Watch Tesla Model 3 Get Fitted With Big Brakes


One of the biggest qualms about the Model 3 gets taken away

The usual owner of this battery-powered electric sedan won’t ever come close to pushing it to the limit. However, for owners that love those dynamic & adrenaline-filled driving situations, where the Model 3 is put through its paces through tight corners and long straights, the OEM braking system will hardly be enough. And this is where an aftermarket big brake kit comes in handy.

While up until recently only reserved for high-performance ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, BBK (Big Brake Kit) aftermarket options are slowly finding their way towards electric vehicles as well. In a recent video made by Rich Rebuilds, we get a chance to see how an EV Tuning Solutions big brake kit gets installed on a Model 3. In turn, the braking performance of the Model 3 gets pushed to a completely new level.

The Model 3 MPP front brake rotor upgrade consists of a set of rotor rings and rotor hats, assembled and ready to be installed on the car. Furthermore, the package contains a set of caliper brackets and caliper bracket bolts. For the kit to work, the owner must of have optioned out the Tesla 19-inch wheels, as the rotors are quite bigger than the stock setup. Additionally, the rotor hat comes with a similar to Tesla anodized grey color scheme, complete with a Tesla logo.

According to the manufacturer’s spec sheet, the big brake kit can be installed in under two hours by professional mechanics. To make things easier for the installer, the factory caliper’s brake line does not need to be disconnected – a bracket is simply installed with supplied hardware, the new rotor is slipped on after the removal of the OE dust shield, and the caliper is bolted to the new bracket. That’s it. However, as you will see from the video above, for the highly-experienced crew at Rich Builds, the entire process takes even less time.

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Well it seems the raffle was last week. Looks like they were going to go with 3,999 tickets at say $100 a pop. So that’s a pretty good way to raise funds. Upgrading the brakes is something Tesla really needs to do upfront at the factory. I’m curious. The new rotors weigh less than the original so would they not heat up faster than the stock ones?

The greater surface area should cool them down much quicker. Most of the weight saving is down to the 2 piece design, but the calipers are likely aluminium rather than cast steel. I imagine the design of the internal venting will be more efficient too.

This kit keeps the stock calipers and just replaces pads and rotors. Stock calipers are made by Brembo and labeled Tesla, so they are up to the job.

Larger surface area so they should cool better as long as they have sufficient air flow. They do have less thermal mass so they would get up to temp quicker, but with the improved area it is more than offset. The two piece design allows for different metals to be used, so weight savings there as well.

Don’t confuse mass with thermal mass. Aluminium actually has significantly greater specific heat capacity than cast iron, so unless you have more information than the video’s comparison made on the bathroom scale, the assertion you’ve made about the rotors’ comparative thermal masses is likely incorrect.

This should be part of the standard performance package upgrade.