VW I.D. Lounge Will Rival Tesla Model X: Launch Set For 2021

DEC 10 2018 BY MARK KANE 61

VW is developing a 7-seat all-electric SUV for the U.S. and China

Volkswagen is expected to unveil its fifth electric car from the I.D. family – the I.D. Lounge (internal name) – at the Shanghai Auto Show in April 2019.

We already heard about I.D. Lounge in mid-2017 due to a leaked slide, which shows the I.D. AEROe too. Both models are envisioned for the U.S. and China.

Volkswagen AEROe Under Wraps

The I.D. Lounge will be a Touareg-sized SUV, premium 7-seater, that could become a competitor to the Tesla Model X and NIO ES8 according to Autocar.

“A seven-seat SUV, which goes under the internal working title ID Lounge, will be revealed at the Shanghai motor show in April. It is being developed as a luxurious range-topping model with exterior and interior dimensions similar to the German firm’s new third-generation Touareg.”

Market introduction is expected in 2021 and probably it will be on the maxed MEB platform spec – with 111 kWh battery (biggest in the I.D. concept specs) with two 150 kW electric motors for all-wheel drive.

We assume that range probably could exceed 500 km (310 miles).

Besides I.D. Lounge, Volkswagen will introduce two independent body styles of I.D. Crozz – one a more conventional high-riding SUV and one with a coupé-like profile. We already saw similar tactics with the Audi e-tron and Audi e-tron Sportback.

Source: Autocar

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Will believe it when I drive it.

All VaporWare until I see them in mass (not just one at a show).

With the pace of the Germans 2021 is optimistic…..

So they are promising in 2021 to show a car to match a car already in production for years? I call that behind-the-times.

Bring it on VW.

2021 is the time for the next gen X to be launched. With new Roadster offering over 600 miles of range, and X already at 295 miles EPA, the next gen should be at 400+ miles.

But what this does mean is Porsche and Audi will also offer a similar sized SUV EV that’s less wagon-ish than the e-Tron. Unless it will be a VW version of the e-Tron.

Roadster, Model Y and Semi planned for 2020… will be interesting to see which of these will be able to make it in time.
Model Y should be easier, since it’s based on the Model 3. But where are they actually going to produce the others?
Must be fun to preorder the Roadster with a $50’000 deposit and then wait for 3 years (or more)

Elon said, there won’t be a next gen Model X/S/3, only constant improvement.

I hope they refresh the battery pack on the Model S.

Do you think they will wait until 2021 before model X will have a refresh or a total redesign? Hope they will not use the Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000 as a design blueprint. Model X is clearly the worst looking Tesla model. I don’t think they should do too much of expensive redesign of the Model S or X now. They still have no competition. I don’t even think the e-tron really is competition, since the models are kind of different. Unless Tesla notice a drop in sales over a few month.. they they have to release new. A good facelift would probably make do, so they have a fresh looking car to offer. They need to get enough funds to release model Y (which will clearly be another volume seller). Can be best to save money on Model S and X (but keep working on technology and in CAD of course). Bloomberg says Tesla is about to raise a lof of capital for the expansion in China. If they get two Model Y factories up and running, money should pour in. Tesla better pray the Huawei CFO is released soon too, or else they may have difficulties operating in… Read more »

VW seems to have more success, at least in the US as a small car brand. To build a 7 seats might not be the best idea. Personally the US should get the simple ID.

Their 2 SUVs (redesigned Tiguan and the Atlas) are selling like crazy. Those two models account for half of VW’s volume. Year to date the Tiguan is actually their best selling vehicle….it can be bought with a 7 passenger/3 row setup. We test drove one. Great vehicle…persons 6 and 7 should be under 4 ft tall (small children) but with that 3rd row folded down, it’s really roomy. The Atlas? Selling like hotcakes at 50k a pop (don’t believe the ‘starts at’ hype). Test drove the Atlas too. 3 rows and room absolutely cavernous. The third row isn’t vestigial.


