Citroën E-Mehari Debuts In Geneva (Specs, Gallery, Videos)

MAR 10 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

Citroën live debuted a red E-Mehari from Geneva this month, the model was first unveiled few months ago and is now scheduled for production.

High ground clearance, light weight and a 30 kWh battery from Bollore makes it pretty nice (and quirky) recreational cabriolet for four.

Also on the stage was a special concept E-Mehari in white, designed by Courrèges, but from our point of view, it seems too fragile to withstand the rigors of heavy use.

Quick specs:

  • top speed of 68 mph/110kmh
  • 124 miles/200 km range (city – NEDC)
  • full charge in 8 hours on a 16A socket (at domestic/public stations such as Autolib in France), or in 13 hours on a 10A domestic socket
  • Maximum power : 50 kW
  • Rated power : 35 kW
  • Lithium Metal Polymer battery: 30 kWh
Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

Citroën E-Mahari

Citroën E-Mehari

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Lithium Metal Polymer?

What is that..

A type of battery chemistry

the (das) Kolibri battery?

this battery of bluesolutions is heaivly used in car share systems such as autolib in Paris or other cities. The battery is very reliable.

I believe the entire drivetrain is by Bolloré.
I wonder what the vehicle weight is — shouldn’t be too much. This is a small, presumably light-ish, resort-town vehicle with limited top speed (110km/h == 70mph is actually too slow for European freeways (*)).
Given a 30kWh battery, 200km NEDC AER actually a little low. I guess we’ll wait and see… AFAIK, it’s only been announced for sale in France this year.

(*) Not just German autobahns. Freeways in Italy, France and the Netherlands are 130km/h, most other countries are 120km/h, and most people drive that fast.

Even in Germany it’s no problem to drive 90km/h on the right lane.

The biggest problem I see with this car is the lack of DC charging.

Yeah I agree 90 kmh is enough speed for the highway.

Fast charging us the real problem with this car. It’s actually weird they don’t include this as an option. Is Bollore not able to produce this? Is Citroën still completely incapable of building electric vehicles? I think this car is their way of hiding that they have no experience developing electrics at all whatsoever. They have the c-zero, which is a rebadged i-miev. I think they have an electric Berlingo stuff moving van, which is low-effort and quite a bad car to be honest (also no fast charging..) and now we have the fantastic rebadged bollore blue car.

Citroën is not in the EV game at all.

Looks like it’s not just the battery they took from Bolloré… The concept takes its dashboard, air vents, and steering wheel assembly (except for the actual wheel) from the Bluecar (the car used in the Autolib car share in Paris)

The Lithium Metal Polymer developped by Bolloré is the real problem of this car. It empties itself in 2,5 days when the car is not moving. The culprit is the high temperature the battery has to stay on, around 80 degrees Celcius.

So this car wastes energy when not used. And since not all electricity is green yet, this is a shame. The Bolloré cars are as bad for the environment as big gas guzzlers. Sad that France subsidizes this car with the full bonus. It should be punished with a malus, like big ICE cars.

Really? That’s crappy now I wouldn’t want this car if they gave it to me for free…

Citroën come on give us something real.

Yes that lithium metal polymer battery is also the reason for no quick charging. LMP batteries have very low discharge and charge rate, so can’t take high charge rates.

That is also why the bluecars use a super capacitor to assist the battery in situations requiring higher discharge further complicating the battery electronics.

Bollore is using the bluecar and autolib car sharing to prop up their plastics and chemicals business.