Will Tesla Model 3 Be CCS-Ready In Europe? Fastned Hopes So

AUG 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 57

Operators of fast charging networks in Europe are wondering whether the Tesla Model 3 in Europe will be equipped with a CCS Combo-compatible charging inlet.

The Model S and Model X were able to use the Type 2 plug for both AC charging (single and three phase) as well as DC fast charging (at Superchargers or from CHAdeMO through the Tesla-CHAdeMO adapter).

Fastned in its business outlook notes that Tesla took half of the new BEV market in the Netherlands (Model S/X) and having CCS could have a significant impact on the business, as Tesla Model 3 drivers would be able to easily use chargers not only without a CHAdeMO adapter, but also at higher power than 50 kW.

Tesla Model 3 Performance

“An important question for Fastned is what kind of fast charging options Tesla will offer on the new European version of the Model 3. Currently, Teslas are not compatible with any of the global fast charging standards and can only be fast charged using a proprietary supercharging protocol. Adding a CCS port to Tesla vehicles would give their owners the choice to charge at many other locations – including Fastned stations directly along the highway – at high charge speeds. A decision by Tesla to enable CCS fast charging on its vehicles, especially for the high volume Model 3, will probably influence our short term growth because about half of all EV sales in the Netherlands are still Teslas.”

The question is whether Tesla will stick with the current charging inlet that externally is the same as Type 2, or will it switch to European CCS Combo? The Type 2 could be too small to handle high power like the 175 or 350 kW pursued by other manufacturers.

On the other hand, Tesla might not be interested in supporting CCS standard, but then Model 3 owners in Europe will be at a disadvantage, it seems.

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He tweets about everything else…. why not this?

Nobody asked.

Oh, we have asked… along with the towing capability rating wanted and needed for many in Scandinavia…

Please stop with that towing crap already. Nobody needs that. Just rent a van or get your stuff delivered to home.


You just lost your internet privileges.

Would be great if Tesla made avail a Tesla-to-CSS adapter that could be used on all Tesla’s

It isn’t so easy. Neither CCS standard facilitates it, nor power levels that make handling and safety of such adapter difficult. Their Chademo adapter needs redesign as well to handle more than 50 kW.

If Tesla would wanted let people free from their proprietary jail, it would just add 2 extra DC prongs to their Type 2 car outlet that is used in Europe. Mechanically it would be very simple mod to achieve CCS compatibility.

That proprietary jail is a huge advantage right now, and one of the reasons I decided to order a Tesla. Maybe one day the SC network will become an albatros, but for now it’s a hugely beneficial moat.

Yes, for locking other cars out from Tesla’s Supercharger network. But the other way around? Tesla should have only benefits if their cars’ owners can also charge off the supercharger grid. So that is no argument against CCS compatibility, IMHO.

It is certainly an advantage for users in the US. At least if you don’t want to bother about common/open standards and EV adoption in general.

But in Europe the writing is on the wall more or less. Unless Model 3 will get CCS compatibility in Europe, which doesn’t look likely so far.

If my access to the Supercharger network is jail, then just called me Brooks Hatlen. Because Teslas are the only legit road-trip BEV because of the Supercharger “jail.” By the way, my Model S came with a J1772 to Tesla adapter, along with the ability to buy a Chademo adapter at the Tesla website. So I’m guessing the Tesla jail has a LOT bigger exercise yard than the J1772/CCS only cars.

But I know you generally hate all things Tesla, so we’re both simply playing our assigned roles in this conversation right now. You aren’t planning on changing your mind, and neither am I. So I guess at least we both know where we stand.

Have a great weekend.

That is not true. Every modern EV with 200+ miles of range can make long road trips.

Sure, you can road-trip a first gen Nissan Leaf if you’d like, and if you’ve got enough time. The point is realistic turnaround time on the road. Nothing compares with the Supercharging network (yet). And that’s in terms of coverage and also amount/availability of stalls at Supercharging locations compared to Chademo/CCS.

What proprietary jail, Tesla has on multiple occasions offered to allow other manufactures to use their supercharger network provided they contribute a fair amount to the cost of it. No manufacturers to date have taken them up on their offer. Doesn’t sound like any kind of jail to me.

Show me a source on the internet where’s written that Tesla offered to allow other manufactures to use their supercharger network provided they contribute a fair amount to the cost of it *basing on long-term contract*. Simply saying in the media “you may use it” is an inacceptable ground for other manufacturers to use it because Tesla could say like every day “We’ll block our SCs for your vehicles!”.


Companies rarely publish their prospective contracts online. The exact details of such a contract would of course be negotiated between Tesla and any company contracting to use it. Obviously one item in such a contract would be that Tesla can’t cut off access without warning far in advance, or without paying a severe penalty.

AFAIK either Tesla itself wrote above *_long-term_ contracts* in press releases nor other manufacturers said that Tesla offered something like that. That’s the kind of source I asked for. Of course I know that such contracts won’t be published with all details.


Wow, so now the Tesla Death Cultist has labeled Tesla’s “walled garden” of a Supercharger network, a “proprietary jail”.

