Who’s Coming Out Ahead In The Elon Musk Vs. Media Battle?

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Negative media coverage is a fact of life for any company, large or small. However, as it does in so many areas, Tesla approaches this problem quite differently than most firms do. Conventional wisdom has long been that companies shouldn’t respond to attacks in the media, but Elon Musk never got that memo. He responds quickly, forcefully and often colorfully.

*This article comes to us courtesy of EVANNEX (which also makes aftermarket Tesla accessories). Authored by Charles Morris. The opinions expressed in these articles are not necessarily our own at InsideEVs.

Above: Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk (Image: Teslarati)

Lately, the anti-Tesla stories have been spewing forth like fastballs from a pitching machine – so quickly that you might think poor Elon has time to do little else than bat them away (don’t worry, he’s pretty good at time management).

When a media outlet offers constructive criticism, Tesla often responds in a constructive way. When Consumer Reports announced that it wouldn’t recommend Model 3 because of the new EV’s poor performance in a braking test, Elon Musk immediately promised to look into the matter. Within a week Tesla had improved Model 3’s braking via an over-the-air software update, and CR awarded the coveted Recommended rating.

On the other hand, the Iron Man has never been shy about calling BS when he feels Tesla has been portrayed unfairly. To take just one example, Business Insider has been a frequent purveyor of anti-Tesla pieces, including one that claimed Model 3 production was producing an “insane amount” of scrap at Gigafactory 1, and another that accused the company of cutting corners by skipping a “critical” braking test.

In the first case, inside information was provided to Business Insider by a Tesla employee, Martin Tripp, who is now being sued by Tesla for sabotaging the company’s manufacturing software and stealing trade secrets (Tripp claims he is not a saboteur, but a whistleblower). In the second case, a couple of media outlets, including CleanTechnica and CNET, have backed up Tesla’s claim that the test in question was redundant.

Above: Track testing the Model 3 at Tesla’s Fremont factory (Image: Teslarativia @TeslaClubBE)

Both of these hit pieces were written by Business Insider’s Linette Lopez, whom Elon Musk has accused of acting “as an inside trading source for one of Tesla’s biggest short-sellers” (apparently a reference to super-Tesla bear Jim Chanos) and “bribing” Mr. Tripp. The Twitter exchanges between Musk and Lopez have now degenerated into an undignified flame war.

So, cui bono from the flinging of all this mud and FUD? Obviously, media outlets, of both the respectable and gutter varieties, profit from the huge appetite for Tesla news of any kind. However, it would be hard to deny that, despite the best efforts of its critics, Tesla benefits from the endless controversies in the form of “free publicity that just raises the company’s profile and drives demand for its cars,” as Brooke Crothers writes in a recent Forbes article.

Tesla has been turning media lemons into publicity lemonade since the beginning. A 2008 snarky review of the Roadster and a 2012 turd-in-the-punchbowl article in the New York Times both evolved into media coups for Tesla (in the first case, the publicity was far from free – Tesla laid out a huge sum in legal costs). Both stories are told in detail in a certain book about Tesla.

In fact, Mr. Crothers thinks the frequent media clashes have become “pretty predictable and pretty boring.” The Musk vs media trope has now evolved into what you might call “meta-coverage” – that is, media coverage about media coverage, for example, recent articles in the Times and CNBC.

Above: CNBC’s “Fast Money” crew discuss Elon Musk taking on the media (Youtube: CNBC Television)

Journalists who engage in sketchy reporting don’t damage Tesla’s brand, says Crothers. “In the end, it serves Musk’s cause to expose the media as hacks out to get him.”

When the custom-forged monoblock aluminum wheels hit the road, what matters is not the scare stories about fires, Autopilot crashes, cobalt, production problems, red ink, union-busting (we could go on, but you get the idea), but rather the quality of Tesla’s vehicles, and here even the company’s most ardent critics have little to say. The evil media, from mainstream car mags to amateur offerings on YouTube, overflows with rave reviews. The real winners in this battle would seem to be car buyers.


Written by: Charles Morris

*Editor’s Note: EVANNEX, which also sells aftermarket gear for Teslas, has kindly allowed us to share some of its content with our readers, free of charge. Our thanks go out to EVANNEX. Check out the site here.

