West Coast Customs Remakes Mitsubishi A Into PHEV – Video

NOV 28 2017 BY MARK KANE 10

Old meets new.

Mitsubishi unveiled a very special EV project – Re-Model A, equipped with an Outlander PHEV plug-in hybrid powertrain for the 100th anniversary of the brand.

Mitsubishi Model A

The public will be able to check it out at the Los Angeles Auto Show (December 1-10), where the 2018 Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV for the U.S. market should attract a lot of attention.

As you can see in the images, the Mitsubishi Re-Model A is slightly different than the original (see Wikipedia).

It’s much wider, probably to accommodate the powertrain, and the wheels too are wider than the original from one hundred years ago.

The overall style sort of reminds us of the 1917 Ford Model A.

We don’t know how far the Re-Model A will go on a single-charge of the 12 kWh battery from Outlander PHEV, but we’re not so sure range is the real attraction of this one-off looker.

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

Mitsubishi Re-Model A

The original Model A:

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10 Comments on "West Coast Customs Remakes Mitsubishi A Into PHEV – Video"

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ummmm that doesn’t look even remotely the same. this is not how to do a conversion / restoration

Lol, that looks like a cartoon version of the original. But what can you expect from the ‘pimp my ride’ shop.

Jesus Mary ‘n’ Joseph!! The hell?!

How thoughtful to pack a spare tire on the 2017 version that is obviously not matching the wheels (would perhaps work for the old version).
The 1917 version looks elegant, and has an interesting design (single seat in the middle in Front, unusual except for race cars and soon to come Semis…). The 2017 version reminds me of the Roger Rabbit Movie (for some reason).

Sooo, the Outlander PHEV will be here in December???????????????

That looks aweful, they should kill it with fire.

very ugly

I love retro done right, but this is hideous…

That was huge waste of time and money. I’m sure whoever’s brain child this was, now regrets it. Everything about it is wrong.

Also I’d love to see a picture of this “1917 Ford Model A” that this is similar to. I have never seen it because I’m certain it doesn’t exist.

Soft, Low, Sweet & Plain

What a mess