Arcimoto Gets Amped, Delivers On Signature Series Promise


Next up, filling 2,700 pre-orders

After enduring years of effort, Arcimoto is finally and truly a full-fledged company. An actual going concern. A respectable member of the transportation community. It’s even publicly traded, having launched an IPO in 2017. Now, a new milestone: the completion of its 10-unit Signature Series.

For a small company, this achievement is something worth celebrating, so the Eugene, Oregon outfit did just that and held a little get together on the weekend, appropriately called “Get Amped” to thank shareholders and customers. Coinciding with its first annual shareholder meeting, the event saw the handover of four of the machines to paying customers. So, of the ten Signature machines — the first two also having been delivered to company founder Mark Frohnmayer and actor Nathan Fillion — two more will be delivered to their owners soon, while the remaining pair are being held onto by the company for marketing.

Arcimoto Get Amped event

With some wind at its back, Arcimoto will now move onto its next goal: building a 15-unit Beta Series production run. These will have some minor tweaks made to their chassis and body panels, along with a few other improvements, and will be used for “fleet and rental operations.” The company is, along with sales to individuals, confident in achieving a significant amount of fleet sales at destination locations. If you’ve ever visited a resort area where mobs of people, often unskilled, are let loose on the streets astride scooters, then you can imagine the market potential for something more capable, safer, yet still having that open-air appeal.

But back to the beta bikes. In this case, it doesn’t quite mean serial pre-production. Before the company starts filling its 2,700 pre-orders, it will build an additional 25-unit Pilot Series. While this additional step may increase the wait somewhat for those who have placed a $100 deposit on the $12,900 Fun Utility Vehicles, it should add additional assurance that when delivery day arrives, their new ride will remain trouble-free. And the wait won’t be forever. Founder Frohnmayer tells us they’re hoping to finish off these initial orders within a year from now.

To get a better idea of where Arcimoto is presently, and where they soon hope to be, check out the recently released 2018 Q1 update video below. It’s well worth the four-minute investment, with views of the manufacturing and assembly facility and even some driving footage.

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Interesting Ride! Not Super Low Cost, but Low Enough Cost to still be Fun!

I thought they were in production already. I remember Nathan Fillion (Captain Mal from Firefly) drove one for a while. I think it was back in 2011. Hard to believe it has taken that long to get these into production.
They look like a lot of fun to drive, but at that price point I don’t think they will sell a ton of them.

Mr. Fillion got his like 6 months ago, not 7 years ago.

He did drive one a long time ago (and deliberately so it could be captured for internet videos for marketing), but it was one of the prototypes and he didn’t get to keep it. This past year he finally got his permanent one.

It’s one of the FUVs on the picture you see above.

Who wants these?


I am waiting for my Elio. In red, with an electric motor, not an ICE.

Its waiting for you at

I already gave up on my Elio. All they have is an empty warehouse and a ledger full of red ink.

Agreed, Elio is a scam. Every year since 2014 they have pushed back the start of production. All they have are media promo prototypes. Current excuse is that they need more funding to do real manufacturing. Electra Meccanica and Arcimoto will eat their lunch!

Not many people.


In any color…

No neon calipers = deal-breaker

The Home Depot does have neon spray paint for your Arcimoto SRK FUV caliper makeover!

Just don’t plan on ordering any Tesla solar panels at The Home Depot, while shopping for your favorite caliper neon paint color!

I miss Aptera 🙁

I would miss Aptera more if they didn’t keep falling over.

I’m so confused by people who are confused by who would want one. Anyone who wants to go electric, doesn’t need to go long distances, and doesn’t want to spend $35+ thousand for the privilege. That includes myself.

Studies indicate that 99% of all road trips would easily fit into this vehicle’s range, particularly most folks’ daily commute. Going off gas would make the vehicle pay for itself in a few years.