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Before the whinging even starts, this isn’t a story written by evennx, it is a story written by Charles Morris http://charles-morris.com/

He is a writer for the site https://chargedevs.com

So don’t even get started on the nonsense about the source, they are just aggregating content the same as insideevs does. Get over it.

Thanks Mom.

bro, where is the $100 bucks you owe me on your bet?

Average readers wouldn’t have to “mother” stories like these if not for avid, hungry anti Tesla trolls like bro1999. I swear the guy has no life. He must check his phone 20 times a day covering each EV website like a hawk. His barbs and uber-predictable anti-Tesla slime lost him all credibility long ago.

There used to be this anti-GM, anti Volt basher, John 1701A who stalked Volt sites to spout pro Toyota drivel each day. The likes of these guys makes one wonder what they feel they gain with such ardent hate spewed with daily regularity.

Makes one wonder about their personal lives.

You don’t understand: this article has been pre-filtered by EVANNEX, so it’s very likely to be biased.

Regardless of who the author is, EVANNEX will never publish something critical of Tesla. Imagine EVANNEX gets one hundred and fifty articles from prospective authors: 50 positive, 50 neutral, and 50 negative. Which articles are chosen to be published? Which authors get paid? Which articles are most likely to be biased: the positive ones, the negative ones, or the neutral ones?

The fact that this article comes from EVANNEX and not the New York Times means that it needs to be scrutinized much more carefully. The same goes for InsideEVs, for that matter.

YOU don’t understand. Anything from the mouth of Jim Chanos or Seven Electrics is even more biased.

Unindicted criminals not prosecuted by the SEC are worse than Tesla.
That’s something that needed be explained.

They Did two articles that criticize Tesla and I was surprised but this is more like Pravda

While EVANNEX will never publish something critical of Tesla, at least we have you and bro1999 to fill that negative position for us.

Eleventy Pretend Electrics talking about who is or isn’t “biased” for or against Tesla is like an American Tobacco Institute “scientist” talking about whether or not cigarettes really do cause lung cancer.

Amen. And I can guaran-Hong-Kong-tee I know who thumbs’ed you down. Funny thing is, he never responds when I call him out for alleging to own a Tesla product while yet at the same time being the most vocal against Tesla. He just moves onto the next article with ‘Tesla’ in the headline. (Oh, and still negatively drags Tesla into the conversation for those headlines that don’t)

Crickets.. “chirp, chirp..”

So you deny that yourself and other infamous anti-Tesla bloviators truly have an axe to grind?

Still is crap. It’s like trump supporters

The article literally has nothing to do with Trump or supporters. Do you bother to think at all?

Tesla fans are like Trump support they will believe and do whatever he says even to dismiss the media which is the safeguards of representative democracy

Wrong. Trump and Musk get a tremendous amount of bad publicity with sole purpose of influencing people. The loss of journalistic integrity and making seriously generalized statements like you did are the threat.

You are the one writing like a supporter of the Cheeto-in-Chief. That is, your comment is written from the perspective of seeing things according to your prejudices and wishful thinking thinking, ignoring actual facts and the real world.

I voted for Trump and am proud to say so. I advocate for EVs more than many who choose these forums to duke it out over their love or hate for a particular brand. Blind adoration is always sad. I disagree with several things the president has done, but agree with more than I disagree. More than anything, I’m proud that I voted…apathy will kill America. I’m nearly as proud that I did not vote for Clinton or Sanders. For example: We all know them, you may be one – an Obama zombie. That president spent over a year on the stump tickling our environmental ears but when time came to attempt to woo even 2 Republican votes to pass Obama care, he threw near shore offshore oil exploration and drilling off our waters under the bus. Nobody, not one of the zombies protested. To this day, I cannot get just one of my Democrat friends to admit how wrong and deceptive that was! Yet YouTube videos abound of Barack promising that would never happen- over his dead body. Partisanship that is blind is an ugly thing. While Tesla is far from perfect and Musk with his Tweetstorms and awkward… Read more »

So if I understand you correctly, your primary objection to Obama is that on one particular occasion, he compromised with the Republicans to do what Republicans promise to do all of the time: harm the environment. And your conclusion is that the better solution is… to vote for Republicans, who instead of trying to protect the environment 90% of the time, or 70%, or 50% (whatever number you attribute to the Democrats), will NEVER try to protect the environment. Solid logic.

