First Confirmed Non-Employee Delivery Of The Tesla Model 3

Blue Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 (Image Credit: Tom Moloughney/InsideEVs)

Well, the first Tesla Model 3 non-employee delivery could have happened today, although the reservation holder requested December 26th instead.

We recently reported about Daniel Zorrilla being the first non-employee that we knew of to receive a Model 3 configuration invite email. That was less than a month ago. He told us at the time that Tesla was estimating about four weeks until delivery. Dan is a non-employee Tesla owner that waited in line on March 31 in West Palm Beach, Florida.

It turns out the automaker was spot on.

Tesla contacted Dan yesterday, December 18, 2017 and provided him with the VIN # (144x) for his new car. Today, he received word that he could take delivery before Christmas. Sadly, it’s a busy time of year with the holidays, so he scheduled delivery for December 26, 2017.

Remember, Dan used a friend’s address and plans to fly out to Fremont, take delivery, and drive the car back across the country to his home in Florida.

Tesla Model 3

Today, Daniel received the much-anticipated email confirming his Tesla Model 3 delivery – Click to enlarge

This answers the question of whether or not Tesla could pull off that four-week delivery promise. It also suggests that the automaker is striving to get these first customer deliveries in prior to the holiday.

What an awesome Christmas present!

Hat tip to Daniel Zorrilla!

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Today. Hmmm. Merry xmas gift ! Now to get the rest of them shipped.

First delivery? But… but.. car is in production since July :).. lol.

Apparently reading comprehension is not your strong suit.

“But… but.. car is in production since July :).. lol.”

Sure, but no reason to be a wet blanket. If some Tesla fans want to get excited over the auto maker taking another step forward in TM3 production, it’s not hurting anybody.

And we never need an excuse to say…

Go Tesla!

fawking elon lied. he said west coast deliveries first.

Actually, it was Dan that sort of lied. From the link in this story: “Daniel also changed his delivery address to a friend’s home in Oakland, California.” That is what this story is referring to when it says Dan used his friend’s address.

As far as Tesla knows, they are delivering to somebody in Oakland California, and they are starting sales in California first just like they said. No, Tesla didn’t lie.

Now a normal sane person would respond to my post with something rational, like “thanks for the clarification, I didn’t follow the link and see that. My bad, clearly Tesla isn’t lying.”

That is what civilized posters would do. You can even just cut and paste that if you want.

Civilized posters grovel to your ego?

Civilized posters openly and freely admit when the facts don’t back up their posts. And when pointed to the facts openly and freely admit when the facts prove their posts wrong.

That is what I do, and I’ve done it plenty of times when I’ve got the facts wrong.

144xx? Is that typo?

Vin #s are a special art with Tesla. But they probably are trying to confirm a good 30,000 Model 3 orders by end of year. Each confirmation requires $2500 in additional deposit on them. This would be close to a $70 Million cash infusion by year end. I have seen a post with someone having a Vin # 280xx. Now, is that a typo? Or are these waves of Vin #s for different groups? My bet is the recent emails for confirmation happening now for Q1 deliveries – possibly 30,000 or so through April if they can get the factory to produce them. There is no way 144xx Model 3 units have been built at this time. Tesla has also built inventory cars with higher Vin #s ahead of people having lower Vin #s and made them wait. So, who knows how they will handle the Model 3 series. Possibly randomizing them would make the most sense to obscure the build-rate from the financial press.

There’s a VIN tracker that will have to be updated to check 5 digits VIN if customers are getting 5 digits VIN instead of 4 digits like employee.

And, maybe they have this first-customer “showing” his 144xx Vin # in order to “raise eyebrows” of the financial world even if they don’t realize that they haven’t produced that many.

I understand VIN height =/= production. There’s tool to check registered VIN against recall. That has to be updated to check 5 digits.

I agree.

Could we clarify if “VIN # (144xx….)“ means a VIN number in the 10,000s?

There’s no such thing as a VIN number

They probably stopped using sequential VINs because of all the speculations people started doing based on them.

That appears to be the case, yes. There were a lot of people on the Tesla Motors Club forum who where tracking VIN numbers to measure Tesla’s production. Apparently Tesla didn’t like that and started randomizing the VINs.

