What Car? Names Kia Niro EV 2019 Car of the Year

JAN 23 2019 BY MARK KANE 24

Great success for the Kia e-Niro at its market launch in the UK.

The Kia e-Niro has won the What Car? 2019 Car of the Year award in the UK.

It’s the first time when an all-electric model won the overall title as well as the first win for Kia. Of course, the e-Niro won the Electric Car of the Year category as well.

The British magazine appreciates the range and affordability, which makes the e-Niro a very good value proposition.

“The Kia e-Niro has been designed to merge crossover-inspired design with long range, zero-emissions driving and enjoyable performance. It achieves this with a next-generation electric powertrain, using new production technologies developed specifically for Kia electric vehicles. A single high-specification, feature-rich ‘First Edition’ model will be on sale from all 192 Kia dealerships in the UK from 1 April 2019.”

The What Car? judging panel said:

“Uncompromised electric car ownership has, so far, been the privilege of those able to afford a Tesla, which is why the e-Niro is such a game-changer.”

“The winds of change blow fiercely in the land of electric cars, so we can’t say how long Kia will be on top. But right now, that’s exactly where it sits.”

Commenting on an extraordinary evening for Kia, Paul Philpott, President and CEO of Kia Motors (UK) Ltd, said:

“‘It’s a great honour to win the top prize at this year’s What Car? Awards, which are so highly regarded in the industry and by customers. This is an important moment for Kia in the UK as this is an accumulation of years of growth and development with the e-Niro perfectly encompassing the future of our brand. The e-Niro will be available across our 192-strong dealer network who are excited to show off the car’s class leading capabilities.

To come away with five awards shows the breadth of our product line up and is a testament to how far the brand has grown since launching in the UK. Cars such as the Picanto and Ceed remain a staple for Kia, while the e-Niro and Stinger show our ability to surprise the industry with our advancements in technology and engineering. We are looking forward to continuing this success throughout 2019 and beyond.”

Zero emission, all-electric e-Niro wins coveted ‘Car of the Year’ at 2019 What Car? Car of the Year Awards

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It’s not the first time an ev has gotten car of the year. The Bolt got it and prior to that the Model S. First time an ev got it from What Car, is what the article should stipulate.
Btw, who the heck is What Car, and why should we care.
Good for the Nio, anyway.
“The e-Niro will be available across our 192-strong dealer network,” Sure it will be.
I’m going to my Kia dealer tomorrow, want to bet they don’t even know Kia makes it.

What Car? is a long running United Kingdom monthly automobile magazine and website, currently edited by Steve Huntingford and published by Haymarket Consumer Media. First published in 1973, What Car? is intended primarily as a magazine for car buyers rather than dedicated enthusiasts. Wikipedia

ffbj, do you have anything else to do other than commenting on these articles? I see your name on every article whenever I come to visit every other hour.

Can’t play golf. Come Spring you will see much less of me. Another reason to look forward to Spring. At least you’re paying attention.

You need a hug? It’s not that serious.

Lmao………. 🙂

That Happened to me ! l m a o .. The Sales Kid Had No Clue of the E Niro . .. 🙁

ffbj: You’re right that the article should have been more accurate. That said, “What Car” actually has a much wider readership in the UK (and elsewhere in Europe & the world, because many of those people read English), than any car magazine or site in the US. Basically, think of it as more Consumer Reports-oriented than any of the enthusiast car mags.

That said, the reason “why should be care” is because this shouldn’t be news to any EV fan, but the US is, literally, a third-rate EV market in absolute size, and much further behind in relative size (marketshare) or EV developments (variety of available models, charging infrastructure etc.
You may be US-centric personally, but about half the readership on this site is from outside the US, and many of us care just as much about EV developments elsewhere.

They named a car of the year on the third week of January?

It is always like that. It is the model year that gets the award, and most brands have their my 2019 out by now.

any new cars in 2019 will be 2020 releases.

Other magazines do it even earlier! Often in the Fall when the new model year cars have hit the market.

It is all part of the absurd “Model Year game that traditional car makers play, and the magazines just follow their lead. Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

other than the stupid name for a magazine, I agree…

Kona is better and taller height and better utility m. The shifter is also better

The Niro actually has more headroom, leg room, and cargo room than the Kona. As for the shifter, it’s a question of personal taste — push button on the Kona, rotary dial on the Niro.

The Kona is a lot worse in utility and space. The backseat is extremely cramped.

The Kona was crossed of my list because of that.

What car who?

UK allocation for 2019 is just 700 units, so don’t expect to actually get one this year.

It could be worse, Kia US was saying “late 18” for US availability, and have been completely silent since October…

It ain’t coming to US before Robert De Niro learns how to drive it. In the current ads the car is just standing in a studio. 😉

They must be out there somewhere, as I parked next to one at a charger this morning…

Possible a Niro PHEV? But since we are on an EV site you probably checked that it really was the e-Niro.

So what!!! Can’t get one….they won’t release it to North Carolina. Manufacturers have decided that EV have to be horribly expensive to be released to everyone. Am I bitter? Damn right I am! I have been waiting years for EVs and I have 103000 miles on my Prius. I don’t WANT a gas car but I need a car that can carry passengers in comfort and I don’t have $60000 to spend.

Carolyn, have you checked out the Clarity plug-in? Compromised yes (by the gas engine) but you can get one right away and apparently the comfort factor is very high.

The Niro/Kona sister cars are definitely on a roll. Good to see. Nice looking too.