Dyson Sues Ex-CEO For Leaking Electric Car Secrets

British company Dyson, known mostly for vacuum cleaners, has shown recent interest in electric cars, but it seems there’s someone else who knew about and leaked these ideas a bit earlier on. Now, Dyson is suing over this. We don’t know much about the Dyson EV project, but the secret…

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Let’s Count All Eighteen Upcoming All-Electric CUVs

Come count crossovers with us Everyone, it seems, wants a crossover (CUV) these days. Soccer moms, millennials — name the demographic, and unless they’re in the market for a pickup truck, there’s a good chance a smallish SUV with all-wheel-drive is on their car-shopping radar. It makes sense, then, that…

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Isuzu Reveals Vision Of Future Delivery Vehicles

And now for something completely different. There are always some head-turning concept vehicles displayed at the Tokyo Motor Show, but this curious creation from Isuzu captured our attention. Those who frequently travel by air might mistake this for an airport tram, while others may think it looks more like something pulled…

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Electric Car

History Lesson: Electric Car Origins And Progression

HISTORY LESSON: THE EVOLUTION OF THE ELECTRIC CAR [INFOGRAPHIC] The Institute for Local Self-Reliance (ILSR) recently released an in-depth report (via CleanTechnica) on electric vehicles. The ILSR’s report, Choosing the Electric Avenue – Unlocking Savings, Emissions Reductions, and Community Benefits of Electric Vehicles, authored by John Farrell, is a treasure trove for those looking to…

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