Or at least, there’s been a lot of speculation that Tesla has started doing that, and certainly some examples cited of non-sequential TM3 VINs. Therefore, it’s hard to see now anyone could come to any other reasonable conclusion.

Sorry. The email reads “vin 144x.” Fixed.

Calling everyone’s attention to this post to stop all of our VIN conspiracy theories.

Just a typo.

Hey, if we can’t post wild and utterly groundless speculation based on completely wrong info, then what fun is it to participate in an internet discussion? 😀

Another Euro point of view

+1 🙂

But maybe the x at the end of 144x means times some number that will give us the true VIN factor!

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I’ll drink to that!


The other “typo” in the Model 3 tracker of TMC also repaired from 280xx to 28xx. Didn’t get the stock price pump it could have.

Delivering maybe 2000 in the last week to say “annualized 100,000 Model 3 delivered” is still possible.

It’s most certainly a typo. Highest registered VIN with NHTSA is 4794

144x, it’s my car.

Congrats on your delivery date.

If you need a place to stop in Houston, I would be happy to house you (and the 3) for a night.

Ask the IEVs staff for my email.

Congratulations, Dan! 🙂

I hope you enjoy the car.

Will you be passing by Ocala on the drive back? We have a supercharger! ?

Hi Dan,

This is Tomas, we waited in line together in west palm. Would love to see the model 3 when you get it! 561.818.0524


Hey Dan I have a level 2 charger located on 27 and I-4 free to use if you need it.

Hey I’m from Haines City. Can I use it when I come back hone for visits? Small Tesla world 🙂

Yes, look me up on plugshare. If someone is home you can plug in because charger is in garage. to exchange information. I used to live in Chanler Ridge 7 years ago.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

You’re a brave soul offering up a charge to any of us internet EV hooligans.

I only let family and friends hitup my EVSE.

In Florida you can stand your ground if you feel threatened LOL

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous



Finally the floodgates are open

What happened to the Make a Wish guy?

Special priorty delivery… he got his.

Thanks, I realized that was a special circumstance but didn’t know if it was delivered or not…

Tesla Model 3 non-employee deliveries are like Heinz Ketchup. It’s slow-good. (cue music: Carly Simon – “Anticipation”)

Is it expected that most December deliveries will be employee/investor deliveries? T

here are a lot of Model 3’s scattered at several delivery centers, but not a lot of reports about deliveries either made or scheduled. With just 12 more calendar days and with Christmas stuck in the middle of that span and New Years at the end, it will be difficult to both schedule and make a massive delivery surge between now and Dec. 31.

If they want to stay under 200,000 sold until 4/1/18 so they can hit it early in Q2 and have two quarters of max sales with tax credit they may have to limit Q1 sales.

Anyone know how many sales they have to go before hitting 200k?

Tesla should be around 155K sales in the USA as at the end of this November.

This November passed already!

“If they want to stay under 200,000 sold until 4/1/18 so they can hit it early in Q2 and have two quarters of max sales with tax credit they may have to limit Q1 sales.”

That only limits U.S. sales. Tesla can ship as many as it is able to, to Canada, Mexico and overseas, without impacting the 200,000 limit.

…and that’s exactly what they are doing:

Yeah, this is absolutely awesome, Great News!
Thanks to the good folks at Tesla, I can now start to see the Model Y light at the end of the Tesla Boring Company Tunnel.

Hope I can place my Model Y preorder in 2018!

Good news for Dan, now he can book his airplane ticket.

😀 😀 😀

Go Tesla!

I saw a silver Model 3 in Tucson yesterday. Not sure how it made it’s way around here. We don’t even have a showroom or service center within 100 miles.

Why would a Model 3 owner need a show room or service center in Tucson? They probably drove there from Scottsdale or Tempe which is probably crawling with them.

Well, it does have wheels 😉

Very nice to hear this. Even though they may produce more, they will not be able to sell that much because of the busy holiday schedule and the time taken to transport it to different cities. Its very far for a person to fly from Florida given the holiday season travel and the flights being full. Hope this gentleman is prepared for a happy flight and the happy Tesla travel with all that recharging on the way.

Ideally the next plant of Tesla should be somewhere in middle states like Kansas, Missouri. Happy Holidays Dan.

The southern states seem to be fairly popular place for car factories these days.

