Consumer Reports Owners Survey Rates Tesla Model S Most Loved Car


“New Consumer Reports survey rates Model S the most loved car of the year. 98 percent of owners would buy it again. Survey highlights the car’s “razor sharp handling,” “catapult-like acceleration,” and “excellent braking.”

States Tesla Motors.

The Model S topped the “hybrids/electric cars” category, as well as capturing the overall victory with its 98% owner satisfaction score.

Consumer Reports adds:

“With a single model that checks all of those boxes, Tesla Motors has built a rabid following since the car’s 2012 launch, reflected in 98 percent of Model S owners saying they would definitely purchase it again. Not only is the Tesla roomy, comfortable, and a lot of fun to drive, but it also has low operating costs—returning the equivalent of 84 mpg (a consolation, of sorts, for the car’s $90,000-plus price).”

“Across all vehicles, the average satisfaction rate was about 70 percent.”

Tesla Model S Is Most Loved Car

Tesla Model S Is Most Loved Car

You’re probably wondering how some of the other popular plug-in vehicles fared, right?  Well, since all plug-in vehicles fit into the “hybrid/electric cars” category—the one in which the Model S takes to win—none of the other plug-ins can be best in class.

However, both the Chevy Volt and, to a lesser degree, Nissan LEAF, fared well.  The Volt scored 85% (#2 in category) in customer satisfaction, while the LEAF got 77% (mid pack in category).

There’s something else that stands out with Consumer Reports’ ratings:

“We asked subscribers whether they would get the same car all over again, and to consider attributes such as styling, comfort, features, cargo space, fuel economy, maintenance and repair costs, overall value, and driving dynamics. Owners of a sporty, luxurious, or fuel-efficient hybrid or electric– or diesel-powered vehicle were most likely to answer “definitely yes.

In fact, the average rating in the “hybrid/electric cars” category is significantly higher than the overall average of 70%.

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No Mirai?

The ugliest design report is for next week 🙂

Did you read Automobile Magazine’s comments?

” Of course, it doesn’t help that the Mirai looks like a fish, some undersea horror pulled from the prehistoric depths that brought us Godzilla. The air ducts required to cool the fuel cell are largely responsible, and the rest comes from the impulse to be futuristic unaccompanied by the design talent to carry it off. ”

Very eloquent…


They have to sell one first.

They might not have the breakdown, but I would love to see what Prius vs. PIP scores were.

82 for the Prius, 69 for the Plug-in

Good. People are learning the PiP is a bit of waste. Too small of a battery and too weak of an electric motor. Get a real plug-in.

Actually, from what I hear from my co-workers who own PIP, it is NOT just the EV range. Apparently, there are also a lot of electronic quality problems with the PIP.

Things that he mentioned are things such as cruise control, charging system, dash control…etc. He couldn’t believe it b/c the regular Prius seems to be really good and his Prius has been in the shop for 4 times in the first 2 years..

Of course, this is NOT necessarily the evidence for all Prius Plugin (2 of PIP owners that I know at work), but it is definitely strange for PIP to be worse than regular Prius.

I think this article points to one of the reasons I believe Tesla will be a success, not that they have not been so far.
They are trying to set themselves apart from the old model car companies. So you buy a Tesla and it’s a great car and if something goes wrong it seems Tesla, as evidenced by this article, is doing it’s level best to fix whatever problem(s) occurred. Of course there will be exceptions.
But compare that to how some old guard car companies and their dealers act. (insert reams of data illustrating years of fraud, ripoffs, complicity in injury/deaths, etc…here). Ever feel ripped off after buying a new car? That feeling you get that now that they have your money and you signed on the dotted line so…this way to the egress.
So the old model is people are stupid, grab ’em by the ankles lift ’em up and shake ’em down.
Tesla seems to be taking a different approach. A well made product that just gets better over time, as reduced maintenance, and fuel costs, as opposed to ice’s, quickly recompense the new owners.

It’s understandable Tesla being number one.
But, why is the Volt so much higher then the Leaf, and yet the Leaf has higher sales numbers!?!

What’s the Volt Got?

The range extender I guess. People are still scared to death they are gonna be stranded between their house and the grocery store with electric cars. Its pitiful.

The Leaf has much better subsidies in many areas; in GA, you effectively get to lease one for free.

@Mike – a higher demographic of owners willing to fill out the questionnaire, no small matter as it takes a half hour or more, depending upon your thoroughness.

It IS fairly illustrative in -like the internet- people will jump at the chance to Praise or Punish their cars depending on their wont, i.e., Jeep has made the bottom-most vehicles on CR satisfaction and repair history survey for


now, lol.

Let us see:

Volt got a battery protection system that works. LEAF doesn’t.

Volt got better crash rating that LEAF doesn’t.

Volt got a REx so you won’t be stranded.

Volt got a powerful onboard gasoline heater that will actually work well in the cold winter…

That is all I can come up with.

85% of Volt owners are still greater than 98% of Tesla owners in terms of absolute numbers…

So, in a way, more Volt owners love their cars than Tesla owners loving their Model S. =)