In your world, the district attorney who fails to convict some of the murderers is actually worse than the murderers themselves. But that’s the kind of mental gymnastics it takes for a self-styled “environmentalist” to justify supporting the Republican Party.

Sadly, there is no consequence in modern media or social media for filling the internet with falsehoods or regurgitating links to false stories. In fact, the reward system is exactly the opposite. Publishing a lie that uses keywords like “Tesla” or “Model 3” draws Google AdSense advertising revenue the same (or even faster) than publishing truthful content.

The internet and social media is broken, and nobody with the power to do anything about it are willing to do anything about it. Facebook has done very little, even after fully admitting that several MILLION people were fed lies created by a foreign nation intervening into US politics.

It is made worse by the false equivalency given between “both sides” as if spreading lies was equal, the way the President pretended there was a false equivalence between “both sides” of a KKK rally where a KKK rally member intentionally ran over and killed a counter protester, and the counter protesters who lost one of their people to that murderer.

So the question is, when is there going to be consequences for stuffing the internet full of falsehoods? Often long after the falsehoods have been exposed?

Yes, we haven’t adapted to the fact that direct propaganda is filling the Internet. It’s not just “media” that gets away with falsehoods; look at all of Elon’s false promises, which well resemble Donald Trump’s. Both Donald and Elon seem to be getting away with it, so there’s no reason for them to stop. This is what happens when the public is given access to unfiltered sources, like Twitter. You get a manipulated public.

I don’t fly my own jumbo jets, I don’t prescribe myself my own medications, or perform surgery on myself; I don’t write the software that controls the anti-lock brakes in my car, and, most importantly, I don’t fall for propaganda from every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to sell me a bridge on Twitter. I rely on experts, like New York Times, to properly filter fact from fiction. If only everyone did.

Yet you still allege, every so often, that you drive a Model X. The best is how you go dark after getting called out on your hypocrisy of alleging you drive a Tesla while at the same time bashing them. That you’d think that anyone on this forum would take you serious regarding your BLATANT bias against Tesla is laughable at best.

Eleventy Pretend Electrics continued his anti-Tesla propaganda campaign:

“I don’t fall for propaganda from every Tom, Dick and Harry that wants to sell me a bridge on Twitter.”

You certainly hope that “every Tom, Dick and Harry” will swallow all the FUD you post about Tesla on a more-or-less daily basis. If you really thought most people think critically about what they read, then you wouldn’t waste your time posting such obvious B.S.

So the blatant hit piece by John Broder, which spawned the term, “Brodering” just escaped your mind?

If we listened to New York Times hacks like Broder, and treated the Times or the Washington Post as the Gospel, like you advocate…Where would we be now?

Be it for 10,000 Superchargers and rising daily…?

I find your perspective extreme and narrow, let alone, short-sighted.

Wow, Nix got 10 downvotes for that?

Seems all too many people prefer not to think about what’s really important in the world today!

Nix had me before he referenced the death of an anti KKK protestor as “proof” that Trump is a racist.

Nobody here will Google that incident to refresh their memories. A mere click or tap to upvote or down is oh so much easier.

That tragedy was more complex than the simple black and white issue Nix portrays. So complex that I won’t go into the details here on an electric car website. Respect that victim and thier loved ones more by reviewing more than sound bites. The tragedy was a sad story of what happens when our rights of free speech happen to reveal the ugly beliefs of some, yet their free right to express them, and the sad reality of hiring and bussing anti protesters in to cause mayhem which resulted in tragedy.

Before using that reference Nix had me in agreement. We have to actually use our hearts and brains to filter and decipher truth from BS in a money- driven internet world where we have to dig and vet before drawing quick assumptions.

If I have gotten those downvotes because people believe there are “good people” in the KKK/Nazi hate groups, I rest my case.

It is a false equivalency to pretend that KKK/Nazi’s with centuries of history of racist murder INCLUDING AT THIS EVENT, are equivalent with those who stand up against their centuries of murder by putting a non-deadly price tag on KKK/Nazi violence and intimidation.

But you go EVEN FURTHER, where “bussing anti protesters in” is evil when it was the KKK/Nazi’s busing in racists for a “Unite the Right” (under racism} rally with the stated goal to “start a race war”. In your alternate reality, busing in proven violent members of racist hate groups is ok, but it is wrong for anti fascism protesters to dare and come protest.