Did he have to sign an NDA?

No, but he had to use his own blood to sign the contract, promising his first-born child in return for delivery before Christmas.

I question I had, when are the NDA’s signed, ahead/during the config invite or at the time of delivery?

There are no NDAs

Another Model 3 buyer answered this question a week or two ago. No, they didn’t get an NDA in the sales paperwork. For an NDA to be enforceable, it would have had to be included in the sales contract.

So no, there is no NDA for non-insider sales.

Or maybe…there is an NDA about the NDA, but we’ll never know that because there is an NDA for the NDA for the NDA….

Ok, I don’t care what any of the usual noisemakers say, but THIS AT LONG LAST, IS THE DELIVERY OF THE FIRST MODEL 3. Reminds me of the stuff Chrysler Corporation used to do decades ago with Lee (Lido) Iococca. They’d take preliminary cars and disconnect the odometers, and give them to executives and other lower personel to drive – and then, the idea was (after reading Mr. Iococca’s defense of the practice) – give them brand NEW car warranties and reconnect the odometers, and send them to detail shops to give them a “Show room New” appearance – and legally Lido thought he was in the clear because of the brand new warranty attached to the car. The Complication was some of the executives got the cars into collisions, and they were gussied up to look new and undamaged, no matter what kind of collisions the cars sustained. He lost in court for the simple reason of misrepresenting plainly a USED car as a brand-new one. It was also embarrassing trying to explain to a policeman why cars were driven with the speedometers disconnected – a violation in and of itself – and a transparent indication of Fraud. Now… Read more »

Incidentally, Cartoonists took the worst caracature of Iococca and said:

“Would you Buy a Used Car from this Man?”

“That’s the GAG. You have already!”.

FUD and a straw man argument, nice!

Sorry Bill, your example and argument are completely irrelevant in the real world as regards to Tesla.

Now out in the “alternative facts” world of Breitbarters, I couldn’t say because I choose to live in the real world where facts matter.

Tesla’s sales to employees/investors are legitimate sales of real cars and those owners have the registrations to prove it.

Hey you guys constantly disgrace yourselves with idiotic statements so its no skin off my back. What I state is accurate. You self appointed stuffed shirts have no sense of humor.

You also have problems with reading comprehension since I’ve stated before I would have voted for a third term of Obama (although I must admit – even though Trump lies the same as Obama, Clinton, and Bush – all presidents lately LIE more than usual, Trump is enjoyable to watch since he’s getting everyone pissed at him due to his shoot-from-the-hip nature, and also that he apparently doesn’t care if he’s sent back to NYC prematurely), I repeatedly mentioned that I don’t read Breitbart.

What your describing is not a sense of humor, sense of humor is when your making a joke with intent of a joke. Here you have you trolling, especially since it’s completely unrelated at all to this thread.

Now don’t get me wrong, you can still have humor attacking others, but that tends to be done within the confines of those who share your values. When it’s done in the confines of those who do not, that points to trolling.

Lastly, Obama shouldn’t get a 3rd term. No president should. We have term limits for a reason, just see kim and putin.


I wonder if the Model 3 has any hidden Festivus eggs in the UI

What about “Graniteds”, the stage 4 cancer patient that took delivery on December 13th?

Trolls don’t care about people, or anything other than making their hater posts.

They must have very, very low opinions of themselves. Sad.

Can US sales of BEV/PHEV double to 400,000 in 2018? Start with a base of 200,000 for 2017 and start adding.

100,000 Model 3?
30,000 increase in Leaf?
20,000 increase in Prius Prime?
20,000 increase in all BMW?

Then add major Kia/Hyundai expansion, Chrysler Pacifica PHEV, etc and I think the US can get there.

Worldwide 2018 hits 2 million?

Those are my guesses. Anyone else?

Very likely. Tesla has to reach to higher than 100k Model 3 in 2018 to show the progress they are promising. I would say around 150k – 175k in 2018 from Model 3 alone.

Bolt and LEAF will both be up, prime should be up (if they keep building them). Hopefully Pacifica Hybrid is past all of its issues now, so should be up significantly. Plus all the new offerings you illuded to.

And don’t forget all of them Oulander PHEV sales, lolol. Maybe they squeeze one or two out by the end of the year.