So in 2021 VW claims it will rival Tesla’s 2018 Model X. Nice to hear they are trying.

In 2021, Tesla will be selling the 2018 model X… Or you expect a disruption in the time dimension?
VW didn’t claim a thing. Tesla fan sites and fanboys only see it as Tesla vs the world.
VW will have for sure a lot more competitive than the model X… that would be nice for them, but it’s going to be a lot harder… for both.

There’s probably a support group for those who make a habit of PUI… Posting Under the Influence. 😉

Hopefully, VW manages to change their path in time. And hopefully they soon rise their goal and aim for 100% / 11M/year electric veichles.
All the Tesla fanboys ive ever spoken with is electric(BEV) car fanboys. Quite a lot of them were petrolheads prior to testing the S, which was an eyeopener. But for the last few years the only serious electric cars has been the Teslas.
Now every (almost) car company is copying what Tesla has done. Thats a good thing in the eyes of Tesla Fanboys because it will destroy the ICE car market.
IMO Teslas biggest achievement is to get all (almost) car companies to destroy their own ICE car sales by (soon) making superior electric cars. Tesla could not have done this without their help, so big thanks goes to the big companies playing the catching up game these days
I hope they all make it in time, we dont need another Kodak

VW to the world:

“I will be a contender, really….
… honest, in a few short years, I will be right in the hunt, for the best Johnny come lately, to all of a sudden, happen onto the cool EV scene!

Better late than never.

Got to give VW credit where credit is due…

Years of continued uncompromising refinement has allowed VW to perfect the “coming very soon in just three years” schtick. Nobody does it better.

I’m not so sure about that…
Musk keeps saying Full Autonomy is coming soon. Tesla Roadster was announced in 2017 (with paid preorders…) and is likely coming in 2020. (Oh look, 3 years)
Tesla Semi, announced in 2017… also coming in 2020
Model Y, announced in 2017…. also likely coming in 2020.

Remember the time, when the Model S was supposed to be the mass market car for $45k?
Good old 2006…

Model S was actually supposed to start at $49K and…it did! There just wasn’t much demand for that 40kWh entry level version and it was soon discontinued.

Does that sound like a current familiar tune?

Everybody forgets the 40kWh Model S.

Roadster is coming in 2021, and Model Y hasn’t been officially announced (unveiled) yet

And three years after the announcement of the $35k Model 3, it’s still not here.

VW for the past ten years has made great evs that are always 4 years in the future; even after 10 years they are still 4 years in the future.

Nice car if it existed.

I must have traveled four years into the future when I saw that eTron at the Fort Worth Audi dealership today.

To be fair, the eTron is inefficient because it is an ICE platform. That it took them this long to do a conversion tells you something. But it is available so not 4 years away.

Yeah Jag did the same thing with the I-Pace – I could see it at the local dealership, but it wasn’t for sale here yet.

So, you are saying VW is the car of the future… Always has been! Always will be! 🙂

Or a car of the past. Years ago I could buy an E-Golf at my VW dealerships, or one of their PHEVs. Now, they have absolutely 0 BEV’s or PHEV’s for sale – new or used, for 2 years now.

Since all the BIG CHEESE auto execs copy each other’s dopey ideas, apparently GM is copying VW’s playbook and constantly say how important evs are, yet discontinue 2 of them, including the best selling plug-in of all time in the States (VOLT) without even announcing any replacement. I’m sure the sole remaining product (BOLT ev) is also on borrowed time.

Except they always said the ID will start in 2020, since they announced it in 2016. And the date has not changed yet. And they added several models to come shortly after.
And the E-Golf and E-UP have been announced and sold in those past ten years too.

If even a quarter of VW’s claims about EVs ever came true, then they would have driven Tesla out of business several years ago.

EV advocates are impressed by Tesla’s actual achievements. We’re not impressed by VW’s constant stream of EV vaporware. Does “VW” mean “Volkswagen” or “VaporWare”?