What’s next? Trying to portray Autopilot’s increase in driving safety, with a significantly lower accident rate, as being “dangerous” or a “killer”?

Oh, wait… you smear campaigning trolls are already saying that!

That is how walled garden becomes hi-sec jail /s
Just what was expected, and hubris will keep the jail gates closed.

Dream on you loser fool cell shill.

Your mythical H2 network is an example of a walled garden that basically no one will ever enter.

Well, at least in this “mythical” one you would not find so many asocial psychos as in Tesla fan message boards /s

No one but yourself is forcing you to read and comment on a subject you hate, Mr. Asocial Psycho troll. No one but yourself is preventing you from leaving, either.

You’re wasting your breath.

Two points:

1). Tesla, or any other company, can come up with their own proprietary system and are under no obligation, neither morally nor legally, to worry about what other companies are or in this case, are not doing.

2). Seeing as lately, Tesla is running away with REAL SALES means that there isn’t much mythical about it.

What a whiner.

I’m very much looking forward to Tesla being taken private, so you short-selling FUDsters will disappear and stop disrupting meaningful discussion here.

CCS would be pretty easy to accommodate on the EU Model3. Teslas in the EU use a standard AC charging inlet that doubles as the supercharger inlet; it’s not proprietary like the North American cars.

The Model 3 also has an enormous charge door area that looks comically oversized with the NA inlet. In the EU they just need to add the CCS pins under the inlet and they can support AC, Supercharging, CCS, and CHAdeMO (with the existing adapter). I suspect this is why the charge door area is so large on the Model 3.

God I hope so. I remember thinking the same thing when I first saw the M3 charge door. Well, that and “that looks fragile”. But in any case, it wouldn’t take much doing to implement ccs on the M3 and it would give drivers so much freedom, so they’d be crazy not to do it.

This. So much. The only thing is supercharging works with a Type 2-like port right? So AC charging and superchargers would work with the Type 2 port, and CCS would use the full port while being potentially faster than any superchargers? If they did it, it would be a humbly gracious move by Tesla.

It’s odd that in the US Teslas have to use an adapter for Level 2 J1772 especially because it’s Tesla’s own home country, but in Europe it comes compatible with Type 2. And I’m surprised that they haven’t done a CCS adapter yet, what they should do is an adapter with a way to change the port for either CCS or Chademo. Somewhat like the Travel Connector has interchangeable plugs for different outlets.

Well Tesla always does their own thing….. As far a ‘extreme European Compatibility’, Tesla’s Roadsters got such a negative reaction in Europe about being incapable of polyphase operation that, starting with the ‘S’, Tesla made sure the vast majority of Europeans would be happy about it, and not piss everyone off. The “S” at least included Level 2 charging standard, although the connector supplied needed to be improved for safety.. The original was safe if you ran it at much less than its rating, which is at least something; the Roadster having no ‘Level II’ charging facility standard in North America. Uncanny that it WAS included standard in Europe. If it is any consolation, there was never use of the ‘type 1’ connector on the roadster – which would have saved Tesla money in my case since I had to have my ‘TSL-01 to type 1’ converter cord changed under warranty. Of course, they did make $750 on the initial sale, so I am assuming they didn’t really lose much money on the sale – since that much cash probably bought 2 of them in reality, however the ‘free’ (to me) ranger visit did obviously cost them. In cold weather,… Read more »

I would consider not to buy Model 3 without CCS
We really have a lot of free CCS charger also, and i don’t want to drive to a Supercharger extra just for charging.

Most people charge at home regularly not regularly at SC.
WTF are you talking about?

He says that CCS is free, while at home he has to pay for it… how hard can it be to read?

Apparently it is much easier for some here to Cuss rather then have reading comprehension. Free charging facilities apparently are very attractive to him.

The charge port on the Model 3 is large enough, it could easily add a CCS port…
IMO they should do the in the US as well, or at least build some kind of an adapter, Electrify America is building out a huge network of chargers, it would be a shame if Tesla couldn’t use them as well.

Let’s not forget that Tesla didn’t join the CharIN initiative (CCS support group) for nothing. Certainly in Europe, adding the two pins at the bottom is easy to achieve and would make life even easier for Tesla drivers. Fingers crossed Tesla implements this!

Yes, Tesla joined the CCS consortium CharIN. And thus there is hardly a shadow of a doubt that Model 3 as well as the updated Model S/X will come with the additional two DC-Contacts below the normal Type2 connector here in Europe. Which does not mean the Type 2 plug alone will not still be usable for single-, 3-phase and DC-Supercharging as with S and X. If Tesla would limit Model 3 Type 2 inlet to just the AC functionality Model 3 would have to use a Tesla Type 2 to CCS adapter to supercharge, which would be majorly cumbersome.

I won’t buy a Model 3 without CCS support.