Volt might take a hit. Model S might take a little hit in the US. But 400k US should be within reach.

Another Euro point of view

100’000 Model 3 sales is more or less Morgan Stanley expectations for 2018 and they possibly have insider information we don’t have. So seems likely to me.

If they had insider information from their dealings with Tesla as a customer, it would be illegal for them to allow that information to be shared with their stock analysts.

They must maintain a “Chinese Wall” at all times between account services and their stock analysts.

Are you suggesting they are breaking the law in order to hand out free information to the internet?

Glad to hear it… welcome to the club to all the new Tesla Model 3 owners. Enjoy your cars…

I thought if you take delivery in California you have to pay sales tax there and in Florida where you register the vehicle. Has this changed?

Nope, Dan will be paying the 8-10% CA tax when he takes delivery in CA. No way around that. Hopefully for his sake FL at least lets him skip FL tax by showing proof he paid CA tax.

Florida has a tax of 6% on new cars. By paying California tax, he just has to submit a Form DR-15MO, and this Florida 6% tax is waived. He will pay a bit extra to take delivery in CA, but clearly he is fine with paying extra to get one early, since he already has plane tickets and driving expenses he has planned for.

“Is there a credit for any tax paid at the time of purchase?

Yes. If you paid 6% or more in sales tax to the seller at the time of purchase, no tax is due. However, if the seller charged less than 6% tax, you must pay “use tax” equal to the difference between what you paid in tax and the 6% tax imposed by Florida.

Example: You buy a table from a company located in Georgia and you pick it up at the store. The furniture company charges you 4% Georgia sales tax and you transport the table to your home in Florida. You are required to pay an additional 2% Florida use tax (unless the tax is less than $1) by submitting an Out-of- State Purchase Return (Form DR-15MO PDF Icon).”

“Remember, Dan used a friend’s address and plans to fly out to Fremont, take delivery, and drive the car back across the country to his home in Florida.”

So the first non-NDA’d employee, non-Make a Wish delivery is to a Florida resident? How did that happen? Yes, I know the article says he used a friend’s CA address. Does that mean that anyone else on the east coast could have also been one of the first to pick up their Model 3’s as long as they used a “friend’s CA address” for delivery?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“they used a “friend’s CA address” for delivery?”

IMHO, that seems quite ~Shady~ to me.
Even for a Troll!

Yes he used a friends address.

Well, that would have ruled you out MadBro!

“ the car back across the country to his home in Florida.” Has he done the correct planning for such a difficult trip? If it was me, I would have it shipped to the local Tesla showroom in Florida near my home (I saw one in Fort Lauderdale), and pick it up.

That is why GM dealers are better! They can take the shipment, inspect the EV and have it ready before delivery.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

And top off your oil and gas tank……

OH man, would not be surprised if this gets shut down. Tesla won’t get the ZEV credits for that car if it’s registered outside of CA.

I don’t think Tesla is worried about that. Unlike ICE car companies, they are under no pressure to generate any ZEV credits by the end of 2017 (or any ZEV credits at all).

I wouldn’t be confident about that statement. Tesla sells every ZEV credit they generate, in addition to other regulatory credits (GHG and CAFE). I’m not judging them for it, but it’s just the truth of their business. (Tesla also has a business development group specifically dedicated to credit sales). Lastly, the big factor is that credits from MY2017 are worth substantially more than credits generated from MY2018 cars (roughly 5x or 6x). The difference is big enough I’d be willing to wager that Tesla prioritizes MY17 production towards ZEV states. MY18 – anything produced after 12/31/2017 would be distributed anywhere. Just my uneducated guess and take it for what it is.

Tesla has made at least $700 million from ZEV credit sale to date. Not exactly chump change.
In fact, ZEV credit sales are the reasons that Tesla was able to post the 2 “profitable” (after fuzzy business accounting) quarters in its history. Without ZEV credit sales, Tesla would have never posted a single profitable quarter in its history.

QUOTE=Dan used a friend’s address and plans to fly out to Fremont, take delivery, and drive the car back across the country to his home in Florida.

I’m in Arizona and not an official Tesla S 85 owner (my wife is) but I still have a posted order for DEC-FEB . Maybe in early 2018 now that they are ramping up production.