Then you BLAME THE PROTESTERS for a racist deciding to commit murder!!! Excusing a racist murderer by blaming his victim will RIGHTFULLY earn one the title of “Racist Sympathizer”.

Freedom of speech has nothing to do with it. No gov’t agency stopped the KKK/Nazi’s. There is no freedom from counter-speech.

RIP Heather Heyer

“Excusing a racist murderer by blaming his victim will RIGHTFULLY earn one the title of “Racist Sympathizer”.”

Shorts filling the media with lies. — Capitalism 101.

Tesla is leading the automakers into building EV’s that automakers said couldn’t be built. Tesla has a achieved the 5,000 a week production rate, hell to get there but they made it. Continuing improvements will make 5,000 production rate seem normal in a few months. Lessons learned will help with the Shanghai Gigafactory. The demand is there for EV’s, batteries and solar roof’s so all they need to do is produce and there doing it. Does any company have a backlog of orders for anything they sell, larger than Tesla does for EV’s, Batteries, and Solar I don’t think so.

Looks like media power has mostly run its course. People have long since stopped taking the media too seriously, always taking into account the possibility that they are being lied too. It’s what I notice in every climate change discussion I have, people seem to take it pretty seriously until they drop a remark like “oh well, unless it’s just “them” lying to us again”. This is the age of the Big Lie but despite what the manipulators think deep down people aren’t really all that gullible. Maybe it’s tragic, Trump got elected despite wall to wall media warnings but people just aren’t taking it seriously anymore. Upside: this is bad news for shorts, it’s not easy to actually create a negative momentum around the companies you are targeting when people always factor in the very likely chance that they are being lied to and manipulated.

Well if people aren’t that gullible anymore how could Trump get elected. He was such a great businessman that he had to file for bankruptcy on a Casino. Everyone knows the hardest part of owning a Casino is getting the approval.

WOW! just what I was gonna say.

If the power of mass media to promote falsehoods, half-truths and conspiracy theories wasn’t very real, then Russia’s information warfare campaign to defeat Hillary Clinton and get Donald Trump elected wouldn’t have been so successful.

One example of the power of Russian information warfare is the guy who fired an assault rifle inside a pizza shop, where he went to investigate a ridiculous and outrageous conspiracy theory which had Clinton and/or her supporters supposedly running a child sex slavery ring out of the shop!


Oh jeez, another false narrative.

Sarah Palin and Donald Trump have shown us that when you “blame the media” you are:

a) Probably up to some shenanigans.
b) Undermining Democracy and the rational discourse of a civil society.

The genius of the media boogeyman is that it can be applied to anyone that doesn’t follow along with preferred talking points. From giant corporation, to lonely blogger, to Tesla aftermarket installers masquerading as news sources, it’s all “media” when they need to be discredited.

And it’s never the actual facts or opinions that are argued with; “oh the media” is a classic ad hominem attack–attempting to tarnish the messenger rather than rationally respond to the message itself. That’s obviously convenient if you have no response, which is why media blaming is a tactic used by every dictator and evildoer around the world.

I also disagree with the assertion that all companies are subject to negative media coverage. By total count of dollars, Apple is nearly as shorted as Tesla, and yet the evil short conspiracy cabal hasn’t produced nearly as much critical coverage of their actions.

You should go drive your Model X while thinking up ways to bash Tesla. The quiet interior will help you clear your thoughts.

Enough with the subtle Tesla promotions. There are plenty of Tesla fan sites already.

Actually, I don’t subtly promote Tesla, I do it outwardly (when appropriate) because I use their products and they’re terrific. That said, I also find fault in the company for various reasons, too. If you follow all my other responses to Sevenelectrics, who allegedly owns a Tesla product, you will understand my response.

Turns out Elon is in bed with those oil loving Republicans and Trump. Mind-blowing.

Generally felt positive about Musk and Tesla, but this story, if true, pretty much completely turns me off on both. Musk can take a hike if this is what he’s doing with his money.

The GOP, which almost killed the EV credit last year and appointed and approved a person that was hell bent on destroying the EPA and getting rid of California’s emissions waiver…and Elon contributed money to keep these people in office. Truly mind blowing.

