2019 Chevrolet Volt Gets New Blackout Package


The 2019 Chevrolet Volt undergoes few changes, but a new blackout package is a thing.

In fact, the Volt Blackout Package came along as a limited addition dealer-upgrade-only offering during the 2018 model year. But now, you can order a factory 2019 Chevrolet Volt with the package. For the 2018 model year, this option was only a limited edition and limited production upgrade, which was subject to dealers being able to outfit the car in such a way.

According to GM Authority, the new Chevrolet Volt Blackout Package includes the following:

  • Front and rear Black bowtie emblems
  • 17-inch split 5-spoke aluminum wheels with ultra-bright machined finish with painted gloss black pockets
  • Sport pedal kit

It will cost you an extra $1,995 and can be had on either current Volt trim level: LT and Premier. Let’s hope the 2019 Chevrolet Volt continues the recent sales momentum that the outgoing model has enjoyed. Perhaps with the upgrades and added packages it will fare well.

Source: GM Authority

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19 Comments on "2019 Chevrolet Volt Gets New Blackout Package"

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Did they upgrade the rear suspension to fully-independent yet?

Why fix what isn’t broken? The car’s handling is on par with the overcomplicated multi link rear suspensions of other fwd vehicles without the unnecessary service points.

K.I.S.S. Principle in effect.

Blacking out the silver “braces” would have been far better than either wheels or the pedals…


Seems exorbitantly expensive to just have a different finish on the same wheels and emblems.

What a rip-off, and they wonder why people don’t like Stealerships.

The profits on this is probably $1,900 since the minimal amount of changes to bolt on blacked out stuff probably only takes 1/2 hr.

But hey, MadBro’s Stealership and others thanks any suckers that take this overpriced “upgrade”

Just like the $1000 paint option for Tesla M3 for any color other than black!

That’s certainly overpriced, but there’s a practical reason to want a non-black color for a car. for those of us who live where the sun turns your car into a solar oven on hot summer days.

This “blackout” option package… not seeing anything practical there at all. Looks like a purely cosmetic difference.

For the clueless, let me know when you can bolt on a paint job at the Stealership?

Looks nice but not worth $2,000 to me. When I spend extra money, I want better performance in some capacity, not just cosmetics. I would pay more for greater range and quicker acceleration.

I might pay $250-500 for this package, but $2k? No thanks.

One born every minute.. $2 grand for some basic Plasti-Dip work and pedals? Sheesh!

$2,000 for four wheels , two bowtie emblems, and “sport pedal kit” whatever that is. Now we know why new cars are so expensive. A little splash of paint, and glimmer, and your paying probably enough for 4 months payments.

Agree with others here that the price is way out of line – and only super DIE HARD volt lovers will buy it at this price.

One thing Barra and Musk are in agreement is to extend all $7500 fed tax ev credits for 2 years for ALL Automakers – I wouldn’t be surprised if it passed because both Tesla and GM are seen as basically American Companies.

No. It will probably pass because most of Michigan’s representatives are Republican.

Keep the $2000 for interest payments or the few gallon of gas and all the electricity you pay for during the time of ownership. Simply driving a Volt easily differentiates you from the dregs of 98% of all the rest of the ICE around you.

Meh. If it included a small battery bump and increase in performance then I would consider.

I’d pay for a true sport trim that included actual sport-like performance upgrades. Better suspension, sport seats, 19″ sport tires, and a few more kW out of the motors. I love my Volt. I’d love that even more 🙂

Like getting rid of that God forsaken lag in the pedal. Give it to me all at once when I floor it!

Soooo the volt add $2000 of paint trim, and Tesla gives a free V9 software upgrade with new features.