancy car?

You get out and then the car self-parks. It has level 4 autonomy. (You know, in the dreamed-up specs)

Is there a fisker factory in place? Or is this another EV startup that conservatives can beat up and humiliate LOL

They’ll use an contract manufacturer like Fisker did on the Karma.

That commercial looks like it could have been made for DeLorean in the 70’s, with a few changes. Sell the design to Maserati or Alfa Romeo now, allowing for small design changes like a redesigned front end. It’s the only hope to avoid the Chinese coming in and fruitlessly trying to salvage it when the inevitable reliability/safety problems occur. Building reliable high tech cars for profit is really hard! Ask this guy called Elon.

It’s a Tuff Go..If it were easy , we’d all be doing it..But, Some are in it for the Short term , Raise money , Grab The Money & Run ! Next Project & do it again !

Elon is too busy to answer my questions, he said something about “production hell”, and he mentioned that the other Tesla board of directors, are keeping close tabs on him and his efficacy.

What about the dimensions. Everything looks rosy. Lets see.

Um, Not to rain on their parade but everything here seems a bit too ‘Pie in the Sky’ without an honest Test Drive verification.

Fisker claimed 400 miles before, outdoing the Model S. Now on Fox he’s claiming 700 miles, outdoing the roadster. Hmmm….spider sense tingling.

For instance, if Ricardo did the drive train of the original Karma, they never bothered to fix the ‘motorboating’ issue at low speeds that the car had over different model years. I guess the car’s 3.3 kw charger worked well enough, but the drive inverters running the 2 motors should have been refined until such an expensive car had a smooth ride at all speeds.

They also made the bone-headed decision to put no fuse in the radiator cooling fan circuit – burning down many garages.

So supposedly this company – which has trouble with pretty conventional electronic drives, now makes unbelievably high performance devices for a ground breaking car.

Somehow I doubt it.

It’s all the looks game.

If EVs are supposed to be environmentally friendly this is the antithesis. Probably it will not really happen, certainly it should not.

If I was spending $130k on a car, I’d be much more happy forking over that money for the Fisker than an equivalent priced Model S/X based on looks alone.

Of course looks we’re never Fisker’s problem….it was everything else.

Opinions on his designs are obviously subjective (never liked them myself, esp. his concept motorcycle designs), but he’s not much of a people manager, businessperson or engineer. He’s famous for being litigious as well.
I’d bet he never gets beyond a prototype, since he won’t eb able to get enough investment, or get suppliers onboard.

The specs being bandied about aren’t $130K territory, more like $200K typical price — 145kWh of battery is really heavy, and to handle that at a sub-3sec 0-60 will need really expensive motors. Not to mention, the 24″ wheels will make it even harder to reach those speeds.

“145kWh of battery is really heavy”

Not his super-duper breakthrough battery.

Says the person who bought one of the ugliest EV’s on the market.

My Bolt also didn’t cost $130k. More like $30k after incentives. It’s perfectly useful and utilitarian. And actually exists, unlike the fictional $35k Model 3 you so lust over. 😉

Are you REALLY going to stick to that BS?! What are you going to do with yourself when the base model starts production, pretend it’s a Yugo?

What BS? A true base $35k (+$1k fees) has already been delivered?! Now THAT is BS!

No one even knows what a true base Model 3 officially comes with, feature-wise.

LMAO, MadBro’s insecurities and obsession over his Bolt vs Tesla show his mental illness here.

Not in this case Get Real.

He is simply mentioning that the ‘low cost’ model 3 is not yet available, the model that was supposed to cause a BEV buyer to spend less money than those buying a low-priced BOLT ev. What with typical discounts over and above the very low list price of the Bolt ev – he is simply making a factual statement.

He didn’t need to wave his hands, yell, nor stomp his feet either.

As Star Trek John might say:

“Fascinating ! “

Without expected shipping year thiis is just Bs.

Sing it with me folks…

“Until it’s available in Pennsylvania, it’s vaporware to me.”

“and will see the car gain 127 miles of range in about nine minutes, provided you will be able to find a station prepared to deliver that sort of output.”

Yep, finding such a station is going to make hydrogen filling stations look ten a penny by comparison.

Maybe you’ll need to connect it to local town hall clocks to get the gigawatts it will need.

JoeintheUK you might need to be well-healed enough to OWN the town hall and clock to be able to afford the car, besides affording to be charging it at a 350 kw dispensory.

Yeah with that blond in the back seat I think a 9 minute recharge time is rather premature.