Update: BYD Puts Canadian Electric Truck Plant On Hold

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*Updated 11/28/2018 – BYD has contacted InsideEVs to clarify that the facility is not “cancelled” but is put on “hold” for the time being. The article has been updated to reflect this. 

VP of BYD Canada says that recent changes in government policy did not impact their decision

Last year, BYD announced plans to open a new electric truck assembly plant in Ontario. The facility was expected to open this year with roughly 40 employees. It would gradually expand over time similar to the company’s U.S. plant in Lancaster, California. That location started in 2013 with a mere 100 employees but has now grown to nearly 1,000 strong according to Reuters. So a future BYD facility was expected to give a positive boost to the Canadian economy.

At the time the plant was announced, Vice President of BYD Canada Ted Dowling said Ontario’s strong tax incentives and welcoming environment were key to choosing the province of Ontario. Last year the company stated:

BYD is a global company, but we like to localize. It doesn’t make sense to build everything in China and then ship it. It makes more sense to utilize the incentive programs and policy changes and create jobs in different markets.

Unfortunately, BYD’s trucks were approved for Canadian roads less than one month before the new conservative government took control in Ontario. With Doug Ford came the end of several clean vehicle initiatives.

Now BYD has similarly put on hold their plans for electric truck assembly in Ontario. However, Dowling insists that the decision is not a reaction to Ontario dropping the strong EV incentives and the cap and trade program.

According to Dowling, “It’s just not happening right now, and we’re not necessarily waiting on anything to make it happen. When the business case makes sense, we’ll do it.”  No alternative explanation was given for the change of plans. But he did state they were landing more orders for electric buses than trucks.

Source: Reuters

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“This is why we can’t have nice things.”
Maybe BYD will head west to B.C.?

If you are smart, you will not waste money on byd.

Why not? Do you have evidence of something?

GM just announced they are closing their Ontario facility, Canada is kind of going in wrong direction in auto manufacturing.

And this Conservative government isn’t helping. If Ford leaves we can only hope it is Doug Ford.

So, unless we (byd) are given lots of free things and an advantage in the market place, we won’t set up our lemonade stand… See yah, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

I’m sure that Canadian oil subsidies, deductions and special tax law code far outweighs any other government subsidy program, especially for solar or wind.

The effects of an oil controlled government: Fewer Local Jobs.
As renewables are all about local jobs.