You have it backwards. Elon and Tesla donate to politicians of BOTH PARTIES, so that when things like the EV tax credits are on the verge of getting killed, people like Elon can call on politicians and get them to kill that sort of legislation.

That is how politics work in the US. If you want politicians to answer your phone calls when you want something done, you answer their phone calls when they call for donations. Are you the last person in the US to figure this out? Elon makes donations to the party in power, for when Tesla later lobbies on issues like these:

H.R.3353 Department of Transportation Appropriations Act
H.R.4421 amend title 23, with respect to vehicle weight limitations
S.1655 Department of Transportation Appropriations Act
S.2153 Truck Technology Parity Act
S.1885 HAV Data Access Advisory Committee Act
H.R.1892 SUSTAIN Care Act of 2018
H.R.4011 Fuel Economy Harmonization Act

You know Nix, it makes us sound cynical to those gullible ones who haven’t figured out yet how it all works. I facepalm when people actually call CNN, FOX or MSNBC “News” or, “The news”. These people never worked at a TV station, sat in on a production meeting. These are companies who rely on advertising revenue to exist. They’re sensationalism machines. They get tens of millions of dollars from PACs Super PACs and political campaigns and greedily, gladly ask for more. The system is way messed up. Most people watch and read media and just decide what flavor they believe. That’s it, No time for getting nor actually studying an issue from all sides. We live in a rhetoric-driven world. If it’s sexy, sleazy, sounds like a conspiracy, bleeds, blows up or whines…its “news”. Print it, pack it, ship it. They’ll consume it. We get paid. Various times in history, on occasion, a media agency gets the wild hair to publish good news. For instance in my area a lady walking down the sidewalk found an unattended briefcase with a quarter million dollars inside. SHE TURNED IT IN. The story made the paper, buried dozens of pages inside, in… Read more »

The article appears to be mostly trying to make fun of Musk for trying to help in Thailand. Musk directly refutes the PAC donation story on twitter. Salon is getting trashy now, isn’t it? Well it has always had its share of trash but I do keep an eye on Salon anyway. Though Salon is starting to seem as amateur as Facebook.

He is politically independent. He makes small donations to both parties in order to engender talks.

It is obvious he is a humanitarian and doing more for humankind than anyone else,

Makes sense. Elon was never really pro-environment; his prior companies had nothing to do with sustainability. He didn’t even found Tesla. He was originally interested in electric cars to replace his McLaren supercar: for the speed, not for the cause. That’s why Tesla’s first product was a sports car. Only later did he adopt green virtue-signaling and make it part of his persona.

Every man has a price. Even Saint Elon.

bro1999- see my response to Seven Electrics above.

You have it backwards. Every politician has their price. The way companies get things done in Congress is to make donations to whoever holds the reins of power at the time. In 2017 that was R’s, so it isn’t surprising that he made that donation back in March of 2017.

Elon has a long history of donating to politicians in both political parties. Some months he donated to members of both parties. Sometimes even on the same day. That is how the game is played by US politicians. If Elon wants something done by Congress, donations to politicians is how the wheels get greased.

Don’t hate the player, hate the game. In 2018 he donated to the Democratic Midterm Victory Fund. Probably because he believes they will be in power in Congress by the end of this year.

By the way, when are you going to send me the $100 bucks you owe me from your bet?

Yet you still drive the Model X that he built. Who’s the hypocrite?

You know what’s sad about folks like you? You spend more effort trying to search and support and reinforce your own biased opinion rather than objectively trying to gather as much information as possible (regardless of whether or not it may challenge your original stance), which may result in a well-reasoned position on information rather than emotion. You spew garbage here like the lie that you drive a Tesla, among others, all the while only showing up to team up with bro1999 (who’s angry because he drive a Bolt and not a Tesla) to try and do what? A- Attempt to irritate those who actually like sharing information, positive and sometimes constructively negative- in a blatantly biased fashion that takes anyone here about 30 seconds to figure out. What’s your point? We all know that you and bro1999 HATE Tesla with the white hot fury of a 1000 burning Suns and nothing will change your position.

What do you think about going over to another EV site and giving us all here a break for awhile?

