Smart EQ NightSky Special Edition Gets Optional Fast Charging


Apart from a new name, the Fortwo and the Forfour get visual makeovers and a fast-charging option, provided you live in Europe.

Theses electric vehicles in the Mercedes-Benz lineup will wear the special designation “EQ.”

While we aren’t expected to see the first models until at least 2020, Daimler has used that same badge for the first time on its new Smart Fortwo and Forfour special editions. Dubbed the Smart Fortwo and Forfour EQ NightSky, the two fully electric hatchbacks are the first in Daimler’s EQ lineup, and will make their debut this week at the Geneva Motor Show.

smart EQ edition nightsky

The four-door Forfour (not sold in the U.S.), and the two-door Fortwo – which will also be available as a cabrio model at launch – will each come with a number of distinctive design cues that help separate the two special edition models from the rest of the range. Both the standard Brabus-trimmed exterior and the cabin are finished in a night sky-mimicking deep black finish, accented by what Daimler calls its “hallmark blue EQ paint finish,” or more accurately Pacific Blue.

Along with Brabus body panels, each Smart EQ NightSky model comes with a unique set of 16-inch Brabus Monoblock VIII wheels, and NightSky badging in the mirror triangle, as well as elsewhere throughout the cabin and on the exterior.

“Smart is electric, innovative, intelligent and totally unique, or in three words each: ‘Smart EQ Fortwo’ and ‘Smart EQ Forfour’,” says CEO of smart Dr. Annette Winkler. “With the smart EQ Fortwo/Forfour, we are putting the first products from the Mercedes-Benz Cars EQ family on urban roads and showing how much fun electric mobility can be.”

Alongside the new NightSky special edition, each Smart EQ vehicle now features an optional fast-charging function that will allow the vehicle to be recharged to 80 percent in just 40 minutes from completely empty.

“From May 2018, a particularly powerful 22 kW fast charger will be available as an option in Europe. This makes it possible for the smart fortwo (combined power consumption of 22 kW on-board charger with fast charging function.”

The range will be joined by a mobile app that gives users access to things like charging times, locations, and battery life, among others.

The new Smart EQ NighSky editions will go on sale later this year following their debut at the Geneva Motor Show and will start at 28,255 euros for the regular Smart EQ Fortwo, or 31,515 for the Fortwo Cabrio.

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8 Comments on "Smart EQ NightSky Special Edition Gets Optional Fast Charging"

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40 minutes for a battery that small is awfully slow for fast charging.

Is this Chademo? CCS? Just very fast L2 charging rate?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

22Kw fast charger?

That’s just slightly faster than a Model S with dual AC L2 chargers.

Its a fast L2 – 22,000 watts from 32 amperes @ 230 x 3.

Expensive EV

Nissan Leaf would be a better choice

The Smart has never been a cheap car. There has always been other small, and larger cars that sell for a lot less.
It reflects the rental prices as well.
I used to rent the older model in larger cities, as a small, quick and easy car. There are cheaper and larger cars for sure, but it has it’s style and cool features too.
I’m a bit surpriced it could not charge faster, and have a longer range. On the other hand, it is for inner city driving.

Seems like this is on board fast charging from an AC source, like the Renault Zoe, rather than DC fast charging. Neat!

Fast charger?????. Please?

Smart advertising for the fast charger is deceitful. The facility is NOT available for home charging.