All Mercedes Series To Be Electrified, Plus A Quick Look At Future Long-Range EV Architecture

JUN 15 2016 BY MARK KANE 16

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

Daimler announced this week that all Mercedes-Benz model series will be electrified in the near future; which means the vehicles will have either a plug-in hybrid or an all-electric option.

Whole line-up electrification is possible thanks to a hefty investment of more than seven billion euros into ‘green’ technologies over the next two years alone.

One of the strongest points of the new strategy will be the new dedicated vehicle architecture for BEVs.  Daimler states that unique platform will be ready for market launch before the end of the decade (which sounds vaguely familiar to Volkswagen’s MEB platform plans).

As part of the announcement, Daimler released few photographs with glimpses of the new architecture that do indeed seems to be well suited for long-range EVs (500 km+/ 310 miles NEDC)…as well as for a double motor, AWD electric SUV (that we all know is coming).

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz - long range BEV battery

Mercedes-Benz – long range BEV battery

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Why Americans buys more hybrids from Mercedes than Europeans?
Even Germans don’t like BMW i3 but Americans buy it like hot bread.


~700 a month ain’t bread. With a heart felt thank you to Volkswagen, the rest of the German makers don’t want to look like they only sell cigarettes.

Where do you get your false information? EV/PHEV sales in Germany have generally been a tough sale due to lack of incentives. But now with their new program you’ll see sales take-off just like in the US.

Also, YTD the BMW i3 is the second best selling vehicle with a plug, only bested by the Renault ZOE.

Americans are more into electric cars than Germans are. That’s pretty much explains most of the differences in the data you’re looking at. It has nothing to do with specific models.

You would have to qualify “Americans”… there is close to zero EVs, zero EV charging infrastructure, and zero interest in North Dakota.

California is the opposite.

Americans don’t buy many diesels, so if they’re opting away from gasoline they’ll opt for hybrids.

500KM NEDC range probably means like 300-350KM real range. NEDC sucks. US’ EPA is a lot closer to reality, and even that mainly defines driving under “normal” (but still real) conditions. NEDC has nothing to do with the real world, though.

Wasn’t the EU supposed to work on a new track test? When is that coming? Hopefully it’s out before these car makers start being too misleading about their ranges.

here is about consumption and emission taxes.

Indeed. Model X 90D is rated at 489 km NEDC, or 257 miles EPA (414 km).

Yeah, the EU is working on a new driving cycle to replace the rather inaptly named New European Driving Cycle, NEDC. 🙂

The reason the cycle has nothing to do with reality is that it was never supposed to. More specifically, it was never a priority that the test should yield values near the averages actually achieved by the cars on the road. Rather, the test should yield RELATIVE results that said how fuel efficient one car was relative to another. Therefore it focuses on lab conditions (complete with fans blowing air over the car according to [bench] speed) that can be perfectly recreated time and time again.

It’s turned out that there is another problem, besides unrealistic results, with this approach. Manufacturers optimize their cars for test conditions rather than real optimums – for instance choosing gear ratios that perform better in the test cycle but worse in the real world.

No! Who would do such a thing? Oh, yeah….

Let’s hope there will be mostly BEVs without the complexity, poisonous emissions and maintenance of hybrids. But as an ICE car maker Daimler wish to protect his market and investments?
Or do they begin to understand that the ICE is dead and are starting to really compete for the best no fossil fuel cars?

As the autonomous car is inescapable, the privately owned cars market will shrink fast, replaced by large fleets. Profitability being the number one concern, the electric only drivetrain will be by far the best choice.

Daimler didn’t invest $3 billion on diesel for fun… they will continue to have extensive diesel, gasoline and now diesel / gasoline / electric hybrids, too.

There won’t be many all-electric cars from Mercedes, except “halo type” cars to compete against Tesla… if that’s ebpven possible without a robust fast DC infrastructure like Tesla Superchargers.

Yeah. It’s really a scandal. Nearly as stupid as investing in finding more fossil fuels even though we know we should keep most of known reserves in the ground…

BOOM…. capitalism.