Volkswagen To Speed Up EV Development With Big Investments

JAN 13 2018 BY MARK KANE 14

Volkswagen intends to invest in electrification to the tune of about €6 billion ($7.1 billion) in five years to introduce its all-new MEB platform and I.D. lineup.

Volkswagen I.D. Crozz

Overall fiscal conditions of the company is expected to improve through higher profit margins (increasing between 4 to 5 percent) and cost cutting measures. The investment money is required for the company’s expansion of SUVs, more hybrids and of course – plug-in vehicles.

The I.D. hatchback will be introduced in Europe in 2019 and is promised to be price-competitive with the Golf.

In the U.S., Volkswagen prefers to start with the I.D. Crozz, and then later at some point in the future with I.D. Buzz.

By 2025, Volkswagen Group plans to place more than 30 all-electric models on roads. Sales of such cars are to reach 2-3 million annually in 2025, which will be 20-25% of total sales. Target for the I.D. in 2020 is 100,000.

To be more financially fit, Volkswagen will drop a lot of dedicated platforms and will focus on two main diverse platforms – MQB (ICE and plug-in hybrids) and MEB (all-electric).

Volkswagen – EV plans

Battery prices are expected to decline below €100/kWh on the pack level by 2020.

Volkswagen – EV plans

Volkswagen – EV plans

Volkswagen – EV plans

Volkswagen – EV plans

Volkswagen – EV plans


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Talk is cheap. How many years of intentions are they up to now?

At least they are talking and planning.

Getting caught with the Diesel Scandal might be the best thing for them. (As in I realize I have a drinking problem and need help). GM and Mazda haven’t gotten to that stage yet.

I wouldn’t rag on them. The Germans love their cars and with the price of gas over there so high and not being an exporter of oil, there is no affinity to stick with oil.

BMW and MB won’t be left out either. This stuff takes time however, but they are all in the game now.

Looking at the charging stations and assuming cars have a range of 300 KMs or more, the east coast of the US looks ok but what is going on with the west coast?

People don’t just drive along one highway there. It looks like a lot of people will have a divert a lot to get to charger stations.

Compare the above charger map to Tesla supercharger at

All the Western states already have their own EV network plans and aspirations that include spots beyond just the Interstate system that is covered in the EA map. Also, that’s (supposed to be) just a Phase One map. Future phases would fill in additional gaps.

I would like to know a lot more about that charger map. What is the timeline for this map? Are these chargers VW Group is going to pay for or are these just commercial chargers that are expected to be installed at some time?

If VW Group is going to pay for the chargers who’s going to manage the chargers? Until there is more concrete information I will just consider this another pretty concept with no basis in reality.

I’d guess the US map is referring to the chargers VW has to build in the settlement of Dieselgate, managed via a new entity. The Europe charging map should be a corporation between European Car manufactorers.

The timeline would be interesting to know, I’d guess 2025?

Almost as much as they will spend to pay for their years of cheating emission controls.

I think they should be more like Tesla, and not spend the money in advertising just do something.

Not a fan of VW or VW apologists either. They are both scum.

doesnt vw still offer an ice car for 6 times a yr wit an ev lease. were do all these people drive. the new high range evs should be more than enough to go anywhere. cross country not interested in do n it in an ev. NO THANKS

Now, are these going to be real investments using real Euros? Or are these going to be vaporware investments, like the vast majority of VW’s announcements about EVs?

Well, let’s hope they are real, altho the history of VW’s PR suggests the company is wildly exaggerating the actual amount of investment or dedication to producing actual, real, non-vaporware EVs.

“Target for the I.D. in 2020 is 100,000.”

Tesla will produce and deliver the 1,000,000th Tesla Model 3 in 2020.

I guess that Tesla will start producing EV’s in new factories in the US and also in China and Europe in 2022.

In 2025 Tesla will be producing at least 3 million EV’s a year.

The competition (GM, Ford, Toyota, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, Mazda, Jaguar, VW, Audi, Porsche, Mercedes Benz, BMW, Renault, Fiat, etc.) really has got to do a lot more and also a lot faster in order to be able to try to catch up with Tesla.

Currently the Chevrolet Bolt EV with the 60 kWh battery pack is the only EV that is worth to mention beside the Tesla Model S, the Tesla Model X, and the Tesla Model 3.

It’s just hilarious. And 2020 is only 2 years from now.

1 million TM3s by 2020 would be impressive.
I’m not so sure. Have to look at how well the production goes this year.
I know their stamping line can handle it, for sure. If the rest is scaled to that volume, I don’t know.
Cool if they can do it, and find customers for all.

The I.D. hatchback will be released in the end of 2018 in Europe.

The I.D. hatchback will be released in the end of 2019 in Europe.