Alex On Autos Checks Out Hyundai Kona Electric


What does Alex on Autos have to say about the 2018 Hyundai Kona Electric?

Hopefully, soon enough Alex will do one of his full-fledged in-depth reviews on the new 2019 Kona Electric. It appears to be a small, pure-electric SUV with the potential to garner huge success, but there’s not a whole lot of in-depth information available just yet, especially in the U.S.

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Alex notes that the Kona will be the first affordable all-electric SUV available in the U.S. Hyundai took the regular gas-powered Kona subcompact SUV and made a respectable, long-range EV without any loss of features and practicality.

The Kona boasts 250 miles of range, which surpasses that of the Chevrolet Bolt EV (likely its closest competitor) and the all-new Nissan LEAF.

Alex also mistakenly says that it tops the currently produced Tesla Model 3’s range due to having a larger battery, but this isn’t the case since that car is rated at 310 miles and has a larger pack. However, the current Model 3 is more expensive than the Kona’s anticipated U.S. pricing.

Keep in mind that Alex is referring to the top-tier Kona Electric, with its 64 kWh battery pack, which it seems may be the only one available in the U.S. Earlier reports show that the SUV will also be offered in other markets with a smaller (39.2 kWh)  pack. It 64 kWh version will deliver 201-horsepower and 291 pound-feet of torque to the front wheels. It will earn 117 MPGe and have a liquid cooling system for the battery pack.

Hyundai Kona Electric head-up display

Hyundai Kona Electric head-up display

The Kona offers a large center-console infotainment system and a pop-up-style head-up display. Interior capacity is very similar to that of the Chevy Bolt EV, but cargo room is limited. Alex says the Kona’s seats are more comfortable than those in the Bolt. It features a 7.2 kW onboard charger and 100 kW CCS Combo DC fast-charging capability

The Kona will only be sold in California at first and then later opened up to more CARB states. There has been no indication whether or not it will become available nationwide.

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Hyundai Kona Electric
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Great looking car. CARB only, no surprise there. That HUD is what the TM3 should have had from the beginning. Someone tell this guy that the only Tm3 produced now is the 310 mile range.

If it’s CARB state only: Boycott it.

Not a chance. It is on you carbless states to join. It’s time we put the blame where it should be.

I complained to my representatives.

The response?

“We’ll look into it.”

Net result, no action taken, and I think there are only five BEV models available to order in my state. And three of them are Tesla’s.

Yes, because that sends EXACTLY the market signal we want — “look, car company people, no one wants EVs, even in carb states”.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

“The Kona boasts 250 miles of range, which surpasses that of the Chevrolet Bolt EV”

Is that EPA tested?

That’s anticipated EPA-estimated range, which is now being published everywhere. It’s 292 miles on the new WLTP scale. It makes perfect sense though since it’s a 64 kWh pack and the Kona is “Bolt-sized.”

i seen the gas powered kona at the hyundai dealership (my wife wants the ev version when its available), and it seems to be much larger than the bolt (which are common in my area). I have not seen the 2 side by side however, so I could be wrong.

It’s an optical illusion. The Bolt “looks” like a hatchback, but it is actually sized like a subcompact CUV. Most of that becomes apparent when you sit in the back seat, which is where most cars are different.

I think it’s hilarious that the Bolt is actually taller than the Kona and the Niro.

I think the Kona is almost identical in size as the Bolt EV

Dimensions: Bolt EV/Kona

Wheelbase: 102.4 / 102.4
Length: 164 / 164
Width: 69.5 / 70.9
Height: 62.8 / 61.6

Yup! Practically identical to the Bolt, just a bit higher.

If you want something a tad bigger, the Kia Niro EV also cometh.

The Bolt EV is a bit taller, and the Kona is a bit wider.

Pricing will be interesting.

The front seats might be the deciding factor

Gotta be the Wedge shaped front that makes the Optical Illusion to make it appear small .

I’ve seen Both, I agree , The Bolt Looks & feels much smaller than Kona.

What part of “compliance car” is hard to understand here?

So tired of California only and later in the other less than a dozen CARB states routine.

Either poop or get off the pot, Hyundai.

It boggles why any true pro EV person would criticize Tesla – the ONLY car company mass producing EVs.

Stock shorters and folks with some skin in the oil, gas and ICE/replacement parts manufacturing industries seem the obvious Tesla heel biters we hear from daily on the web and in other mass media.

I think the Tesla shorters and the Oil and Gas Industry folks, are going to keep placing their bets on business as usual, with a side of profit taking, when they get their lame arse Hydrogen Highway hoax, into the lame stream adoption ramp that they are funding “Bigly”!

That TSLA has the market cap of GM still is ludicrous.

The only “moat” they have is their supercharger network but that’s a nice-to-have not a necessity (and will be eroded too as 100kW comes online).

Rest of the industry will ramp EV production and category expansion much faster than TSLA can.

Model 3 is 5 years ahead of the competition, but it’s not exactly a Jesus car — TSLA has to slap ’em together just like everyone else.

It looks to be the same size as the Bolt except for that gigantic engine compartment. I wonder if there will be a front trunk?

In addition to the range mistake he also mistakenly said that it was more efficient on the model three. The model three is 130 MPGe.

It’s a great EV offering, but it is not an SUV. John Voelecker from Green Car Reports does a good job of explaining why.

No kidding. I like the Bolt, and it is just what I want: a small hatchback. Every time I see it called a CUV by GM it makes me want to look for something else.

And not all CARB states are ZEV mandate states. I expect this will only be sold where they can get EV credits to sell and enable them to sell more ICE vehicles.

I was on the fence on cancelling my Model 3 reservation because of the Kona. The specs on this look very good but this last weekend I had a chance to see a Model 3 in person in a Tesla showroom and I was blown away. The Model 3 is truly a gorgeous and amazing car… even better looking than the Model S. I’ll wait the 18+ months for the Model 3.

A friend of mine in Jacksonville Florida got a white model 3 2 weeks ago. I had a chance to sit in it and it is absolutely a very nice car.

No adaptive cruise control? I know the regular US Kona doesn’t have it. I haven’t heard anyone confirm or deny for the electric.

Ugly front [and I quite like the Model 3’s front] but I guess a bra would fix that. Have to have a panel for the plug though!

How about a nursing bra?

Yea , a training Bra ………..lmao

I am looking forward to his review.

Anyone know if it has a tow package and if so, what capacity?

Who is making the battery cells?