The article said in the first paragraph that he donated $38,900 to the PAC and the next paragraph it said he donated $33,900. Well clearly Musk wants to sell to EV’s, batteries and solar to everyone. There’s a lot of Teslas in Texas even though they can’t sell directly there yet.
The article also didn’t mention oil loving Republicans or Trump. Even Rick Perry who worked with the Sierra Club when he was Governor to abandon the idea if adding new Nuclear and Coal plants. Meetings with Sierra Club showed Governor Perry that he could get the energy needed cheaper by going with Wind. I bet right now the people in charge of adding Nuclear Plants in Georgia and South Carolina had chosen a different path, as well as the rate payers who will foot the bill.

There’s no such thing as a non-oil-loving Republican. And that’s leaving aside the whole selling-off-the-country-to-Putin thing, or the put-kids-in-for-profit-prisons thing, or the all-women-are-incubators thing.

Republicans in ethanol producing states that don’t have oil like Iowa . Right how GOP are fighting over the RFS standards and it wouldn’t surprise me that Grassley was the one that convince Trump that Pruitt had to go.

“There’s no such thing as a non-oil-loving Republican.”

Stereotype much, do you?

I used to vote Republican more than Democrat until after the entire USA took a sharp turn to the Right following the 9/11 attack.

And ever since I was a teenager (since the late 1960s), I’ve been hoping to see electric cars make gasmobiles obsolete.

You spend that money with them you know what they attacking. It’s like log cabin republicans attacking gay rights

There were two separate donations. Interestingly, the two biggest Plug-In supporters in the US (Tesla via Musk and General Motors) have both donated over $30k to the campaign according to propublica… I suppose whether you consider this to be good or bad is dependent on your opinion of Tesla and GM.


Yes, both Tesla and GM donate to the Republican Party. And both Tesla and GM donate to the Democratic Party. They both donate to both parties.

Money to Parties GENERAL MOTORS Cleveland 2016 Host Cmte (R)
Money to Parties GENERAL MOTORS Philadelphia 2016 Host Cmte (D)

Same with companies like Google:
Money to Parties GOOGLE Philadelphia 2016 Host Cmte (D)
Money to Parties GOOGLE Cleveland 2016 Host Cmte (R)

I suppose it is good to the extent that it helps Tesla get the legislation passed that they lobby for.

And bad for anybody who believes that legislation gets passed in the United States WITHOUT donations being made to both political parties.

GM has always been accused of being in the GOP’s pocket (along with every other large manufacturer) due to selling gas cars along with their slowly growing EV portfolio.
But Saint Elon and his save the world companies donating money to a GOP PAC that runs polar opposite to everything he and his companies supposedly stand for?
Elon is no different than anyone else. Like I said, every man has a price. Elon’s no different than any other money grubbing CEO.

Again, see my response to Sevenelectrics above.

And I will repeat myself since you clearly cannot understand the realities of US politics. It is not Elon who has his price, it is the politicians that have their price.

Elon has no desire to get these guys reelected. His desire is to make sure that legislation that is bad for Tesla and SpaceX doesn’t get passed by the R’s that have already been elected. If you want Mitch McConnell or Paul Ryan to return your phone calls, you return their phone calls when they call asking for donations.

I’m sorry you wish to prove your willful ignorance about how US politics repeatedly in public and make a fool of yourself. And how would you like to pay your $100 dollar bet you made and lost?

Well so is General Motors, so I wouldn’t get too high and mighty. 😉

Although it might be surprising to many who think of him as above the average CEO. Yet he is a wealthy business man who wants lower taxes and less union interference. He probably ain’t an Elizabeth Warren devote or feeling the Bern.

Otherwise, Musk likely wants influence over congress just like most corporations and wealthy Americans do. Though it is kind of surprising that he has personally donated more to the “Protect the House” campaign than the GM PAC…

Meh. He donates to both parties.

Money to Parties MUSK, ELON $30,800.00 DNC Services Corp (D)
Money to Parties MUSK, ELON $25,400.00 Democratic Senatorial Campaign Cmte (D)

Also Democratic Midterm Victory Fund, Feinstein, Dianne (D), Murray, Patty (D), Prairie PAC (D), Durbin, Dick (D), etc etc etc. Long list of R’s too.

It seems that you have discovered that corporations donate to both party’s politician’s campaign funds in order to further their interests. News at 9. You’ve managed to post your most boring non-news yet to date.