How could you not do it. Tesla owners can only win. There are no negative side effects by including the two high voltage DC pins. The penetration of CCS is already higher than any other DC charging in Europe. A couple of hundred are CCS chargers are added each month. If Tesla can’t use them they would become the laughing stock in the long run.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

The CCS “Standard” is the worse thing ever. It’s designed to lock out/disallow any use of adapters.
So what happens when high power is required on new cars/DCFC’s?
You guessed it, that makes your car obsolete. No adapter for you!

I’m hoping Tony Williams comes out with an unofficial fully functional CCS to Chademo or Tesla adapter.
The difficulties is that CCS doesn’t talk through the CAN bus, it talks PLC.

Yeah, in the USA a Tesla/CCS adapter would have to be a “smart” adapter, not just a dumb plug. Different communications protocols, and if I understand it, proprietary, so at best Tesla would have to pay a licensing fee.

Thank goodness CCS works differently in Europe! And that’s why Tesla has joined the European Char-IN consortium.

CCS is the opposite of proprietary. You can build an EV in your garage and use CCS without talking to anyone. The standard is free for everyone to use.

It’s a closed standard. Every other DCFC interface you can use an adapter.
Troll’s correct and it’s even worse than the Tesla connector.

Sounds more like CCS was designed to shut out other EV’s.
Just plain dumb.

I don’t really understand this talk about CCS not allowing adaptors. If you plug the device into the CCS charger and it thinks the car is at the other end, then wouldn’t it start to charge? The adaptor but is where that charge is then turned into (eg: CHAdeMO) the other standard.
So you effectively have the adaptor getting the CCS charge and then passing that to whatever is on the other side. The CCS asks what the charge rate needs to be and the adaptor asks the car, or the car tells the adaptor what the SoC is at and the adaptor tells the CCS charger.
If you can think about the solution then I’m pretty sure someone could build it.
Maybe it uses certificates or some specific authentication, but if the car manufacturer can build the circuit to use this charger, then they can build a circuit for an adaptor.

So Tesla owners can go to the widely deployed Supercharger sites with simple to use, multiple dozen stalls dedicated to the brand, or they can go and fight for the sparsely deployed 2 or 4 universal and unreliable CCS stations with every other plugin out there. What would they choose…🤔
Ok, admittedly it should not be an either/or proposition, but the incentive to provide wide support is only driven by regulation at this point as seen in China.

“So Tesla owners can go to the widely deployed Supercharger sites with simple to use, multiple dozen stalls dedicated to the brand, or they can go and fight for the sparsely deployed 2 or 4 universal and unreliable CCS stations with every other plugin out there. What would they choose…🤔”
At the “interstate” here there’re CCS chargers like everywhere where’s a “restaurant”. SCs are at only one place, far away from the next place with SCs.
So the chances are high, that if at one place the CCS chargers don’t work, the next one is quite close (and it should work there).


People want certainty when going on a long trip or when in a hurry, they don’t want having to look for or wait for a working and available charging station.

You have no idea what you’re talking about. Do a 30 second Google and you’ll find there’s WAY more Supercharging locations than CCS. And there’s WAY more charging stalls at the WAY more Supercharging locations. And the speed of charging at Superchargers is WAY faster than CCS.


Here’s a map. Look at the map. You can click the ‘CCS only’ button and then do the same with the Supercharger. There’s only one fast-charging system that allows you to seamlessly travel around the United States without issue. Kettleman City has a 40-stall location. (that’s Four-tee) Once you observe the empirical evidence, make sure you hold onto your wrong position with every ounce of your soul, because that’s what folks do at this site when they’re wrong.

You are not losing the ability to use superchargers. You simply gain the ability to use CCS.

“…the incentive to provide wide support is only driven by regulation…”

What an odd (and obviously wrong) claim to make. The market will show a preference for BEVs with multiple options for charging protocols, as shown by comments in this very discussion thread.

If it has CCS in Europe it doesn’t need anything else.

The market hasn’t showed that based on the number of CHAdeMO (Nissan, Mitsubishi) and Tesla vehicles sold in Europe, just the opposite. According to Tesla about 5% of Tesla owners have opted for a CHAdeMO adapter in the US, something that most of us enthusiasts consider a no brainer having. Any wonder why it is not available on the Model 3? 5%!

I’m pretty sure the EU has mandated CCS, so if you don’t have CCS that will go against you. Not sure the exact reason, whether it was because they were sick of the multiple charging standards, or whether they were backing their automotive industry and sticking the finger to Japan, but my understanding is CCS will get approvals but anything else probably becoming harder.

Fastned is right, CCS is the norm now.

As a UK Model 3 Reservation holder intending to drive in mainland Europe from time to time*, I would very much like the back up of being able to use the CCS system for DC rapid charging, ideally without an adapter, but with one if necessary (like S&X with CHAdeMO). Superchargers would of course be adequate for travelling long distances, but why settle for adequate when you can easily have better.
[*and in the UK of course]

Adding native CCS-compatibility would be awesome. Superchargers are faster and cheaper to use and would be my preferred choice but there are so many times when you are off the beaten road and CCS is in almost every small village near me by now.

The Supercharger network here in Scotland is great, all four of them, who needs CCS!