Elon Musk Shows Up In Texas With Tesla Model X


Elon Musk has arrived at the Texas State Capitol with a Tesla Model X to show off.

Musk, along with 100-plus Tesla owners, are in Texas at the State Capitol  to argue against the state’s direct-sales ban, petitioning the state to allow the electric car maker to set up company run boutique stores.

The surprise here is that the Model X is on hand.  The Model X (even in prototype form as seen here) is a rare sight even at auto shows, so catching a glimpse of it in Austin is worth the drive if you’re anywhere nearby.

Elon Arrives In Style

Tesla Model X

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Suppose maybe he felt empty handed, at NAIAS?

Anyone reading this, who gets a pic of an open falcon door, gets bonus points!

Extra bonus points if the pic is taken during a heavy downpour! 😀

that sure doesn’t look like a falcon door……

Did you expect the {falcon} door handle to be located center bottom of the door?

The falcon-door handle being next to the front door handle makes perfect sense if you are trying to put your two year old in or remove from a child safety seat.

I meant from the looks of the seams, don’t see any on the roof……

NM forgot it was only the back doors.

This Model X is just a pre-production prototype. The final X will have minor detail changes. At the recent auto show, he said the delay of the X was for “validation testing of the door under a wide range of conditions,” such as on a steep hill in the winter cold with snow, etc.

I’ll throw in $100 if you make it a blizzard. But even though it’s January, that seems less than likely in Austin.

Sun is shining today. I doubt anyone will see one in a blizzard unless it crashes. snow closes austin down.

True. Plus I don’t think Austin has ever seen what I would call a blizzard. A blizzard is when cannot see the car in front of you through the snow. It drops feet of snow in a matter of hours, not inches.

I am very curious how the Model X will hold up in a Northeastern / Midwestern blizzard. Sure, AWD will drive well. But them doors!

More importantly, I hope the Model III has more normal/functional doors.

I wonder if Tesla will allow the air suspension on the Model X to rise much higher than on the Model S to help get it through deeper snow/snow-drifts (to avoid the lower bumper/valence from acting like a plow, and possibly getting the vehicle high centered with the wheels off the ground). AWD without high ground clearance can become useless in the deep stuff.

Does anyone know what the ground clearance on the Model X will be with the air suspension in the max position?

Usually a blizzard is defined as an inch of snow per hour and 35+ mph winds.
Basically you don’t want to be out in a blizzard no matter what you are driving.

Weird. My son lives in Austin. He works there because he went to work for Blizzard…the makers of World of Warcraft. Blizzard has a call center there. My mind was in Austin with this thread and as soon as I saw the reference to the weather event, I actually had to re-read the comments, because my mind immediately went to computer gaming (I don’t play, btw). I guess my comment is totally off topic, but then again, so is the weather phenomenon in Austin. Pretty city, btw.

How many bonus points for a video?

Better video here:

That video was “ridiculously crazy-stupid to the max, bra”.


pretty sure that’s not the final version of the car.

Well, that explains why it wasn’t at the NAIAS, then.

Maybe the back seats are dirty from the kids is the other reason?

I figured he didn’t take it to NAIAS just to show Detroit auto industry that it is irrelevant. Let the Volt have it’s day, then pause and come out swinging.
If I had the money to spend there would be a Tesla in my driveway.


LOL, who do you think is building the equipment for Tesla’s plants? The same companies who do it for GM/Ford/Mercedes/Chrysler



Electric Car Guest Drive



I have had mine for 6 months now and I will never buy any other car than a EV and never any other brand then Tesla.

This suggests that there is only one prototype. Anyone here seen two Model Xs together? Thanks.

When Tesla / Toyota did the RAV4 EV, there was 30 prototypes for crash testing, etc.

I guarantee at this late stage in the game, there is “more than one”.

Those were production intent. I don’t think we’ve seen those in public yet.

This is the same white one they have been trotting around for a while. Based on the earnings calls, I would venture alphas and betas exist, but no one has seen them yet.

I guess everything IS bigger in Texas.

Yes it is. At least they like to think so.
For years no one would admit Alaska was bigger. One thing that will always big the biggest in Texas is the load of BS they carry around with them. In some cases that is literally true.
R.I.P. Big Tex 1952-2012

The Texas State Police will probably arrest him because the X isn’t street-legal yet.

You might be surprised what is legal when you slap a Manufacturer plate on it.

I have seen Teslas with Michigan Manufacturer plates, even in California.

If Elon is showin’ off the X, it must be gettin’ purty close to release…

As Elon has said, the first Model X will be delivered in summer 2015. And the whole planned 2015 production is sold out.

This is still the 2013 prototype.
Elon isn’t showing is hand of cards yet. We’ll have to wait till summer I think before the “new” production Model X will come out.

Would love to have a X beside my S. But can’t afford one so will have to wait for the model 3.


Any video of this meeting or public statements, available?

Please take a look at the post I did on the Model X Owners page on face book:


Here are a couple of videos from the same event. Enjoy!



Hey Craig,

Nice find, we have not seen that footage, will put that on the main page so more can find it!