It is like you have just now figured out how politicians fund their campaigns, and that companies who don’t donate to campaign funds get screwed when legislation gets written. And that both SpaceX and Tesla can easily get screwed by the current party in power unless Elon donates. This isn’t about who he want elected. This is about trying to protect Tesla and SpaceX from R legislation.

What’s not mind-blowing is how in bed GM is with Big Oil- you know, the company that manufactures your beloved Bolt. I’m not here to slam manufacturers who are taking steps to transition (however grudgingly) to electric, but I AM here to point out your hypocrisy of stepping past the beyond blatant Big Oil supporting manufacturer of your EV in order to reach/stretch tie Tesla to Big Oil. Unfortunately, you will simply ignore my observation and you’ll simply move on to the next article with Tesla in the headline. (All the while also missing the fact that the Bolt actually exists because of Tesla..)

“In the second case, a couple of media outlets, including CleanTechnica and CNET, have backed up Tesla’s claim that the test in question was redundant.”

Um, the CleanTechnica article was written by someone long Tesla stock. That violates every tenet of journalistic integrity. Charles Morris: I realize you make your money writing about Tesla, and need them to stick around, but please, perform even the most minimal vetting of your sources!

What cabbage your anti-Tesla FUD is! That’s like claiming that no FBI agent who writes private e-mails castigating Trump, Clinton, and Bernie Sanders could possibly be part of a neutral investigation into either the Trump or the Clinton campaigns.

In the real world, people in all professions can and do donate money to political campaigns, and own stock. That doesn’t stop journalists, scientists, or law enforcement officers (and many other professions) from pursing the ideal of objectivity in their investigations and their reporting.

Very clearly Linette Lopez isn’t a good journalist. Good journalists never, ever pay sources money for a story. They also don’t pursue a personal vendetta against Elon Musk in the way that Lopez has. This article from her was just the latest in her series of attacks on Tesla.

Pro-Tesla bias or not, Ars Technica was entirely correct to call her out on her extreme anti-Tesla bias. And the CNet article on the subject is a fine example of objective investigative journalism. Anyone who doubts that should actually read the article in question:


EARTHLINGS if your politics lean conservative then you will believe negative news about TESLA and if you lean liberal then you will not believe negative news about TESLA. Furthermore, if you lean conservative then you will not believe negative news about President Tweet and if you lean liberal you will believe negative news about President Tweet LOL CONNECT THE DOTS ON CLEAN AIR WAKE UP EARTHLINGS co2.earth

Rumor is that that Chanos shorted 1B worth of Tesla at 180. He’s on the verge of investors having a bank run on his hedge fund, and the ensuing bankruptcy. That’s why he’s so desperate. Just give it half a year for Chanos fraud to be exposed and all these media circus articles are going to automagically disappear.

Chanos (and Linette Lopez) are hardly the only people seemingly making a career out of writing anti-Tesla diatribes which are so utterly biased one can’t accurately describe them as anything but FUD.

What about Edward Niedermeyer, who — as part of his long-term campaign attacking Tesla at every opportunity — promoted the entirely made-up conspiracy theory about Tesla Model S front suspension systems which were, according to the conspiracy theory, collapsing and causing accidents? That whole FUD campaign was started by some nutjob who sent manufactured evidence to NHTSA; a nutjob who also claimed that SpaceX was faking the videos of landing booster rockets on their tails! Neidermeyer is familiar enough with the history of both Tesla and that nutjob to know from the start that it was complete B.S., yet he promoted that conspiracy theory anyway.

There are unfortunately a lot of organizations out there, particularly Big Oil “think tanks” (and possibly Russian troll farms), who are quite willing to fund anybody writing articles and blog posts attacking Tesla.


Edward (“Scissorhands”) Niedermeyer is the classic hack. The anti-EV bent he has been on for years outs him as an obvious pay for play phoney….



Oh, I think it is OBVIOUS Musk has come out ahead. Even prima donna media types don’t have the $50 Billion pay package he does.

British were kicked out by the American revolutionaries.
French monarchy were guillotined.
British were driven out of India by non-violent movement. All these are piece of history.

Big Oil and its cahoots will also be pushed out by millions who are willing to stand by Tesla. This is future.

Already Oil buyers club is started by India and China. Expect them to spew out anti Oil articles.

Musk and his latest cancelled “Sorry pedo guy” tweet, about the Thai cave rescue chief, has some wondering, how he can possibly top this latest errant Twitter escapade.