BMW Group Sold Over 10,000 Plug-In Electric Cars In May

JUN 12 2018 BY MARK KANE 25

In May, BMW Group sold 10,213 plug-in electric cars (BMW and MINI brands combined), which translated to 39.2% growth.

Demand for BMW plug-ins is staying strong, so the company plans to increase production of i3/i8 models by 50% to 200 a day this autumn.

After the first five months of 2018, total sales amounted of BMW Group plug-ins hit 48,849 (up 41%) – on track to reach the goal of 140,000 for the full year.

“Five years after its initial launch, customer demand for the BMW i models continues to grow at such a rate that production in Plant Leipzig will be increased by over 50% this autumn, to 200 cars a day. In the first five months of the year, sales of BMW i, BMW iPerformance and MINI Electric vehicles jumped 41.0% to total 46,849. The growing trend towards electrification continues globally, with several significant markets reporting especially strong development.”

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – May 2018

Plug-in electric car share out of total BMW Group sales stabilized at 5% in May, however there are markets where it’s way higher.

  • In the US, plug-ins accounted for nearly 7% of all BMW and MINI models sold in the first five months (9,762 / +61.0%)
  • In the UK, plug-ins accounted for more than 7% of BMW and MINI sales (6,555 / +34.2%)
  • In some markets, electrified vehicles already account for more than half of all BMW and MINI sales. Examples are Norway (4,125 / +5.8%) and Malaysia (2,313 / +37.9%).

BMW i + BMW iPerformance + MINI PHEV sales worldwide – May 2018

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I wonder how many “Pure BEV’s” they Sold ..lmao

Not many but alot more than say Toyota, Honda and many others.

Well the other report said the i3 was the 3rd best selling EV in Western Europe. So they must like something about the i3 that somehow eludes you, LMAOTA. And even the i3 REX still has double the AER of the Volt.

W0–Wren ! !…Easy On the name Calling .U must be running out of Ideas there . lol… Btw.., Is this the Reason they are “DISCONTINUING i3” and “Abolishing i3 Forever” ???…R o t f …l m a o …

What are you 11? Why don’t you go out and play.
They just increased production of the i3-i8 by 50%.

I think he lacks reading comprehension skills.

Thank you Both , If you Both go see the Wizard , He may give you BMW “BRAIN WASHED” Uninformed Fanatics a Brain to Think with…….I am sure Both of you “BRAIN DEAD’S” Are Devastated That These Abortion Cars are Now “DISCONTINUED” .Best BMW Decision YET!!!!……….lol

What are you talking about? They are increasing the production capacity of the i3 at the moment.

Trolls seem to be out a lot more than usual this week.

Yea, Check your Drawers….lol

Can we get this one BANNED please?

Is this how Tesla spends their marketing money?

What gets me is the premium they charge for i3 It rides really bad. The tire is too narrow. It wobbles so much it feels like riding a horse buggy.

Every year it gets better, try the new 2018.
Also, the ride is actually great. It has the problem all SUV’s have, the higher you’re off the road the more side motions are magnified, like an upside down pendulum. But, if you like SUV’s, and the visibility you’ll love the i3.

Also, the smooth as silk acceleration, the instant torque, and the quiet. Get the upgraded stereo and really enjoy music in a quiet room.

And there’s always a reason with BMW.
The tall tires roll over bumps gracefully.
They’re skinny to maximize range and MPGe.
Front and rear have fully independent suspension.
Since the front tires aren’t driving, steering is light and precise, with No torque steer.

This car can be driven like a Mustang GT or a Prius, and be faster and more economical. You can get 2.5 miles per kWh, like you stole it, or you can get 5.5 miles per kWh like when you. want to embarrass a Prius in efficiency.

BMW Engineering is Incredible.
It has to be driven.

BMW supporters are faithful. From what I understand the car is peppy and performs well. What is interesting is the Bimmer fans ignore the styling which is admittedly controversial. The large narrow oversize wheels and pinched looking rear take some getting used to. I have a bimmer friend that used to rail about how EVs looked strange and asked why they had to look like golf carts, then he purchased an i3 and was happy as a clam – the emperor hath no clothes I say! – lol.

I understand your gross exaggeration, but, you don’t need to be jelly.
Check out the used car market. You can get an i3 for around $22-28,000, 3 years old, and the fuel savings will Pay for The Car.

Perhaps on bad roads. Here on Southern Ca, cruising 80mph on the freeway this weekend, I was in awe of how smooth, quiet, and tactile the car is. Yes my Leaf was billowy soft, but no comparison in the sporty feedback.

FINALLY ! ! A Rational person that knows Cars ,and is Aware of what’s Going On …. Welcome !

Plain & Simple It’s a Glorified Golf Cart …At Best !

Drove my golf cart on a 1,500 mile trip all over the Southeast US using primarily electricity.

Wobbles? I daily drive an i3 and it does no such thing.

Hybrid = gas guzzler

Hybrid = anything from traditional hybrid running entirely on gasoline to running 100% on electricity.

A friend of mine is doing over 90% of his driving on electricity with a 11 kWh Kia Optima. 60 km to work and 60 back almost entirely on electricity.

The average for most plugin-hybrids are around 50% of the distance on electricity, having two of those sales would equal the electric distance driven in one BEV.

Depends on the car and use case.

I mean, yes, technically, my i3 can use gas, but based on my usage over the last ~10,000 miles, it’s emitted less CO2 than a Model S would have, despite using a few gallons of gasoline in the process.