Finland: Plug-In Electric Cars Captured 4.7% Of New Car Market

JAN 17 2019 BY MARK KANE 9

Finish drivers are increasingly choosing plug-in cars

2018 was a very successful year for plug-in electric cars in Finland. The number of new registrations increased 86% year-over-year to a record 5,691 at a very high 4.7% market share.

The market was driven mainly by PHEVs (86% of all), but since September, the growth of plug-in hybrids weakened due models eliminated by lack of WLTP-certification. All-electric models are in minority, but growth is above 50%.

The biggest player in Finland turns out to be Volvo (34% of plug-ins sold) with three out of four top places in the rank. The best-selling all-electric car is the Nissan LEAF.

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Finnish car taxation is based on CO2 emissions. The PHEV versions of big Volvo SUVs are cheaper than the equivalent gas cars, simply because their CO2 emissions as measured using WLTP (and previously NEDC). This is driving car buyers to PHEVs. Unfortunately the tax difference between a fully electric and PHEV is fairly low, which means that people have little incentive of choosing fully electric, as they’re more expensive than either the PHEV or the gas car.

Also the lack of station wagons and towing capacity is hurting sales. The charging infrastructure is not very well developed either in some areas of the country, which tends to scare people off from full electrics. Even Tesla superchargers do not cover the entire country yet. However, the growth is encouraging.

That pretty much sums it all up. Especially the lack of station wagons is truly hurting the sales. Considering that there are many station wagons in the top 10. Skoda Octavia has been the #1 for who knows how many years and judging by what I see on the road and parking lots everyday, I would say that at least 70% of Octavias are station wagons. Same goes for Toyota Avensis and VW Passat.

I think California sold 10x volume of plugins that Finland. To InsideEV staff, where is the market share article for US and California for Dec 2018 and all of 2018? I think in US in December, we probably hit 4% or higher and for California probably closer to 7-8%, that is worth an article or two.

California also has about 10x the population… Not sure what your point is?

And half the price! The tax on some cars will blow your mind! E.g. RRS SVR has some €120K tax, and then comes the price of the car itself on top…🤯

Isnt it nice when you get visibility also to other regions than your own. Dont recall ever seeing Finnish numbers before on an international site. California ie. how ever is well covered.

Outside this statistic, people imported 212 used EVs to Finland. Tesla, BMW i3 and Opel Ampera are imported in droves from Germany, Sweden and Netherlands.

In December, or the whole year?…