Tesla still is a niche player. The world market is >80 million vehicles a year. Tesla has a market share of <0.5%. Tesla's compound annual growth rate is about 70% over the past 5 years. That means only 2-3 years ago it was a brand not to fear. However with such a fast growth rate it soon starts making an impact. At this moment that impact is slowly starting to be felt in certain markets (specifically the model 3 in the US). It is not strange that the big car manufacturers are slow to follow. The ones that are on the market now already saw an opportunity. Even before Tesla was a threat. (Renault, Nissan, BMW, Kia, Hyundai, Jaguar, BYD, Geeky, Baic, Etc) The ones who get in the market now are the followers but that does not mean they can't compete (Porsche, VW, etc). The ones who do not get in the market now may have a serious issue in a couple of years (Toyota, Mazda, etc). The landscape is about to change completely and nobody knows who will be the winners. But what typically happens in such situations is that the ones who are smart and have deep… Read more »

Very nice post.
I don’t think EVs per see are a big disruption. It’s a significant different way of moving vehicles, but cars are still just cars, the market is not going to expand because of them like in the case of smartphones per example.
VW was basically the first seeing the case for modern Diesel engines in Europe, their Diesel golf was absolutely dominant… for a couple of years. All brands reacted and the market was leveled off.
Japanese seem late, but they’re very good at moving fast and making mass worldwide appeal cars. If we look at some American brands, they’ve trouble selling in some locations, VW and other europeans have trouble in the US, … Toyota and some other Japanese makers sell in China, Europe, US, Latin American, desert somewhere, … everywhere.

I think you’re forgetting government involvement. Most of the governments of the most populous country in the world, including the USA, are pushing for the elimination of ICE vehicles sales by 2040. This is a HUGE disruption of the entire transport industry.

Nobody can drive anybody out of business, as long as the appetite for EVs are this strong. There are supply problems all over the place. First in 2025 or later, will there be problems for brands that have not scaled up enough or do not have a nice niche to deliver cars to.
By then, there will be several option to choose from, and if you’re looking for a special car type – there will be several suppliers. Then prices will be more competetive, and economy of scale will be very important.
By that time, smaller EV companies may be bought by competitors, or they may buy a competitor to grow – or they will go bust.

The only EV companies that have struggled until now, are companies that have not had enough investor money to build a solid product, have a modern production line up and running and offer a product people want.

So the 5 seater Id.Cross won’t hit american shores and only the 7 seater Id.Lounge will.
I told you, they are just fooling us. Actually none of the Id will come to Americas.

VW is absolutely renown for treating the US market as third or fourth tier. The US is under 2% of their sales. It is their normal course of business to introduce new models in Europe (and the rest of the world) up to 2 years after the fact. See the last gen Golf redesign. Took 2 years for the 2015 Golf to show up in the US. I might be off +/- a year.

This is not some vaporware thing. Look at VW Europe sales in 2018. The ramp up is happening. But they just plain never ever rush and the US is ALWAYS the last to get the new models. Notice also they run their model years differently in Europe vs the US.

…and honestly, look at the US market. We only buy massively oversized SUVs and trucks that seem built to try and cause global warming on purpose. Why would anyone want to make the US the focus of an EV marketing campaign?

We are not the greatest nation anymore. That ended decades ago. But even then we remained the world leader in most things. Now we aren’t that any more either. We aren’t even in the top 5 most relevant. The USofA will increasingly become 2nd, 3rd or even 4th tier in everything. And our man child idiot in chief is speeding it up.

I just hope the hatchback ID makes it here. I am really interested in that car.

The man child doesn’t change that we still have the most vibrant dynamic economy in the world. He doesn’t change that our universities are top notch. And he doesn’t change our incredible arable land and energy resources. Even though a majority are stuck in the SUV mindset, we are still the 2nd largest personal vehicle market in the world. VW sells poorly here but BMW and MB and Porsche don’t….
And interestingly, we have the most dynamic EV manufacturer in the world that has captured the hearts of the Chinese – the largest auto and EV market in the world. So yeah – the US still matters.

