Canada’s First Tesla Supercharger Now Open


Only 1 For Canada As Of Right Now

Only 1 For Canada As Of Right Now

“We are pleased to announce the first Canadian Supercharger Station in Squamish, BC is now open. This is an important milestone and we could not have done it without the help of our owners and supporters.”

States Tesla Motors.  That’s right.  Canada now has its first Tesla Supercharger.

Tesla adds the following to the Canadian Supercharger discussion:

We continue to push forward to ensure that the major Canadian routes on our 2014 map  are enabled as quickly as possible.

– Eastern Canada:
Priority routes: Toronto – Montreal, Montreal – Quebec City, Toronto – North Bay (via Barrie)
Our first site in Toronto will break ground in July, and we’ll push this through construction as fast as possible.
Cornwall, ON is on schedule to break ground shortly thereafter. Other sites will open throughout the Summer depending on permit and utility company timing.

Squamish Supercharger Info

Squamish Supercharger Info

– Western Canada:
Priority routes: Vancouver – Whistler, Vancouver – Banff, Calgary – Edmonton
Squamish, BC, our first Canadian Supercharger site, is now open.
Hope, BC is poised to move quickly, pending utility company support. Other sites will open throughout the Summer depending on permit and utility company timing.
Target sites have been selected for the remaining 4 sites along the Western Canada routes and we are now into the utility and site design phase.

So, more Superchargers (approximately 14) are coming to Canada soon (by end of 2014 – in theory).

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Now that’s what I’m talking aboot. Go charge up, eh. Then take off!

(LOL, just kidding.)

Nice … “take-off” reference, for the first Supercharger installed on the “Sea to Sky Highway”. 😉
(see map above)

It’ll be great to Supercharge for free while those hosers fill up their ICE cars at the gas station and pay through the nose.

Why doesn’t Tesla have a supercharger in Northern Nevada yet? Lake Tahoe and Reno are just places screaming for a supercharger. Especially considering they’ve got the Model X coming out soon.

There is a Supercharger in Truckee, CA on the coming soon map. Last on TMC, the permit for it was still being processed:

However, is showing that a permit was granted. In either case, it should be coming pretty soon, probably in 1-2 months.

Nice location near Starbucks and other amenities. Wishing I had enough $ to replace Outback with S.