İ an surprised they do not sell Amarok in America. İt seems to be very American….

They have intention to do so eventually, because they registered “Amarok” at the beginning of this year. But honestly, I don’t think we’ll get the current Amarok (due to the Chicken Tax), instead VW may leverage the new Ranger platform from Ford.

Are you under the impression that nothing has changed about their EV plans in the over a year since that leaked slide?

Will you admit you are full of it when the cars are sold here?

I will, but I am not holding my breath while I wait.

The excitement is palpable.

I just witnessed the unveiling of the Audi eTron at the Fort Worth Audi dealership. It was a pretty impressive event and the eTron was just incredible. The eTron should easily rival and surpass the Model X if Audi can get the eTron to the United States in sufficient numbers.

When you say rival and surpass, do you mean sales? How do you expect that to happen when even Audi doesn’t expect it?
Just checked Audi’s site. $75k starting with an automatic transmission. I am just so glad they pointed that out, because I really wanted to make sure that it wasn’t a manual. Doesn’t that show you how off they are?
I have to think that people spending that kind of money would go with the established player with supercharging. I mean the efficiency is so bad that charging becomes a real problem. You would really need to pull some serious amperage at home and destination charging will be a struggle.
I mean a $55k model would work but at $75k+, you might as well get a Model X.
Personally, at $75k, I would want to see that 150kw chargers were reliable, available and all over the interstates. Can you imagine the range outside of Ft. Worth at 80 mph?

At 80 mph, range is approx 180 miles.

Priced at $55000 probably.. all manufacturers are making premium EV only

Hey, as long as you are just making stuff up, why not say it costs $85k?

Well, I think $55k+ is a very reasonable estimate

VW are claiming they will be making (essentially) the first mass market affordable EV, so hopefully they will be able to release it at something comparable with their ICE offerings. If that’s the case, and they do produce up to several hundred thousand a year, then they may well be the first real company to do so. (I don’t count the Model 3, because it’s not what most would consider affordable for its form factor).

I wonder what that AEROe will look like? Seems to be a hatchback of some sort. Maybe a bigger US-sized version of the Neo?

Why is Toyota doing nothing?

They are fine and planning to show us the 7-seat hybrid SUV soon. The rebadged one, (Lexus LF-1 – fuel cell) will come soon. To you, they are doubling down on its investment in hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, but they absolutely believe in it.

Toyota is fine?

Are you sure about that?

Which Plug-In model (besides the Toyota Prius Prime) will Toyota be producing and delivering in 2019?

We don’t know what they are doing. We just know what they are showing.

VW PR working overtime again…. talk is cheap.

So they are going to compete with an 8 years old car. Well done, VAG, well done.

I am so looking forward to 2019, I really hope VW can deliver ID Neo, finally peoples car for 25-30k € with 300-500km realistic (EPA) range.

The ID Lounge, will have 3300mm between the wheels. That is longer then both the Touareg and Model X. If the car will be longer, that is another question. Depends on the overhang in the front and rear. Performance wice, it will probably not match Model X (at least not the fastest models). If they plan to sell it mostly in the US and China – they are more likely to supersize it. I expect it to have good interior quality, OK range, OK performance and in general be OK in every category. I wonder if it will come in 3 versions, where the most expensive one will have shorter range then the cheapest one (like the Audi e-tron is supposed to have). I thought that was weird. Normally I’d expect the most expensive model to have the best range too. On the other hand.. most people really don’t drive that much. That is one of the reasons I’m probably going for the cheapest “normal” EV out there. I think the ID Lounge will be a popular model in some countries. I expect the ID Neo or a smaller EV to be the most popular ID model (in volume sales)… Read more »